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  • STYE

    A stye is a localized infection or inflammation of the eyelid margin involving hair follicles of the eyelashes.
    The medical term for stye is hordeolum and it is an infection caused by bacteria that normally live on the surface of the eyelid skin without causing disease. Some of these germs get trapped along with dead skin cells inside crypts along the eyelid margin. Styes are usually superficial and plainly visible. Occasionally they can reside deeper within the eyelid.

    Some people with chronic blepharitis are prone to clogged eyelid glands, in which bacteria builds up and infects the glands. Sharing make-up or applying too much eye makeup can sometimes cause styes to develop.
    Styes are similar to common acne pimples that occur elsewhere on the skin. You may have more than one stye at the same time.
    Styes usually develop over a few days and may drain and heal on their own. 

    Risk factors-
    Chronic blepharitis [lid infection]
    High serum lipids (High lipid levels increase the blockage rate of sebaceous glands)
    Small unprescribed refractive error

    1.Red swollen eyelid.
    2.Tenderness on affected area with pain.
    3.Foreign body sensation in eye.
    4.Sensitivity to light.
    5.Tearing of eyes.
    In severe styes, a yellow spot may develop in the center, similar to a pimple. Known as an internal hordeolum, it develops as pus builds up inside the stye. Pain usually subsides if the stye ruptures and pus is drained. Some styes never form this pimple-like head, and the pus continues to accumulate. Some large styes can interfere with vision.

    1.Styes can be treated by applying warm compresses. It should be applied for 10 minutes. It should be done for four times in a day.
    2.The entire area must be messaged in order to speed up the healing process.
    3.Contact lenses and eye- make up must be avoided.
    4.A stye should be allowed to drain its own. It should not squeezed in order to prevent severe infection.

    Role of homoeopathy
    Homoeopathy shows excellent results in treating styes. The medicine is selected by giving importance to each and every alteration in the patient from a healthy state to the diseased state.

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