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  • Adenoids

    Is your child a mouth breather? Adenoiditis may be the cause!

    Adenoiditis is described as the hypertrophy of the lymphoid tissue layer of the lining of the nasopharynx (pharyngeal tonsil of Luschka), occurring in children.
    It is most often accompanied by an infection of the lymphoid tissue.
    - Hypertrophy of the adenoids prevents the child from breathing normally through the nose.
    At night, he / she will snore, will have sleeplessness / insomnia, night terrors, or enuresis.
    The child's pronunciation is defective and the voice seems nasal. In infants, this discomfort can prevent feeding.
    - Infection of the adenoids or adenoiditis can take two forms:-
    • In acute adenoiditis, there is nasal obstruction, fever and often acute otitis;
    • Chronic adenoiditis which is responsible for frequent colds, ear disorders (simple or suppurative otitis media), bouts of laryngitis, tracheitis and recurrent bronchitis, impaired general condition (anorexia, fatigue, weight loss, unexplained fever ), digestive disturbances (caused by swallowing phlegm) or developmental disorders of the chest.
    The examination of the nasopharynx can confirm the presence of adenoids and the character of infection.
    The adenoids may be surgically removed (adenoidectomy) under general anesthesia, regardless of age, unless it is an acute attack.

    Homeopathy for enlarged adenoids

    Surgical operations are often advised, but it is not a definite solution to the problem - mouth breathing and other symptoms don't stop. Fortunately, homeopathy can help. Homeopathic treatment offers a very safe and effective way to cure enlarged adenoids and tonsils and can save the little ones from the surgeon's knife.

    Homeopathy is a type of natural medicine used to treat various symptoms. This medicine has slowly risen in popularity over the years, making it now the second most common form of medicine used in the world.

    In a typical case of homeopathic healing, a person's symptom totality will be treated. It follows nature's rule, so it never admits removal of any part, organ or gland of the body as a cure, which means the healing will restore health - removing the adenoids will not help.

    If you are going to remove the adenoids or tonsils, it is just like removing the guards who often get attacked first (by infections in this case) while safeguarding us, which is not a wise decision.

    Homeopathic philosophy has always stood by the view that whenever possible, the tonsils and adenoids should be saved as they are an important defence tissue of our body and provide children with the much required immunity.

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