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    Excitation of nervous system resulting in restlessness, abnormal or involuntary movements, twitches, or convulsions.

    Mental overstimulation followed by collapse, mental dullness, dissatisfaction, depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Irritability and tremendous complaining.

    Cannot keep feet and legs still.

    : Zinc, an element.

    : It is prepared by trituration with sugar of milk.

    It belongs to the magnesium group of metals, comprising also Cadmium and Glucinum.

    : - Grief, anger, fright.

    - Night watching
    - Operations, frost-bite
    - Suppressions: eruptions, otorrhoea, menses, lochia, milk.

    : < Exhaustion 3 mental and physical > Motion 2
    < Noise2 > Hard pressure
    < Touch 2 > Warm open air
    < After being heated > Free discharges
    < After eating > Rubbing
    < After dinner > Scratching
    < Milk > Eating while
    < Suppressed menses > With the menstrual flow
    < Wine, even a small quantity > Evening
    < 5 to 7 pm
    < Suppressed eruptions 3
    < Vaccination
    < Cold or cold bathing

    : -HYPER, overstimulated and over sensitive persons.

    -Loquacious, racing thoughts and abundant ideas.

    -Repeats all questions before answering them.

    -Fears arrest on account of supposed crime, fear of robbers.

    -Fretful, peevish, cries if vexed or moved.

    -Aversion to conversation, sensitive to it and to noise.


    -Shrieking. Behavioural problems in children.

    -Delirium with anger, violence and desire to escape.

    -Stares, as if frightened on waking, rolls head from side.

    -Child easily startled, excited or intoxicated.

    -Confusion of mind

    -Mistakes in speech and writing.

    -Weakness of memory. Forgetfulness- forgets what has been accomplished during the day.

    -Weakness after anger.

    -Always COMPLAINING and dissatisfied, torments everyone with his complaints.

    -Suicidal thoughts with depression. Thinks of death calmly; thoughts of death relieve him.

    : -Withered, wrinkled, old-looking and unhealthy.

    -Cerebral and nervous exhaustion, defective vitality 3, too weak to develop exanthemata or menstrual function. Brain or nerve power wanting 2.

    -Incessant and violent FIDGETY IN FEET, must move them constantly in bed for hours after retiring, even when asleep.

    -Isolated effects 2 -one part numb, another sensitive.

    -Formication, between skin and flesh.

    -Better in every way when the natural discharges appear, especially menses.

    -Cannot tolerate WINE even a small quantity AGGRAVATES.

    -Insatiable hunger at 11 am or 12 noon.

    -C.N.S.-Convulsions during dentition, with pale face3, no heat3, rolling the eyes, gnashing the teeth.

    -Chorea from suppressed eruption, from fright.

    -Twitching and jerking of single muscle. Fasciculations.

    -Parkinson's disease with tremors, paresis and mental dullnes.

    -Automatic motion of hand and head.

    -Restlessness of feet.

    -Meningitis, encephalitis with rolling of the head, shrieking and delirium, convulsion and stupor.

    -Peripheral neuropathy, numbness or burning.



    -Stitching pains in inner canthi.

    -Face-Wrinkled, old looking.

    -Facial tics and grimaces.

    -Cracking of corners of lips. thick lips.

    -Stomach-Hunger 3 ravenous, at about 11 or 12 am., great greediness when eating 2.

    -Aversion to meat especially veal, fish, sweets, cooked or warm food.

    -Wine aggravates.

    -Indigestion worse wine, bread, milk, veal.

    -Abdomen-Colic worse eating, noise, conversation.

    -Constipation or diarrhoea from wine.

    -Diarrhoea during headache.

    -Female genitalia-Always feels >every way as soon as menses begin to flow 2, complains return after flow ceases.

    -Male genitalia-Seminal discharge on passing stool.

    -Promiscuity, sexual passion excessive.

    -Premature ejaculation.

    -Urinary system-Can only void urine while sitting bent backwards.

    -Urinary retention from prostatic problems or paralysis.

    -urinary incontinence during convulsions, while coughing or sneezing.


    -Respiratory system-Cough

    -Asthma from suppressed menses.

    -Back-Burning along the whole spine 2, walking about
    -Cannot bear to be touched.

    -Extremities-Fat sweaty and sore about toe.

    -Foetid suppressed foot sweat
    -Chillblain, painful < rubbing.

    -Restless feet.

    -Nocturnal myoclonus.

    -Heel pains from wine.

    -Sleep-Insomnia from restlessness.


    -Wakes up at night due to jerks, with shrieking, recognises nobody.

    : 1) Restlessness, automatic acts, tremor, jerkings. Incessant and violent fidgety feeling in feet, must move them constantly.

    2) >in general during menses and natural discharge, but complaints return again after the flow ceases.

    3) Ravenous hunger at 11 or 12 noon.

    4) Can void urine only while sitting bent backwards.

    : 1) Fagged (brain fag, nerve fag, enervated or depressed).

    2) Cerebral and nervous exhaustion, defective vitality.

    3) Too weak to develop exanthemata, can't throw things off.

    4) Restlessness, automatic action, tremors, jerkings, chorea and convulsions from defective vitality, and suppressed eruptions and discharges.

    5) A/F Repercussed or suppressed eruptions or discharges.

    6) Constant fidgety feeling especially in the feet.

    7) All complaints are relieved after natural discharges especially >menses.

    8) Ravenous hunger about 11 to 12 am., great greediness when eating.


    : -Asthma, Chorea, Dementia, Depression, Encephalitis, Enuresis, Gastritis, Head injury, Incontinence, Meningitis, Myoclonus, Neuralgia, Parkinson's disease, Prostatic hypertrophy, Strabismus, Tics, Tremors.

    -Zinc is beneficial in diabetic neuritis though the patient is on soluble insulin and not on Protamine zinc insulin.

    : -Compare -Agar, Cupr, Nux-v, Rhus-t, Stram.

    -Followed well by -Ign but Nux-v disagrees. Hep-s, Puls, Sep, Sulph.

    -Inimical -Cham, Nux shouldn't be used before and after.

    -Complementary -Puls, Sep, Sulph, Calc-p in hydrocephalus.

    -Follows well -Apis, Bell.

    -Antidotes to -Sep, Sulph, Bar-c, Cham.

    -Antidoted by -Hep-s, Ign, Camph.

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