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Haughtiness, self-righteousness, delusions of being Christ.

Restlessness. Despair of salvation.

Coldness, collapse, weakness.

Simultaneous vomiting and diarrhoea.

: White Hellebore.

: -Fright
-Disappointment in love
-Injured pride or honour
-Suppressed. exanthema
-Opium, tobacco, alcohol.

: < Exertion 3 < Drinking 3 > Warmth 3
< Change of weather < Cold drinks 3 > Covering
< Before and during menses < Fright 3 > Walking
< Before, during after stools < Touch > Hot drinks
< Pressure < During pain > Lying
< Wet cold weather < Opium eating > Eating meat
< Tobacco chewing < Injured pride > Milk

: -Hyperactive, restless, disobedient, haughty, rude, critical.

-Cannot bear to be left alone, yet persistently refuses to talk.

-Thinks she is pregnant, soon will be relieved.

-Delusions of impending misfortunes.

-Delusions of religion and identity. Believes he is Christ, or a saviour, or a prophet, or that h is on a divine mission.

-Religious affections. Excessive praying.

-Precocity. Asks may questions.

-Mania with desire to cut and tear everything, especially clothes.

-Mania with livid, lascivious talk, amorous, or religion.

-Deceitful, never speaks truth.

-Feigns sickness.

-Nymphomania, kisses everybody before menses.

-Embraces everyone, even objects.

-Imagines that world is on fire.

-Swallows his own excrement (cophrophagia).

-Melancholy. Brooding.

-Wants to commit suicide by jumping from window.

: -For children and old people; extremes of life, persons who are habitually cold and deficient in vital reaction. Young people of nervous, sanguine temperament.

-Adapted to patients with rapid sinking of vital forces, complete prostration and collapse.

-Sudden and violent onset.

-Profuseness of discharges.

-Cold perspiration on forehead with nearly all complaints.

-Attacks of fainting with least exertion, excessive weakness.

-Icy coldness of face, tip of nose, feet, legs, hands, arms and many other parts. Cold feeling in abdomen.

-Thirst - intense unquenchable, wants everything cold.

-Sinking feeling during haemorrhages.

-Head-Sensation-of a lump of ice on vertex with chilliness,
-as if heat and cold at same time on sleep,
-as if brain were torn to pieces.

-Headache begins in occiput, settles over one of eyes
-Chronic long standing nervous < overexertion < riding < working in hot days.

-When Spigelia and Silicea failed.

-Face-Cold, blue, pale features, sunken, hippocratic.

-Red while lying, becomes pale on rising up.

-Nose-Epistaxis comes on during sleep, at night only, from right nostril.

-Dryness of nose, mouth, throat, sensation of burning in brain.

-G.I.T.-Tongue-Cold pale, cool sensation as from peppermint.

-Taste-peppermint like.

-Craving for acids, sour, sour fruit, lemon, salt, ice, fruit, sardines, juicy refreshing things.

-Inspite of nausea and vomit, gnawing hunger, voracious appetite.

-Violent vomiting with profuse diarrhea, followed by tremendous weakness, `collapse'. Surgical shock.

-Vomiting excessive with nausea and great prostration

-Dyspepsia from chewing tobacco.

-Diarrhea, frequent, greenish, watery, gushing, mixed with flakes, with cutting colic in abdomen with cramps commencing in hands and feet spreading all over, in calves.

-Prostrating diarrhoea, after fright, eating fruits, impure water, with cold sweat on forehead.

-For Asiatic cholera with rice-water stools. Retention of urine in Cholera.

-Constipation-no desire, stool large hard in round black balls, from inactive rectum, frequent desire felt in epigastrium, in babies produced by very cold weather.

-Female genitalia-Dysmenorrhoea with vomiting and purging, cholera-like symptoms at commencement of menses.

-So weak, that scarcely stand for 2 days at each menstrual nises.

-Night blindness preceding menses.

-Respiratory system-Bronchitis of old people, with inability to expectorate, though large amount of mucus in chest.

-Tickling deep in chest, as if it would produce cough.

-Extremities-Rheumatic pains in limbs < wet weather < warmth of bed > continued motion.

-Fever-In congestive or pernicious intermittent fever, with extreme coldness, thirst, great prostration, deathly pallor.

-Cold stage predominates and overshadows heat stage.

: -Profuseness-of all discharges, leading to prostration and collapse, violent vomiting with profuse diarrhoea.

-Cold perspiration on forehead with all complaints.

-Thirst for large quantity of cold water.

-Craving for acrid, cold drinks, juices and refreshing things.

: -A picture of collapse, coldness, weakness, blueness, is seen in the remedy.

-COLDNESS runs throughout the remedy.


-Violence and suddenness.


: 1) Profuse diarrhoea and vomiting with great prostration.

2) Cold sweat on forehead concomitant to all symptoms.

3) Icy coldness of various parts.

: -Behavioural disorders, Cholera, Dysmenorrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Hyperactivity, Mania, Neuralgia, Pneumonia, Raynaud's disease, Schizophrenia, Seizures.

-When Nux-v and Lyc fail for constipation in babies.

-For epistaxis during sleep when Bry, Merc, Nit-ac, Nux-v fails.

-When Spigelia and Silica fail in headache- Clarke.

-When after fright, there is coldness of body.

-Compare-Ars, Camph, Hyos, Med, Plat, Stram, Tarent, Tub.


-Antidoted-Camph, Coffee, Acon.

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