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    Discontented, disobedient, destructive, obstinate.

    Romantic, longs for nature. Hyperactivity.

    Need for change and travel.

    Recurring infectious illnesses in childhood.

    Developmental defects, failure to thrive.


    : A Nosode prepared from pus of Tuberculosis (abscess),or from a glycerine extract of pure cultivation of tubercular bacilli (Phatak).

    : -Tubercular heritage.

    -Exposure to slightest cold air.

    : < Closed room 3 > Cold air
    < Noise 2 > Open air
    < Exertion 2 > Motion 2
    < Damp, cold air 3 > Mountains, especially in pine forests
    < Draft
    < Awaking 2

    : -Depressed and melancholic.

    -Despondent and morose.

    -Mania alternating with melancholia
    -Insomnia alternating with sopor.

    -Fear of-animals especially, dogs, cats.

    -Disgust with cats and furred animals.

    -Disposition to use foul, filthy language; to curse and swear.

    -Sensitive to music.


    -Every trifle irritates him.

    -Horrid anger, wants to throw things away. Bangs the head when angry.

    -malicious behaviour, breaks things, breaks other's valuables.

    -Obstinate and disobedient child.

    -Dissatisfied, always wants a change.

    -"Cosmopolitan" patients.

    -Compulsive behaviour, ritualism.

    -Desire to travel.

    -Desire for change and excitement.

    -Confusion, everything in the room looks strange.

    -Dreams-of shame

    -Hyperactivity, restless.

    -Shuddering sensation on falling to sleep.

    : -Persons of light complexion, blue eyes, blonde, tall, slim, narrow chest, with fine and long eyelashes.

    -Symptoms are constantly changing.

    -Takes cold easily, on slightest exposure to cold air, without knowing how and why.

    -Susceptible to changes in weather.

    -Scrofulous diathesis; enlarged glands adenoids etc.

    -Rapid and profound emaciation though eating well [Abrot, Calc-p, Iod, Sil].

    -Great weakness with profuse night sweats.

    -Longs for open air, wants doors and windows open, or to ride in strong wind.

    -Very sensitive, mentally and physically.

    -Allergy to milk and cats.

    -Head-Especially suited to headache of school going girls.

    -Headache, as if iron whoop around head.

    -Deep brain headaches.

    -Acute, cerebral or basilar meningitis, with threatened effusion, with nocturnal hallucinations.

    -Eyes-Blue sclera.

    -Long fine eyelashes.

    -Ears-Perforation of membrana tympani with ragged edges.

    -Mouth-Delayed dentition.

    -G.I.T.-Craves smoked meat, bacon, pork, ham, salami, cold milk, fat, salt, ice-cream.

    -Milk allergy.

    -Early morning diarrhoea (Aloe, Sulph).

    -Emaciation, inspite of eating heavily.

    -Respiratory system-Thick, yellow or yellow green sputum.

    -Sensation of suffocation, even with plenty of fresh air.

    -Tuberculosis begins in apex of lungs, especially left lung (Phos, Sulph).

    -Female genitalia-Menses too early, too profuse, too long lasting.

    -Benign mammary tumours.

    -Dysmenorrhoea with pains increased with establishment of flow.

    -Male genitalia-Hyper-sexual. Promiscuity.

    -Early or excessive masturbation.

    -Back-Dark or long, fine hair on back of children, along the spine.

    -Extremities-Acute articular rheumatism.

    -Good remedy for bony suppurations.

    -Skin-Dry, harsh skin with itching profound.

    -Crops of small boils which are intensely foetid, with green foetid pus.

    -Eczema with intense itching < night when undressing, bathing.

    -White bran like scales; oozing in the folds of skin.

    -Hair-plica polonica.


    : -Profound and rapid emaciation, though eating well.

    -Crops of small boils with green, foetid pus (Sec).

    : -Persons of tubercular heritage, when symptoms are ever changing and well selected remedies fail to improve.

    -Take cold easily from the slightest exposure.

    -Chronic or recurrent illness like diarrhoea, epilepsy, arthritis, boils.

    -Craves open air.

    -Rapid and pronounced emaciation though eating well.

    : -History of tubercular affection.

    -Takes cold easily even on slightest exposure to cold air.

    -Rapid and profound emaciation while eating well.

    -Fear of animals especially dogs, cats.

    -Always tired, motion causes intense fatigue.

    : -Adenopathy, Alopecia, Amenorrhoea, Arthritis, Asthma, Astigmatism, Autism, Behaviour disorders, Bronchitis, Bruxism, Colds, compulsive behaviour, Croup, Enuresis, Hodgkin's disease, Hyperactivity, Lymphoma, Malignancy, Meningitis, A-Compare-Phos, Sep, Sulph.

    -Complementary-Calc-s, Kali-s, Psor, Sep, Sulph.

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