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    Internal tremor, wants to be held. Sourness. Erosions and haemorrhages.

    Great painfulness. Hot flushes.

    Pain increases slowly, then suddenly ceases.

    : -Mechanical injuries, (fall, bruises, concussions)
    -Taking alcohol
    -Climacteric period
    -Lead poisoning
    -Chafing (CLARKE)
    -Surgical operations.

    : < Open air < Cold > Hands near head
    < Alcohol < Surgical operations > Hot drinks
    < Injuries < Odour of coffee > Warmth
    < Towards evening < Excessive heat or cold > Lying on affected side
    < Touch < Pressure
    < Drinking cold water.

    : -Hurry hasty, quick, sullen, impatient, angry because things move so slowly.

    -Seriousness, alternating with buffoonery.

    -Unwilling to answer the question not out of obstinacy, but inaptness.

    -Irascible, vacillating and morose.

    : -Bad effects of mechanical injuries with blunt instruments.

    -Hydrogenoid constitution.

    -Weakness and exhaustion, weakness out of proportion to the disease.

    -Deathly pale or wrinkled face; white of an egg seems to be dried on it.

    -Profuse, acrid or stringy discharge, sourness.

    -Great painfulness, with sensation as if blunt plug being driven in.

    -Pain increases gradually and ceases suddenly, when at its height often repeated.

    -Internal trembling, especially of drunkards.

    -Concussion of brain, where skin is cold, body bathed in cold sweat.

    -G.I.T.-Sour eructations, sets teeth on edge.

    -Craving for alcohol.

    -Water causes coldness of stomach, must be mixed with alcohol. >by applied heat.

    -Heart burn.

    -Nausea, vomiting

    -Relaxed feeling in stomach.


    -Feeling as if hernia would protrude left side.

    -Diarrhoea very foul, green, black or hacked, sour smelling.

    -Weak, sinking in the stomach after stools.

    -Oozing piles.

    -Skin-Ecchymosis, petechiae, livid, red, blotches.

    -Cicatrices turn red and blue and become painful.

    -Gangrenous tendency.

    -Haemorrhages of black blood.

    -Tendency to form ulcers, aphthae.

    -Hot flushes, then trembling or cold sweat.

    : 1) Weakness which is out of proportion to the disease.

    2) General internal trembling, without visible trembling.

    3) Hurry, hasty, quick, sullen, impatient, angry because things move slowly.

    4) Pains increase gradually, but disappear suddenly when at peak.

    5) Sensation as if a plug is thrust in.

    6) Sour babies, smell cannot be washed off.

    7) Craving for stimulants, alcohol, which also causes complaints.

    8) Pain felt during sleep and disappears on waking (CLARKE).

    9) Seriousness alternating with buffoonery.

    10) Discharges are offensive, acrid, stringy.

    11) Odour of coffee <.

    12) Easy sweat especially in upper parts of the body.

    13) Craving for alcoholic drink. Water feels cold in stomach, must be mixed with alcohol.

    : -Chronic alcoholics, brandy drinkers who suffer from acidity.

    -Sourness setting the teeth on edge.

    : 1) Weakness disproportionate to the disease.

    2) Pains increase gradually, but disappear suddenly when at peak.

    3) Stringy discharges.

    4) Hurry, hasty, impatient.

    5) Seriousness alternating with buffoonery.

    6) Craves stimulants, < odour of coffee.

    : -Writer's cramp, Lead poisoning, Acid peptic disease, Hiccough, Diphtheria,
    Ulceration, Haemorrhages, Grey hair fall out, Sterility; Myopia; Gangrene formation,
    Purpura haemorrhagica, Carbuncles, Boils, Cicatraces turn red, blue and painful.

    Alcoholism, Brain concussion, Cancer, Diabetes.

    -Sulphuric acid as the most wonderful remedy following operations in which gangrene sets in, wound does not heal, stitches break open. There is a sort of blackness,
    Sulphuric acid, will relieve that, and the older the patient the more it is indicated- Dr. Lehman.

    -A caution should be observed in treating bowel affections with Sulphuric acid which is not to preserve in it if the first two doses fail to mitigate the symptoms, for in that case, it is almost certain to aggravate them - Dr. Stilla.

    -In convalescence after any debilitating illness, this medicine controls the uncomfortable perspiration that follows slightest exertion or drinking hot drinks. Sulph-ac 30- Dr.R.A.F. Jack.

    -No remedy is so successful in relieving the distressing itching and formication of the skin of lichen, prurigo and chronic urticaria as Sulphuric acid taken internally - Dr. Pereira.

    -I commend Sulphuric acid in obstinate hiccough to which it is certainly homoeopathic- Dr. Schneider.

    : -Complementary and antidoted by- Puls.

    -Injuries- Arn, Con, Ruta.

    -Dyspepsia of drunkards- Carb-v.

    -Weakness and giving way of ankles- Caust, Sul, Sil.

    -Scarlatina, blue spots, diphtheric membrane- Mur-ac.

    -Fall easily- Nat-c, Caust, Sat.

    -Pain begins gradually end suddenly- Sulph-ac.

    -Pain begins and ends suddenly- Bell, Lyc.

    -Pain begins and declines gradually- Stann.

    -Pain begins suddenly and ends gradually- Col.

    -Aphthae- Sul-ac, Borax, Nat-m, Kali-chl.

    -Drinks chill the stomach- Elaps.

    -Haemorrhages of black blood - Crotal, Mur-ac, Nit-ac, Tereb.

    -Sensation of brain loose in forehead and falling side to side- Bell, Bry, Rhe, Spi.

    -Remedies that precede well - Arn, Con, Ruta, Led in ecchymosis.

    -Antidotes- Capsicum, Ipecac, Puls.

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