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    Increases the systole and diminishes the rapidity of the heart. Dropsy.

    Irritable heart of smokers.

    Hives, especially chronic forms.

    : Kombe seed

    : -Alcohol
    -Ingestion of stimulants

    : < Exertion > Sunlight 2
    < Darkness > Cold air
    > Hot bathing 2

    : -Anxiety especially from anticipation with palpitation of heart and tendency to breathe deeply.

    -"Fear of ordeals".

    --Floating sensation, of being lifted up during sleep.

    -Mentally, these patients are irritable.

    -Loquacity (not as marked as in Lach). Precocious loquacity in children.


    : -Strophanthus is a muscle poison, it increases the contractile power of all striped muscles, especially heart.

    -Used for corpulent persons and for children. Those suffering from chlorosis. Anaemic, irritability of he heart and in senile vertigo from cerebral anaemia.

    -Useful during the climacteric period, when there are aching pains through the hips and extensors of the thighs.

    -Alternations-Rapid pulse alternates with slow pulse.

    -Surging to head alternates with the heart.

    -Dilated pupils alternate with contracted pupils.

    -Very mobile pupils.

    -Craving for coffee.

    -Increased secretions especially of nose, urine.

    -Profound weakness from haemorrhage after operation, acute or chronic.

    -Pains-Stitching 2, throbbing.

    -Undulating sensation in the whole body, appears suddenly disappears gradually.

    -Head-Temporal pains with double vision.

    -Stitching pains.

    -Dimness of vision. Glimmering vision.

    -Dilatation and alternate contraction of pupils.

    -Senile vertigo.

    -C.V.S.-Functional disturbances of the heart from alcohol, tobacco and tea.

    -Weak aching or anguish, at sense of lively action.

    -Chronic nervous palpitation and arrest of breathing.

    -Stitches and twitches at apex beat.

    -Pulse rapid, alternating with slow, weak, small irregular pulse.

    -Cardiac dyspnoea.

    -Used with advantage to tone the heart and run off the dropsical accumulations.

    -In mitral regurgitations, where oedema and dropsy have supervened.

    -Irritable heart of tobacco smoke.

    -Arteriosclerosis rigid arteries of aged.

    -Restores tone to a brittle tissue especially of heart muscle and valves.

    -Anaemia with palpitation and breathlessness.

    -Especially useful in failing compensation dependent upon fatty heart.

    -Respiratory system-Dyspnoea on ascending.

    -Pulmonary oedema.

    -Congested lungs.

    -Skin-Urticaria, especially more chronic forms.

    -Itching > cold air.

    : -It is particularly used for corpulent persons and for children, those suffering from chlorosis, anaemia, irritability of the heart.

    -Useful during climacteric peroid.

    : -Good drug to remove alcohol habit. Causes an aversion to it without withdrawal symptom.

    : -Compare-Digitalis [but is slow than Strophant in its action]
    -Phos-ac [weak, irregular pulse, fluttering sensation in cardiac region, palpitation during sleep).

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