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  • SILICEA [Sil]

    Defective nutrition. Hurts fester. Induration and suppuration. Lacks grit.

    Chilly. Foul, corroding sweat. Ascending effects. Lack of stamina.

    : Silica terra.

    : -Pure silica, pure flint.

    -Silicon dioxide.

    : The medicine is prepared by the trituration of pure, precipitated silica.

    : Vaccination, stone cutting, loss of fluids, injuries, strains.

    Foreign bodies, splinters. Suppression of foot sweat.

    : < Cold 3 > Warm wraps to head 3
    < Air 3 > Wet, humid weather
    < Draft 3 > Profuse urination
    < Uncovering > Magnetism and electricity
    < Bathing
    < Checked sweat especially of feet 3
    < Damp 2
    < Change of weather
    < Nervous excitement
    < Light, noise, jarring
    < Touch
    < Pressure 2
    < Night
    < Moon changes
    < Mental exertion
    < Alcohol

    : -Child - Intelligent. Averse to and < mother's milk, vomits it. Sensitive, delicate, well-behaved, refined with fits of obstinacy. Sometimes because of fixed opinions.

    Timid, answers only to the mother. Irritable when don't feel well. Anxiety from noise. Thin body with big head and enlarged abdomen. Slow development.

    Slow learning to walk and talk. Bad assimilation, defective nutrition.

    -Oversensitive, irritable and ostinate, demanding in early age.

    -If corrected by mother, will never forget, and they become refined and yielding nature. They become too serious, too proper. Conscientious about trifles.

    -Shy, refuses to answer, instead whispers to the mother.

    -Because of their high intelligence overstimulated, lack of stamina results later in life.

    Mental acuteness, with physical weakness or torpidity.

    -YIELDING, mild, shyness or timidity but not cowardice(like Lyc, Gels.).

    -REFINED, delicate patients. Refined sensibility will not oppose. SENSITIVE to opinions, considers your point, but internally keeping his own view.

    -Never becomes dependent or demanding of the prescriber's time.

    -Though emotionally fairly well balanced, suffer from problems of self-esteem and self-confidence. Uncertain of his abilities and doubt all his work.

    -Anxious conscientiousness over small details.

    -Stage fright, performance anxiety, test phobia, conscious about self image. Want of self-confidence. Irresolution. Timid. Fears public speaking, examinations.

    Complaints from long mental exertion. Brain fag.

    -Mental labour very difficult, cannot bear to think. Lack of stamina.

    -Delicate, refined and aesthetic even aristocratic.

    -Fear of pins and pointed things. Pin mania. Fixed ideas, thinks only of pins, fears them, searches them, and counts them.

    -Clairvoyance from mental weakness.

    : -Constitution - adapted to nervous, irritable, sanguine temperament psoric diathesis.

    REFINED, DELICATE people. Light complexion, fine dry skin, pale face, weakly, with lax muscles.

    -Complaints due to defective assimilation.

    -Children-Scrofulous, tubercular diathesis, rachitic children with large heads, open fontanelles and sutures 3. Frequent colds and infections with enlarged glands, that may suppurate.

    -Sweating about the head which must be kept warm by external covering.

    -Distended abdomen 2.

    -The baby is slow in learning to walk.

    -Chilly and aggravated from cold weather and drafts. Wants to be wrapped up warmly.

    -Glands become enlarged and hard and may suppurate.

    -Excessive perspiration, foot-sweat 3, foul 3, acrid 3, destroying shoes,

    -Suppression A/F 2.

    -Pains violent, striking, pricking, stitching, splinter-like (Hep, Nit-ac).

    -Slow, incomplete processes, then induration. Every hurt festers 3 and easy suppuration (fistulae, abscesses, cicatrices, keloids).

    -Capacity to throw out foreign bodies.

    -Ascending effects 3.

    -Complaints are aggravated at the new moon or full moon.

    -Ill effects of vaccination (Thuj).


    -Weakness, lack of energy.

    -Aversion - to cooked or warm food, meat, salt, MILK (mothers')2 which disagrees, FAT. Craves - cold food and drinks, ice creams, ice water, ice, eggs, fat.

    -Head-Chronic aches after some disease of youth(Psor).

    -Ascending from nape of neck to vertex 3, locating in one eye especially right(left eye - Spig).

    pressure, wrapping
    >Profuse urination.

    -Rectum-Constipation always before and during menses 2.

    -Inactivity of rectum 3.

    -When partly expelled recede again (Thuja).

    -"Bashful stools"
    -Great straining, hard, needs mechanical aid.

    -Fistula in ano alternate with chest symptoms(Berb, Calc-p).

    -Male-After coition, sensation on right side of head as if paralysed.

    -Extreme exhaustion after coition, takes 10 days to recover.

    -Nocturnal emission, prostatorrhoea

    -Female-Discharge of blood from vagina every time the child takes the breast (Crot-t).

    -Icy coldness over whole body during menses.

    -Skin-Abscesses, felons, boils and fistulous ulcers.

    -UNHEALTHY. TENDENCY TO SUPPURATION. Every little injury suppurates.

    -Delicate, pale skin.

    -Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies through skin(Anag).

    -Keloid. Scars become painful, stinging and red.

    -Eruptions, itching > night.

    -Vitiligo. Ringworm. Impetigo.

    -Tumors and warts.

    : 1. A/F suppressed foot sweat, which is offensive. Carrion like odour of feet, acrid eats up the shoes.

    2. Stools recede again when partly expelled.

    3. Discharge of blood from vagina when child takes the breast.

    4. Promotes expulsion of foreign body from tissue eg. fish bones, needles, bone splinters.

    5. Hair like sensation on tongue.

    6. Fistula in ano.

    : -Slow incomplete processes, then induration.

    -Every hurt festers, fixed ideas.

    -Keenly sensitive to external impressions.

    -Profuse discharges (sweating) if restricted cause problem.

    : Chilly patient, wants to be wrapped up warmly. Want of grit mentally and physically.

    Obstinate, head strong. Easy suppuration, tendency to fistulous burrowings.

    Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of glands. Profuse, offensive sweat, especially of feet and head.

    : 1. Silica is one of greatest remedy for chronic diarrhoea in soldiers due to sleeping on damp grounds, eating all sorts of food, long exhausting marches (Dr Kent).

    2. Silica child is always ameliorated by sea which seems to stimulate it's endocrine (Dr.G.Dano).

    : Complementary: Nat-m, Phos, Thuj, Sanic, Puls, Fl-ac.

    Follows well after- Calc, Graph, Hep, Nit-ac, Phos, Bell, Bry, Cina, Ign.

    Follow well - Ars, Asaf, Bell, Calc-c, Clem, Fl-ac, Graph, Hep, Lach, Lyco, Nux-v, Phos, Puls, Rhus-t, Sep, Sulph.

    Inimical - Merc.

    Antidotes - Camph, Fl-ac, Hep.

    Remedy Antidotes - Merc, Sulph.

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