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  • SELENIUM [Sel]

    Weakness, collapse due to sexual excesses or long febrile illnesses.

    Sexual dysfunction.

    Weakness from heat (Chronic fatigue syndrome, Multiple sclerosis).

    : Selenium

    : -Prepared by trituration with sugar of milk. This was proved and introduced by Hering.

    -Selenium was discovered in 1818 by Berzelius and was named after the moon because it is found associated with Tellurium (Tellus-the earth), and with Sulphur.

    : -Alcohol, sugar, salt, lemonade, debauchery, tea, walking, exertion, masturbation, loss of fluids, debilitating diseases.

    : < Sun < Summer > After sunset
    < Hot days < Tea > Inhaling cool air
    < Sexual excess < Loss of sleep > Drinking cold water
    < Night watching < Touch > Uncovering, even in cool room
    < After sleep < Singing
    < Draft of air, < After stools
    even if warm
    < Coiton < Wine
    < From cinchona < Loss of fluids
    < Fever < Heat
    < Mental exertion

    : -Cannot take mental exertion.

    -Forgetfulness when awake, with DISTINCT RECOLLECTION DURING HALF SLEEP. Forgetfullness in business, recollects in dreams whatever he has forgotten.

    -Great loquacity, fond of conversing especially in evening.

    -When excited, stammers, uses syllables of words in wrong connection, pronounciation incorrect.

    -Sadness, difficult comprehension dread of society, uncompromising melancholy.

    -Absolute incapacity to execute any business what ever.

    -Lascivious thoughts with impotency.


    -Alcoholism, dispomania especially before menses.

    : -Adapted to light complexion, blondes; great emaciation of face, hands, of single parts.

    -General debility, weakness involving all parts of the body.

    Easily fatigue from any labour, physical or mental, loss of sleep and hot weather.

    Hotter the body, weaker he is. Strength rises as the sun sinks.

    Debility due to debilitating diseases, sexual excess.

    -Any exertion, mental or physical causes fatigue and wants to sleep from sheer exhaustion, but < by sleep.

    -Relaxation -dribbling or urine, escape of seminal fluids especially during stool, slow and weak erection.

    -Emaciation in single parts.

    -HAIR FALL off, on head eye brows, from WHOLE BODY, don't want hair touched.

    -Sweat-yellow, leaves salty deposit, stiffens the linen or makes the hair stiff and wiry < genitals.

    -Head-Pain over left eye.

    -Hair painful to touch.

    -A/F mental labour, walking in sun, strong odours tea, every afternoon.



    -Throat-Aphonia-after long use of voice.

    -as soon as he begins to sing, talk or read.

    -obliged to clear the throat frequently of a transparent starchy mucus.

    -Tubercular laryngitis.

    -Stomach-Hungry at night (Cina. Psor.).

    -Longing for spirituous liquors, especially brandy, an almost irresistible maniacal desire.



    -Rectum-Constipation-Stools large, hard, impacted, so that it requires mechanical aid (Aloe, Cal, Sanic, Sep, Sil.) after serious illness, especially enteric fever.

    -Male genitalia-Impotence with desire.

    -Lewd thoughts, but physically IMPOTENT (sudden impotence- Chlor).

    -Relaxation of genitals.

    -Erections slow, insufficient, too rapid emission with long continued thrill.

    -Weak ill humored after coitus.

    -Discharge of semen drop by drop during sleep.

    -Priapism glands drawn up ( Berb, Canth- drawn down).

    -Involuntary DRIBBLING OF SEMEN and prostatic fluid oozes while sitting at STOOL, during sleep.
    -Semen thin and scentless.

    -Prostatic hypertrophy.

    -Back-Weakness of back associated with coition or seminal discharge.

    -Sleep-Catnaps throughout night.

    : 1) Coryza ending in diarrhoea.

    2) Debility

    3) Involuntary prostatic discharge while sitting for stool.

    : 1) Ill effects of debauchery.

    2) Easily debility which increases due to heat. Weakness, debility and relaxation especially seen in the sexual sphere.

    : -Great mental and physical debility especially from sexual excesses.

    -Impotency, prostatic dribbling, seminal emission.

    : -Alopecia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Impotence, Laryngitis, Prostatic hypertrophy.

    -Overstrain of students, forgetting what they read.

    : -Compare-Agn, Calad, Cann-i, Onos, Phos-ac, Pic-ac, Sulph.

    -Follows well after-Caladium, Nat-m, Staph, Ph-ac.


    -Antidotes-Ign, Puls.

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