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Cheerful, joking, lively, quick-witted, friendly, timid.

Restlessness, agitation, irritable, frustrated.

Serious, hardworking, impatient.

Stiff, rigid, morose, compulsive, superstitious, ritualistic.

warm, warm bathing
continuous motion
Fever blisters about the lips.

Triangular red tip of tongue.

Burning, vesicular eruptions.

: Poison Oak.

: Anacardiaceae.

: -Spraining or straining a single part, muscle or tendon.

-Overlifting, particularly stretching high up to reach things.

-Lying on damp ground.

-From wetting, and too much summer bathing in lake or river.

-Getting wet when heated.

-Cold air.

: < Exposure to cold air < Before storm 3 > Continued motion 3
< Wet, draft < Ice cold drinks > Rubbing 3
< Chilled when hot or sweaty 3 < Blows, Jar > Heat, hot bath 3
< Uncovering 3 parts (head) < Sprains 3 > Warm wrapping
< Beginning of motion 3 < Overexertion 3 > Change of position 3
< Damp rainy weather 3 < Rest 3 > Warm dry weather
< Cloudy, foggy weather > After midnight 3

: -Extreme restlessness, with desire for continuous change of position.

-Impatient and hurried.

-Delirium with fear and suspicion of being poisoned.

-Sad, patient begins to weep without knowing why < evening.

-Anxious, sadness, helplessness and profound despondency.

-Anxiety for his own children.

-Causeless weeping.

-Answers correctly, but slowly or hastily, or reluctantly.

-Timid, self-conscious.

-Dwells on past disagreeable events after midnight.

-Thoughts of suicide, wants to drown himself.

-Forgetful, can not remember the most recent events.

-Fear-< at night, cannot lie in bed.

-killing someone

-Dreams of-great exertion
-rowing, swimming
-working hard at his daily occupation.

-Great apprehension at night. Drives him out of bed.

-Its a trio of Restlessness (Acon, Ars) can not lie in one place, must change the position frequently to obtain relief from pain.

-Joking and cheerful patients.


: -All complaints brought on exposure to cold damp weather, getting wet.

-Great rigidity, stiffness, numbness and pain are experienced on first motion, after the rest. >walking or continued motion.

-Most complaints are relieved by movement and aggravated by rest.

-< at night and in damp, rainy weather,
> heat in general e.g. covering the body, warm application etc.

-Great sensitiveness to open air, putting the hand outside from under the bed covering, brings on cough.

-Triangular red tipped tongue, with imprint of teeth and bitter taste in the mouth.

-Complaints travel from left to right.

-Pains-as if sprained
-as if a muscle or tendon was torn from it's attachment
-as if bones were scraped with a knife
-affected part sore to touch.

-Head-Vertigo-when standing or walking, worse when lying down < rising from lying or stooping.

-Headache-A/F-beer, returns from least chagrin.

-brain feels loose when stepping or shaking the head
-sensation of swashing in brain
-stupefying as if torn
-< from sitting, lying in bed > warmth and motion.

-G.I.T.-Tongue-Triangular red tip of tongue.

-Desires-Cold milk which relieves gastric complaints.

-Craving for beer, cheese, cold drinks, sweets, oysters.

-Aversion to meat and liquor.

-Thirst for sips of water.

-Diarrhoea with beginning of typhoid. Involuntary stools with great exhaustion.

-Tearing pain down the posterior part of limb during stool.

-Dysentery-during rainy season, pains running down the thighs.

-Urinary system-Enuresis, especially in boys.

-Frequent urination.

-C.V.S.-Angina, extending to left arm < exertion.

-Cardiac hypertrophy from violent exercise, gets out of breath on exertion.

-Valvular disorders.

-Rheumatic fever.

-C.N.S.-Parkinson's disease with great stiffness.

-Chorea, Tics, Twitches.

-Left sided hemiplegia.

-Male genitalia-Herpes.

-Eruptions on inner thighs and genitalia.

-Back-Pain between shoulders on swallowing.

-Pain and stiffness in small of back.

-< sitting or lying > by motion or lying on something hard.

-Cervical stiffness causing patient to stretch and move about.

-Pain in inner, upper left scapula.

-Extremities-Muscular Rheumatism. Arthritis.

-Sciatica, left side.

-Paralysis with numbness of affected parts from getting wet, or lying on damp ground, or after exertion, or parturition.

-Sprains and strains. Bursitis, tendonitis.

-Arthritic nodosities.

-Restless legs in bed.

-Skin-Erysipelas, from left to right.

-Yellow vesicles, much swelling, inflammation, cellulitis.

-Burning, itching, stinging > warmth.

-Chicken pox, Herpes, Impetigo, Pemphigus, Urticaria.

-Fever-Dry teasing cough, before and during chill, in intermittent fever. Cough with taste of blood.

-Fever blisters around mouth and on chin.

-Great thirst with dry tongue, mouth and throat.

-Thirst for cold water even though the person is chilly.

: -Prolapse uterus from over reaching or straining.

-Tonsillitis, after riding in cold wind.

-Tearing pains down the thighs in dysentery.

-Diarrhoea in typhoid fever, worse during night, better during day.

-Dry cough during chill stage of fever.

-Hypertrophy of heart from violent exercise, gets out of breath on exertion.

: -A/F Dampness, getting wet, over exertion.

-All the complaints < initial or first motion < rest > continued motion > warmth, warm application.

-Left sided symptoms, or symptoms go from left to right.

-Pain-aching, tearing, sore, bruised,
-stiff, as if bones were scrapped with a knife, lameness
-all these are associated with rheumatic conditions.

-Sprains and strains- very useful in sprains and strains and for soreness of muscles and tendons.

: -Suited to complains arising from over exertion, over straining, or from dampness, or getting wet.

-The most severe symptoms are excited when the body or the limbs are at rest. Initial motion linkers up the patient. He is restless, gets relief from continued motion.

-Tension, as if shortening of muscle.

: -Angina, Arthritis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cervical spondylosis, Chicken pox, Contusion, Eczema, Enuresis, Erysipelas, Fibrositis, Hemiplegia, Herpes, Impetigo, Influenza, Lumbago, Parkinson's disease, Pemphigus, Rheumatic fever, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Sprains, Tendonitis, Urticaria.

-Beneficial to control threatened iritis, formation of pus - Dr. Davey.

-As a preventive of sepsis in abdominal surgery- Dr. R.B.Das.

-Rhus has volvulus of intestines- Dr. Grimmer.

-A remedy for musicians who suffer from pulmonary haemorrhage due to prolonged performance.

-Bad effects of oil bath - Dr. C. Boericke.

: -Compare-Apis, Ars, Calc, Calc-p, Cimic, Dulc, Phos, Rad-br, Ran-b, Rhod, Ruta, Stel, Tub.

-Complementary to-Bry.

-Inimical to-Apis, must not be used before or after especially in skin affections.

-Followed well by-Ars, Bell, Bry, Calc, Graph, Nux-v, Phos, Puls Merc, Sep, Sulph.

-Antidoted by-Bell, Bry, Camph, Coff, Crot-t, Grind, Merc, Sang, Sulph.

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