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    Worse in cold wet weather or from atmospheric changes.

    Worse from alcoholics.

    Lower left intercostal neuralgia, worse inspiration or lying on the painful side.

    Herpes zoster of the chest or back.

    Arthritic pains, fibrositis.

    : Butter Cup

    : -Anger
    -Alcohol 3
    -Sudden exposure to cold
    -Needle work
    -Type writing [Act-r]
    -Piano playing
    -Change of weather
    -Debauch (Agar, Nux-v, Lob)

    < Change of Temperature 2 < Alcohol > Eructations
    < Wet stormy weather 2 < Touch (Bry)
    < Motion 2 (Bry) < Evening
    < After eating.

    : -Restlessness at night.

    -Depression, desire to die. Great dejection about his condition, which is out of proportion to the severity of his illness.

    -Weeping in evening.

    -Irritable and touchy.

    -Thinking of complaints aggravates.

    -Delirium tremens (Agar, Bell, Caps, Kali-br, Nux-v, Stram).


    -Fear of ghosts in the evening. Cannot remain alone.

    : -All complaints are excited or brought by atmospheric change.

    -Pains-stitching, sharp, shooting, neuralgic, myalgic, rheumatic.

    -coming in paroxysm.

    -cannot rest in any position.

    -in chest; intercostal.

    -Sensation of bruised soreness or as of deep ulceration in parts (Puls).

    -Sensitive to cold and touch.

    -Sudden weakness, fainting.

    -Burning in small spots (Agar, Phos).

    -Removes bad effects of alcoholic beverages such as hiccough, epileptic spasms, delirium tremens etc.

    -Eyes-Day blindness, with mist before eyes, with pressure and smarting in eyeballs (Acon, Bothrops, Caust, Phos, Sil).

    -Respiratory system-Pleurisy and pneumonia from sudden exposure to cold (Acon, Arn).

    -Stitching pains remaining in chest after pleurisy (Carb-an).

    -Sensation of pressure and tightness across lower part of chest < on moving, stooping, inspiration.

    -External surface of chest is sensitive to touch.

    -Soreness below nipple to whole chest.

    -Useful in diaphramitis, pleurisy, hydrothorax, and in adhesion left after pneumonia or pleuritis.

    -Hayfever with burning in eyes and lids, tingling and crawling in posterior nose, and itching of soft palate (Wyethia).

    -Skin-Herpes zoster. Vesicles with burning, with bluish black appearance following course of supra-orbital (Rhus-t, Ars, Mez) or intercostal nerves, followed by sharp stitching pains.

    -Neuralgic pains persisting after herpes (Ars, Kalm, Mez, Zinc-m).

    -Corns-sensitive to touch, smart burn [Salic-ac] on soles of feet [Ant-cr].

    : 1. Thinking of complaints <.

    2. Stitching pains remaining in chest after pleurisy.

    3. Day blindness with mist in front of eyes.

    : -Complaints brought on by atmospheric change.

    Rheumatic, myalgic, neuralgic pains in chest, coming in paroxysms < wet stormy weather.

    -Herpetic eruption, bluish black, with burning and intense itching.

    : -Arthritis, Bronchitis, Callosities, Eczema, Fibrositis, Gastritis, Herpes zoster, Hiccoughs, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Rheumatism, Sciatica.

    -For depressed, irritable, quarrelsome persons. Early excited by atmospheric change, with complains of rheumatic pain in muscles of chest and back.

    -Stitching, sharp, shooting pains.

    -Pains of herpes.

    -Bad efforts of alcohol.

    : -Antidoted by-Bry, Camph, Puls, Rhus.

    -Incompatible-Alcohol, Nit-sp-d, Staph, Sulph, Wine, Vinegar.

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