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  • PSORINUM [Psor]

    Lack of vitality.

    Frequent acute illness.

    Dirty and offensive.

    Poverty consciousness. Despair of recovery.

    Feels unexplicably well the day before is about to get ill.

    Chilly remedy, wants warm clothing even in summer.

    COMMON NMAE: Scabies Vesicle.

    : Nosode.

    : -Suppressed emotions
    -Mental labour
    -Suppressed skin disease
    -Injuries, blows, sprains, dislocations.

    -Loss of vital fluids.

    : < Cold > Lying down
    < Open air > Bringing arms away from body
    < Change of weather > Eating
    < Winter > Profuse perspiration
    < Warmth at bed
    < Before and during thunder storm
    < Night
    < Fasting
    < Frequent acute illness

    : -Hopeless. Despair of recovery when sick. Pessimism.

    -Makes own life and others also miserable.

    -Deep anxiety states with restlessness and anguish.

    -Suicidal thoughts. Great despondency.

    -Anxiety, especially when riding in a carriage.

    -Fears-he will die
    -his business will fail.

    -of fire
    -of being alone
    -of going mad
    -of future
    -of poverty
    -of health, cancer.

    -Delusions that he is poor.

    -Sadness dejected. Has no joy for anything.

    -Religious melancholy.

    -Peevish, sick babies, will not sleep day or night, but worry, fret, cry, especially at night [Jal, Lac-c, Nux-v, Rheum]
    -Dreams of robbers [Nat-m]
    -Feels restless for day before thunder storm.

    : -Great weakness, debility from loss of animal fluids; remaining after acute diseases [Calc-p].

    -Offensive discharges, carrion like odour [Pyrog; Anthr].

    -Sensitiveness of patient to cold air chilly. Wears woolens even in summer.

    -Heredity tendency to alcohol (Asar, Sulph, Syph, Tub).

    -Cases where well chosen remedies fail to act, or act shortly.

    -Feels unusually well a day before the attack begins.

    -Head-Headache from suppressed menses.

    -Headache preceded by blindness ( Lac-d, Kali-bi, Gels).

    -Headache > eating (Anac).

    -Eczema of scalp, dry scales; suppurating, oozing a sticky offensive fluid (Graph, Mez).

    -Hair tangled, cannot be combed (Bor, Fl-ac, Lyc, Tub).

    -Face-Has a dirty look even when well washed.

    -Eyes-Blepharitis with inflamed lids.

    -Ears-Otorrhoea with horribly offensive discharge like rotten meat, after measles or scarlet fever.

    -Soreness behind ear with discharge of grey viscid fluid (Graph, Sanic).


    -Throat-Quinsy. Tonsils swollen with pain radiating to ear.

    -Hawks cheesy balls of disgusting taste and odour.

    -Throat affection after checked foot sweat [Bar-c, Graph, Sanic, Sil].

    -Recurrent tonsillitis, eradicates tendency.

    -G.I.T.-Hungry in the middle of night (Cina, Lyc), especially with headache.

    -Thirst for beer.

    -Desires- acids [Cic, Alum], indigestible things.

    -Ravenous hunger immediately after eating (Cina, Lyc, Med, Meny).

    -Vomiting of sweet mucus daily at 10 a.m.

    -Vomiting of pregnancy (Lac-d, Lac-c, Lac-ac, Thuj, Symph).

    -Eructations tasting like rotten eggs.

    -Diarrhoea putrid, foul < 1 to 4 a.m. ; after acute disease and when weather changes (Aloe, Sulph, Rumex).

    -Obstinate constipation in small black balls when sulphur fails.

    -Respiratory system-Asthma with dyspnoea > Lying down > Stretching arms away from body < Sitting up (Laur).

    -Cough every winter and summer diarrhoea, chronic, of years duration.

    -Expectoration of green mucus.

    -Hay- fever appearing regularly every year, same month.

    -Feeling of ulceration under sternum.

    -Threatening phthisis.

    -C.N.S.-Epilepsy from suppressed eruptions (Agar, Sulph).

    -Female genitalia-Leucorrhoea unbearable in odour with pains in sacrum and right loin.

    -Foetus moves too violently in pregnancy.

    -Skin-Dirty, rough, greasy; breaks out in folds, especially, in winter.

    -Intolerable itching of skin especially at night.

    -Unhealthy skin.

    -Profuse sweat after acute disease with relief of all complaints.

    -Abnormal tendency to skin disease < Spring.

    -As if skin is never washed.

    -Offensive discharges of eruptions.

    -Itching < Night < Open air.

    -Eruptions around nails of fingers.

    -Sleep-Sleeplessness from intolerable itching, or dreams of robbers.

    : -Children fret and cry all night, good all day
    -Feels unusually well or hungry a day before the attack.

    -Offensiveness with carrion like odour of all discharges.

    -Sensitive to cold air, wears fur cup even in hot weather.

    -Profuse perspiration with relief of sufferings.

    -Hungry in middle of night.

    -Asthma > Lying down with arms away from body

    : 1. Hopeless with despair of recovery.

    2. Weakness remaining alter acute disease.

    3. Offensiveness with carrion like odour.

    4. Unhealthy skin with intolerable itching at night.

    5. Perspiration ameliorates all sufferings
    6. Headache preceded by blindness > eating
    7. Recurrent tonsillitis
    8. Hungry in middle of night.

    9. Early morning ( 1-4 a.m.) diarrhoea.

    10. Asthma > lying down > stretching arms away from body
    11. Winter cough and summer diarrhoea.

    12. Feels unusually well day before attack.

    : -It is adapted to patients subjected to glandular and skin affections, where the well chosen remedy fails to act or acts shortly.

    -Cases with history of suppressed skin eruptions, and who have filthy body odour.

    -Extremely sensitive to cold.

    -Hungry in middle of night.

    -Anxious, fearful and full of despair.

    -Remedy should not be given for psora or psoric diathesis, but only on totality.

    : -Abscess, Acne, Anxiety, Asthma, Boils, Bronchitis, Colds, Depression,
    Dermatitis, Eczema, Headaches, Insomnia, Otitis media, Pharyngitis, Phobic disorder, Psoriasis, Scabies, Sciatica, Ulcers.

    : -Compare-Lac-c (Vomiting of pregnancy)
    -Complementary-Sulph, Tub.

    -Remedies that follow well-Alum, Bar-c, Carb-v, Chin, Hep, Sulph, Tub.


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