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    Elevation of passion (ego or sexual sphere). Haughty.

    Delusion she is of royal blood.

    Perversions. Violent impulses.

    Rude, insolent, contemptuous.

    Sexually aroused by slightest touch.

    Sensation of band about the part, or as if bandaged.

    Pains with numbness.

    : -Fright, grief, vexation, bereavement.

    -Fit of passion.

    -Sexual excess, masturbation (before puberty) [Orig, Grat], Onanism.

    -Prolonged haemorrhages.

    -Suppressed menses.

    -Lead poisoning.

    -While travelling.


    : < Sitting < Emotions, sexual > By walking in the open air
    < Standing < Chagrin > Sunshine
    < In evening < Nerve exhaustion > Stretching
    < Touch < Fasting
    < During menses < Bending backwards
    < in warm room < Pressure
    < Coition < Pregnancy

    : -Disordered sense of proportion-Objects seem smaller.

    -All persons, physically and mentally inferior but she, is physically large and superior.

    -Sensation of growing larger in every direction.

    -Superiority complex of the highest degree.

    -Pride and over-estimation of one's self. Looks down upon others.

    -Arrogant, haughty, contemptuous.

    -Nymphomania < in puerperal state. Eroticism, vaginismus with spasm, constriction.

    -Sexual erethism, premature and excessive development of sex consciousness, sexual instinct, sexual organs [Kali-p] in virgins, that leads to masturbation before puberty.

    -Perverted sexual desire. Itching, crawling sensation around genitals.

    Pruritus vulvae with voluptous itching.

    -Changing moods -Alternately gay and sad [Croc, Ign, Nux Mos].

    -One moment excessively happy; the next moment, sad, gloomy.

    -Impulse to kill her own child; her husband (on seeing knife), whom she secretly dislikes or passionately loves.

    -Fear-of death, which seems to be near.

    -that her husband will never return, something will happen to him.

    -Mental symptoms appear as physical symptoms disappear and vice-versa.

    -Trifling things produce profound vexation.

    -Irresistible desire to whistle, sing.

    -Tendency to violent spasmodic yawning.

    -Mental troubles > at twilight.

    : -Pre-eminently a woman's remedy, especially prim old maids; women of dark hair, dark complexion, having rigid muscular fibres.

    Hysterical, sanguine nervous temperament.

    -Sexual organs are exceedingly sensitive; cannot bear even the cloth or napkin to touch the private parts; will go intospasm from an examination; vulva is very painfully sensitive during coitus.

    -Violent cramping pains attended with numbness of the parts [Cham, Acon, Kalm].

    Pain increases gradually and then gradually decreases [Stann, Syph].

    -Pains go from right to left. Right side is more affected than left.

    -Localised coldness or numbness; of single parts.

    -Sleeps on back with knees drawn up spread wide apart; wants to uncover completely. Lascivious dreams.

    -G.I.T.-Painter's colic. Pain in umbilical region extending through into the back [ Plb].

    -Constipation while travelling, of pregnancy, after lead poisoning, from inertia of bowels. Frequent, unsuccessful urging.

    -Stool adheres to rectum anus like soft clay (Alum).

    -Obstinate constipation when Nux-vom fails.

    -Female genitalia-Metrorrhagia and menorrhagia.

    -Menses too early, too profuse, long lasting; flow dark, black, clotted with painful bearing down spasms.

    -Amenorrhoea of emigrants.

    -C.N.S.-Epilepsy from onanism.

    : -Disordered sense of proportion; feels tall and stately, while objects seem smaller.

    -Mental symptoms appear as physical symptoms disappear and vice-versa.

    -Sexual organs are exceedingly sensitive.

    -Superiority complex of the highest degree.

    -Excessive sexual desire in virgins that leads to masturbation before puberty.

    : -Woman's remedy, prim old maids.

    -Hysterical temperament.

    -Superiority complex.

    -Excessive sexual desire.

    -Too early, too profuse menses.

    -Disordered sense of proportion.

    -Excessive sensitiveness of sexual organs.

    -MIND alternate with Physicals.

    -Changeable moods.

    -Cramping pains with numbness.

    : -Eroticism with excessive sexual desire.

    -Haughty proud, arrogant, contemptuous with superiority complex.

    : -Bell's palsy, Bulimia, Constipation, Dysmenorrhoea, Headache, Herpes, Malignancy, Metrorrhagia, Narcissism, Neuralgia, Obesity, Ovarian cyst, Sexual disorders.

    -Obstinate cases of constipation when Nux-vom fails.

    : -Compatible-Bell, Ign, Lyc, Puls, Rhus, Sep, Verat.

    -Complementary-Pallad [both affect right ovary but Pallad > pressure].

    -Antidoted by- Puls, Colch, Nit-sp-d.

    -Antidote to- Bad effects of lead.

    -Remedies that follow well- Arg-m, Anac, Ign, Lyc, Puls, Rhus-t, Sep.

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