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    Debility mental, followed by physical; with free secretions. Slowness, slow grasp. Indifferent and apathetic. Early hair falling and graying. debility from loss of vital fluids, but profuse, painless, non-debilitating diarrhoea.

    Milky urine.

    : Glacial Phos. Acid Hpo3.

    Phosphoric acid. H3PO4. Dilution.

    Violent acute disease Chagrin.

    Care GRIEF (Ign)
    Sorrow Separation from home
    Disappointed affection 2. Shock
    (Nat-m, Hyos, Ign )
    Overlifting Overstudy
    Long succession of moral emotions Injuries, Operations.

    Bad news Disappointed love
    DRUG ABUSE After illness

    : < Loss of vital fluids, especially seminal 3 < Self abuse
    < Sexual excess 3 < Fatigue 3
    < Operations < Overlifting
    < Mental affections < Talking
    < Emotions 3, Grief 2 < Drafts 2, cold
    < Music < Convalescence 2 from fevers.

    > Warmth 2
    > Short sleep 3
    > Stool

    : -AILMENTS FROM GRIEF. Suffers in silence.

    -Softening or a dropping down in tone on the emotional plane, leading to indifference, apathy. Wants to be left alone. Sleeps with face to the wall. Listless, APATHETIC, INDIFFERENT to affairs of life, prostrated and stupified with grief to those things that used to be of most interest. Affections of mind, especially of emotional side. Brain fag.

    -'Frozen down' emotions, indifferent to any kind of stimulation (Hyos, Sep).

    -Answers slowly (Hell). Slowness, slow grasp. Can't collect his ideas, hunts for words.

    -Forgetfulness and weakness of memory, especially for words.

    -Delirium muttering, lies in a stupor, lies like a log, when aroused is fully conscious, answers slowly and correctly and relapses into stupor.

    -Quiet, unwilling to speak or hasty speech.

    -Mental DEBILITY first and then physical.

    -Intolerance of noise especially music, which causes stitches in ear, even while singing himself. Every second re-echoes loudly in ear.

    : -Suited to the persons of originally strong constitutions, who have become debilitated by LOSS OF VITAL FLUIDS.

    -Children and young people who grow too rapidly. (Cac,Calc-p)

    -Weakness and DEBILITY with free secretions, profuse urine, emissions, sweat < night except diarrhoea which is non-debilitating.

    -Pinching and squeezing pains.

    -SLEEPY BY DAY, but wakeful at night. Sleep deep, but when aroused fully conscious.

    -Craving for REFRESHING, juicy things, FRUIT, cold milk.

    -Dryness of mucous membranes.

    -Head-Headache-of school girls from eye-strain
    -of students who are growing too fast
    -from long lasting grief or exhausted nerves
    -in occiput and nape
    -crushing weight on vertex < shaking, noise especially music, least motion, mental exertion, after coition;.> lying (Bry, Gels, Sil)
    -Falling of the hair (head, eyebrows, genitalia, etc.). HAIR; hair becomes gray (lyc, Sep).

    -Pain goes to the side lain on.

    -Vertigo towards evening when standing or walking.

    -Eye-Sight confused, as if looking through a mist.

    -Dull, sunken eyes with blue circles.

    -Face-Pale, sickly face; white of egg seems dried on it.

    -Mouth-Red streak in middle of tongue, sordes on teeth, bleeding swollen gums.

    -Dry mouth, thirst.

    -Diarrhoea -profuse, painless, dirty white, watery or lienteric stools, odourless, non-debilitating, involuntary, escapes with flatus, when moved in children.

    -PAINLESS, NOT EXHAUSTING though long-lasting; < summer.

    -Males-Frequent, profuse, debilitating, nightly emissions with lascivious dreams.

    -Prostatorrhoea even when passing a soft stool.< night.

    -Impotency, early ejaculation, often after excess.

    -Weak, relaxed genitals, suddenly during coitus.

    -Urine-MILKY, profuse, phosphaturia, true glycosuria.

    -Milky, like curdled milk at the end of the urination.

    -Enuresis in 1st sleep.

    -Bones-Interstital inflammation of bones, formication along the spine.

    -Pains at night as if bones were scraped.

    -Growing pains. Great fatigue after walking.

    -Chest-Weak feeling in chest from talking, coughing or sitting too long > walking.

    -Palpitation in children who grow too fast, after grief, self-abuse.

    -Salty expectoration.

    -Fever-Of low, typhoid type with complex apathy and stupor.

    -Painless, low fevers with dull comprehension and stupor.

    : 1) Apathetic, indifferent, listless.

    2) A/F - loss of vital fluids.

    3) > Short sleep.

    4) All discharges profuse and debilitating except diarrhoea.

    4) Headache- crushing weight on vertex < music, motion >lying down, in rapidly growing children.

    -Sensorial depression as a result of depressing emotions, grief, loss of vital fluids.

    -Weakness and debility 3, with free secretions, profound mental debility followed by physical debility.

    -Best suited to originally strong constitution, who have become weak or debilitated by a long succession of moral emotions, loss of vital fluids, sexual excesses or vital acute disease.

    : -Useful in relieving pain of cancer.

    -Typhoid when other symptoms match. Low fevers where nervous system is affected rather than blood. Intestinal haemorrhage of typhoid fever.

    -Ph-ac has more than once proved curative in purpurea and passive haemorrhage- Dr. Tyler.

    -Ph-ac excels in diabetes where the starting point of the disease was in nervous system. -Dr. Richard Huges.

    -For post - influenzal nervous asthenias - Dr. D.M. Borland.

    -In chronic affections following sorrowful experiences, we give Ph-ac dil 6x, - Dr. Beta Gumpertz.

    -For falling of the hair from debility after fevers, Phos-ac works successfully - Dr. Hughes.


    : -Complementary- Chin, Ign, Sulph.

    -Compare- Aur, Gels, Hell, Ign, Mur-ac, Pic-ac, Sel, Sep.

    -In typhoid-Phos, Puls, Pic-ac, Sil, Mur-ac.

    -In apathetic stupor and delirium-Nit-sp-d.

    -It acts well- before or after Cinchona in colliquative sweats, diarrhoea, debility.

    -after Nux-v in fainting after a meal.

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