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  • PETROLEUM [Petr]

    Sense of duality. Dirty, hard, rough, thickened skin. Motion sickness. Diarrhoea only in daytime.

    : Crude Rock oil.

    : -Vexation
    -Riding in a carriage or ship
    -Nitric acid
    -Suppressed eruption
    -Lingering gastric and intestinal troubles, lung troubles.

    : < Motion of cars 3 < Cold > Warm air
    < Riding in carriage 3 < Vexation 2 > Dry weather
    < Travelling by boat 3 < Cabbage > Lying with head
    < Coition < Eating high
    < Weather change 2 < Dampness 2 > Open air
    < Winter < Mental states > At noon
    < Touch, even of clothes
    < Before or during thunderstorm.

    : 1. During sleep or delirium, imagines that one leg is double, that another person lies alongside of him in same bed, that there are two babies in the bed.

    2. Feels that death is near and must hurry to settle affairs.

    3. Mental weakness and forgetfulness.

    4. Confusion of mind

    5. Worries, but don't know why.

    6. Quarrelsome 3

    7. Sadness during menses.

    8. Low spirited with dimness of sight.

    : -Acts mainly on skin especially in folds, scalp, face and genitals.

    -Produces catarrhal condition of the mucous membranes of stomach and bowels; gastric acidity and cutaneous eruption.

    -There is tendency for every little injury to suppurate.

    -Tendency to cracks and fissures.

    -Discharges oozing are thin and watery.

    -Symptoms are worse in winter, especially skin diseases.

    -Coldness in spots, in abdomen, in heart and even after scratching. Burning sensations are very marked.

    -Ravenous appetite after stool in diarrhoea.

    -Nervous affections, spinal diseases etc.

    -Remedy of single parts - sweating single parts, coldness in parts, eruption in patches.

    -Head-Pain in occiput which is as heavy as lead. Pressing, pulsating pain, as if everything in the head were alive. Numb, bruised, as if made of wood.

    -Sensitive, as if a cold breeze was blowing on it.

    -Must hold temples to relieve

    -Headache with temporary loss of sight and fainting.

    -Vertigo-On rising, in occiput, as if intoxicated, like seasickness.

    -Vertigo and heaviness, associated with nausea and bilious vomiting.

    -Gastralgia of pregnancy, with pressing drawing pain whenever stomach is empty > by constant eating (Anac, Chel, Sep)

    -Hunger immediately after stool. Ravenous hunger, must rise at night and eat.

    -Diarrhoea yellow, watery, gushing, after cabbage, sour krout, during pregnancy, stormy weather, always in the daytime, with itching of anus, with empty feeling of stomach.

    -Skin-Dry, cracked, constricted, very sensitive, rough, fissured, leathery.

    -Thick greenish crusts, burning and itching, redness raw, cracks bleed easily. All eruptions itch violently. He cannot rest until he scratches the skin off and the parts become moist, bloody, raw and inflammed.

    -Tips of fingers rough, cracked, fissured, every winter. Deep cracks in the palms.

    -Dry eczema of hands in labourers, carpenters, or hair dressers who work with petroleum chemical.

    - Summer.

    -Skin symptoms, if suppressed cause diarrhoea.

    -Falling out of hair.

    -Herpes of genital organs extending to perineum and thighs. Itching redness, skin cracked rough, bleeding dry or moist. Foul smelling sweat all over the skin.

    -Before menses, throbbing in head.

    -Dry cough at night coming deep from chest. Oppression of chest

    -Profuse, foul smelling foot sweat, intense heat and burning on soles of feet and palms of hands. Painful itching chilblains and great sensitiveness of skin.

    -Stitches in the heel, as if splincter were lodged in it.

    : 1. Symptoms are in summer especially skin symptoms.

    2. Imagines another person lies alongside of him in the same bed that there are two babies in the bed.

    3. Diarrhoea in daytime only and cough at night.

    4. Coldness in spots - in abdomen, heart and even after scratching.

    : 1. Suited to patients of chilly disposition, who are disposed to skin diseases in winter.

    They have an irritable, quarrelsome nature. Easily offended at trifles, vexed at everything.

    2. Emaciation, skin eruptions, unhealthy rugged fingers which never look clean, he can't wash them as this causes them to chap. Scratches until it bleeds.

    3. Coldness in spots in abdomen, heart and after scratching.

    4. Suppression of skin eruption causes diarrhoea.

    : 1. Chilly disposition, takes cold easily, and are worse in winter.

    2. Skin dry, rough, cracked, fissured, especially tips of fingers

    3. Diarrhoea from cabbage

    : Sea sickness with occipital headache - Dr.Borland.

    : Compare: Graph, Sulph, Phos, Sep.

    Complementary: Sep.

    Antidotes: Nux-v, Cocc.

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