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    Keeps up brightly in company and is afterwards exhausted. Strong need for other people to express appreciation and to show that they value her.

    Wounded pride and mortification.

    Right sided ovarian cysts and pain.

    : < Bad news > Touch
    < Chagrin > Pressure
    < Emotions 2 > Diversion
    < Social functions 2 > Rubbing
    < Standing > After sleep
    < Exertion > After stools

    : 1) A/F Bad news, egotism, mortification, humiliation, chagrin.

    2) Haughty; wounded, wishes to be flattered.

    3) Longing for good opinion of others.

    4) Love of approbation, pride easily hurt.

    5) Obstinate, headstrong, tries to appear amiable.

    6) Pride; easily offended. Inclined to use violent language.

    7) Keeps up brightly when in company, much exhausted afterwards, and pains aggravated. Excitement in company.

    8) Weeping mood with prolapsus uteri.

    9) Depressing news < all the symptoms.

    10) Time passes too slowly.

    11) Contemptuous.

    12) Delusions-she is not appreciated.

    -he or she is insulted.

    -he is neglected.

    Feeling of being ignored or insulted.

    13) Fear of evil as if something evil will happen after menses.

    14) Irritability - takes everything in bad part.

    15) Restlessness, nervousness, sensitive.

    16) Lively conversation <.

    17) Anger and trembling.

    18) Easy prey to slights, real or imaginary wounded pride and fancied neglect, sometimes finding vent in violent expressions.

    : -It affects the ovaries especially right, uterus and mind.

    -Pains fleeting, transient.

    -Motor weakness, aversion to exercise.

    -Bruised soreness.

    -Glairy mucus from throat or leucorrhoea.

    -Head-Feel as if swung backward and forwards.

    -Pain which travels in a band across the top of the head from ear to ear.

    -Pains across top of head from ear to ear, > fixing attention on it.
    -With irritability and sour eructations.

    -Female-An ovarian remedy; produces the symptom complex of chronic oophoritis.

    -Useful when the parenchyma of the gland is not totally destroyed.

    -Pain and swelling in the region of right ovary >pressure.

    -Pain in ovaries company >flexing thigh, bending the legs >lying on left side >rubbing.

    -It is indicated in the gynaecological condition where the disease had its inception in the right ovary, the subacute pelvic peritonitis symptoms being secondary.

    -Shooting or burning pain in pelvis and bearing down > rubbing.

    -Uterine prolapse.

    -Glairy yellow leucorrhoea before and after menses.

    -Soreness and induration of right ovary with shooting pains up to breast or down to pelvis on the right side.

    -Menses flow when nursing.

    : 1) Love of approbation.

    2) Delusion that he s neglected, that he is not appreciated.

    : - It affects the ovaries especially the right, uterus and mind.

    - Love of approbation, keeps up brightly in company, easy prey to slights.

    : - Love of approbation.

    : -Headache, Ovarian pains and cysts, Uterine prolapse.

    -In painful gynaecological condition of nervous women who appear hale and hearty in public especially at social function but collapse afterwards and this remedy is quite useful. - Dr. Roberd Redfield.

    : -Compare-Apis, Arg, Bell, Helon, Lil, Lyc, Nux-v, Plat, Puls, Sep.


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