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Pains violent, in spots

Periodical remissions.

Rheumatism of left side. Hyperaesthesia of retina.

Gastro-enteritis. Terrible neuralgic pains in the spermatic cord.

Angina pectoris- sharp, lancinating pain in the left lung coming on suddenly, depriving of breath.

: Coffee

: < Thinking of complaints 3
< Touch
< Shaving
< Mental exertion
< Motion
< Strawberries 2
< Sour fruits 2
< Grapes 2

: -Very much exhilarated in thoughts and action.

-All complaints are < thinking about condition. Will bring them up on when they are not actually present.

-Exhilaration during diarrhoea.

-Anxiety in evening, in bed, from violent exercise.

-Confusion and vertigo.

-Desires to beget and to have children.


: -Patients who are allergic to coffee, bring on diarrhoea; who are worse from eating sugar, starchy food; Who are allergic to sour fruits like strawberries, tomatoes, grapes.

-Pains are violent, in streaks, lightening, in spots, burning, neuralgic, from left lower chest to epigastrium. < Motion.

-Left sided remedy, especially, rheumatism of left of side, paralysis of left side from spinal meningitis.

-Burning forehead, stomach abdomen, throat, urethra, hands and feet.

-Sensation as if nerve was grasped or lifted by a pair of tweezers, and then tweezers slipped.

-Extremely weak, cold, blue, livid and numb all over, especially limbs, extremities cold as if dead. Highly sensitive to cold.

-Head-Headache > after passing stools.

-Nose-Epistaxis with vanishing of sight.

-C.V.S.-Cardiac complains with loss of voice (aphonia).

-Pains so sore, depriving breath for few seconds, sit erect with arms folded across chest.

-Beat of heart intermit when thinking of it.

-Female genitalia-Amenorrhoea from taking cold.

-Male genitalia-Neuralgic pains in spermatic cold
< slightest motion.

-Back-Back feels to weak to hold body.

-Pain in lumbar region extending through thighs.

: 1) < from thinking of complaints.

2) Patient becomes cold, livid, blue, numb all over, especially, lower extremities.

3) Pains are like lightening, in streaks, in spots, burning.

: -Action of the nerves, causing severe pain, paralysis, intestinal cardiac complain.

-Useful in cardio vascular diseases, arrythmia and angina.

-Produces oxaluria.

: 1) Complaints < From thinking about them < Motion
2) A/F- Eating sour- strawberry, grapes, tomatoes.

3) Coffee brings on diarrhea.

4) Pains in spots, lightening-like.

: -Angina pectoris, Aphonia, Collapse, Gastralgia, Gastro-enteritis, Hoarseness, Lumbago, Motor paralysis, Retinal hyperaesthesia, Rheumatism, Seminal vesiculitis, Tuberculosis,

: -Related- Ars, Pic-ac.

-Compare- Cact, Lach, Helo, Spig.

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