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    Delusion that he is being injured by his surroundings.

    Left sided complaints.

    Constriction of the throat, cannot bear tight collars.

    Valvular Cardiac lesions.

    : Virus of the Cobra.

    : -Grief
    -Infectious disease.

    -Acute inflammation.

    : < Lying down on left side 2 > Riding in open carriage 2
    < Cold air 2 > Lying on right side 2
    < After sleep > Walking
    < Stimulants > Smoking
    < Touch > Sneezing
    < Alcohol
    < Pressure of clothes

    : -Sadness with suicidal insanity.

    -Broods constantly over imaginary troubles (Aur).

    -Exaggerates problems, dwells on imaginary troubles.

    -Confusion in morning on waking.

    -Anxiety around the heart > motion.

    -Alternating moods.


    -Self depreciation.

    -Aversion to talking.

    -Dreads to be left alone.

    -Broods over imaginary troubles.

    -Delusion-he is being injured by his surroundings.

    -under super human control.


    -Fear of rain.

    : -Constrictions in chest, throat etc., grasping at throat, with choking sensation.

    -Craving for stimulants which <.

    -Sleep-profound, like a log, with stertorous breathing.

    -Left sided symptoms.

    -Head-Headache-in left temple and left orbital region, extending to occiput
    -with nausea and vomiting > smoking.

    -Respiratory system-Asthma preceded by coryza.

    < lying down > sitting up.

    -C.V.S.-Restores heart damaged by acute inflammation.

    -Offers relief from suffering of chronic hypertrophy and valvular lesions.

    -Loud cardiac murmurs.

    -Violent palpitations-

    -Severe stitching pain in region of heart.

    -Pulse-irregular in force, but regular in rhythm.

    -Cardiac asthma > sitting up.

    -Angina pectoris-pain to nape of neck, to left shoulder, to arm.

    -with anxiety and fear of death.

    -Acute and chronic endocarditis.

    -Irritating dry, sympathetic cough in acute stage of rheumatic carditis or chronic organic lesions
    -Cardiomegaly. Endocarditis.

    -Female genitalia-Pain from left ovary to heart

    : 1) Fear of rain.

    2) Angina with pain to nape of neck.

    3) Bradycardia (upto 45).

    : -It acts primarily upon nervous system, especially upon respiratory nerves, pneumogastric and glossopharyngeal nerves.


    -Produces typical bulbar paralysis, causes no haemorrhage, but only oedema.

    : -Suicidal insanity.

    -Damaged heart by infectious disease. Bradycardia, pulse irregular in force.

    : -Angina, Arrhythmia, Asthma, Congestive cardiac failure, Endocarditis, Headaches, Hypertension, Migraines, Ovarian cyst, Valvular disorders.

    -Naja is a mild tempered Lachesis, without the forceful loquacity and the jealousy and aggressiveness. Naja does not have haemorrhagic and septic tendency like Lach. However it is similar to the latter -left sided affections, intolerance to collars, suffocations, night aggravation and cardiac complaints.

    : -Compare-Ars, Cact, Crot-h, Elaps, Kalm, Phos, Spig, Spong.

    -Lach (left sided, sensation of constriction).

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