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Muco-cutaneous junctions affected. Ulcers. Fissures.

Pains-splinter-like, sticking, appear and disappear quickly.

Offensiveness. Sweating of palms, white spots on nails.

Very sensitive to noises. Caries of mastoid. Nosebleed.

Violent cutting pains in rectum after stools, lasting for hours.

: -Abuse of mercury 3
-Continued loss of sleep 2
-Long lasting anxiety
-Overexertion of mind and body from nursing sick
-Loss of dearest friend
-Bad effects of repeated doses of digitalis

: < Change of temperature or weather 3
< Evening
< Night 3
< Contact
< After midnight
< Cold climate 3
< Hot weather
< On walking
< Mercury
< Noise 2
< Touch 3
< Jarring 3
< Milk
< Fat food
< Motion 2

: -Hateful, vindictive, self-willed, headstrong. Irritable. Violent anger.

-Fear of death, morbid fear of cholera (Ars).

-Hard to please, unmoved by apologies.

-Fear of dependency.

-Agony, from loss of friend.

-Sensitive to noise 3, pain, touch, jar.

-Hopeless despair. Constantly thinks about past troubles.

-Irritable 3.

: -Excessive weakness of mind and body, trembling of limbs, physical 3 irritability.

-Suited to thin persons of rigid fibre, dark complexion, black hair and eyes, suffering from chronic diseases, easily disposed to diarrhoea than constipation.

-Offensiveness 3 and corrosiveness 3 of all discharges especially urine, faeces and perspiration.

-All discharges are thin, acrid, often, brown or dirty yellowish-green coloured.

-Haemorrhages-from bowels in typhoid or typhus
-after miscarriage or post partum
-after overexertion of body
-from slightest touch
-bright, profuse or dark.

-Pains-pricking as from splinters 3
-appear and disappear quickly (Bell)
-on change of temperature or weather, during sleep.

-Sensation of band in any part of the body.

-Head-Headache from pressure of hat, with sensation of band, full feeling < street noises.

-Ears-Very sensitive to noise, as of rattle of wagons over pavements (Coff, Nux-v).

-Difficulty in hearing > riding in a carriage 3.

-G.I.T.-Throat pain into ears as from splinters < swallowing.

-Ulcers in soft palate.

-Bleeding gums, bloody saliva, putrid breath.

-Tongue-clean, red, wet, with centre furrow.

-Constipated with fissures in rectum.

-Great straining but little passes.

-Violent cutting pains after stools, lasting for hours 3 (Ratanh).

-After stools, irritable and exhausted.

-Haemorrhoids bleed easily and come out with each stool.

-Diarrhoea and dysentery- often, putrid, dark green or watery and blood streaked, with pieces of membrane like scrapings of intestine (Arg-n, Canth, Colch).

-Discharge of a fetid, watery substance from the anus that keeps it constantly moist.

-Constant urging and tenesmus, very exhausting.

-Loves fat, salt, indigestible things like chalk, earth etc.

-Milk disagrees. Colic > tightening clothes.

-Respiratory system-Nasal diphtheria.

-Nose bleed with chest affection.

-Caries of mastoid.

-Short breath on going upstairs (Ars, Calc).

-Cough in sleep with waking.

-Urinary system-Urine-dark, scanty, offensive 3, smells like horse's urine.

-Urine cold 3 on passing.

-Urine bloody, albuminous, contains oxalic acid, uric acid and phosphates.

-Sensation as if hot wire in urethra.

-Female geitalia-Menses-irrgular, early, profuse, like muddy water; with palpitations, anxiety, trembling, tiredness, labor like pain in abdomen and back.

-Leucorrhoea-brown, flesh coloured, watery or stringy, stains yellow, or leaves spots with black border.

-Skin-Warts-sycotic and syphilitic, on back of hands, large, jagged, bleed on washing.

-Ulcers-bleed easily, sensitive, splinter like pains, zig-zag edges, irregular margins, base looks like raw flesh.

: -Affections of muco-cuntaneous junctions.

-Splinter like pains in affected parts.

-> riding in a carriage 3.

-Corrosiveness 3, offensiveness 3 of all the discharges.

-Ulcers-bleed easily from the slightest touch.

-Head strong, vindictive.

: -Patients with chronic disease who take cold easily and are disposed to diarrhoea.

-It has special seat of action, the outlets of body where mucous membrane and skin meet with splinter like pains.

-Desire for fat, salt.

-Sensitive to noise, pain, touch, jar.

: -Obstinate, suspicious, restless.

-Profuse sweat of hands feet.

: -Affection of mucco-cutaneous junctions, ulceration, fissure.

-Splinter like pains.

-Acrid, offensive discharge.

-Ulceration with bleeding from slightest touch.

-Pains like splinter in anus for hours after stool.

: -As Nit-ac patient begins to improve, skin symptoms may appear for a time, a favorable indication
-20 drops in water in haemorrhages from uterus after miscarriage.

-Nit-ac for Metrorrhogia after curetting.

-Superficial erosion of cervix- Dr.Laura B.Hord.

-Nit-ac is almost specific for diarrhoea after antibioties (especially the mycins)-Dr. E.W. Hubbarol.

-For inflamed or ulecrated corns, Nit-ac is good. Also locally for painful corns.

: -Compare-Calc, Hep-s, Kali-c, Merc, Thuj.

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