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    Prolonged deep silent grief or sorrow

    Closed and hard, since highly sensitive and easily hurt.

    Dwells on insults or criticism, and cannot forgive.

    Introverted, reserved, serious, responsible, dignified, perfectionist.

    Disappointment in love. Sad, yet unable to weep.

    Unable to urinate in front of others.

    Aphthae. Herpetic eruptions.

    Sun headaches in school girls, of hammering type <10 am-3pm.

    Insomnia from grief.

    : Chloride of Sodium

    : Salt

    : -Disappointment, grief.

    -Anger, fright, vexation, mortification or reserved displeasure
    -Fit of passion
    -Loss of fluids, profuse menses, sexual excess
    -Injury to head
    -Lunar caustic
    -Bread, fat, wine, acid food, salt
    -Cautery with silver nitrate.

    : < Exact periodicity 2 < 9-11 a.m. > Rest
    < Cold bathing < With the sun 2 > Sitting up
    < Open air < After menses > Tight clothing
    < Alternate days < Heat of sun 2 > Going without regular meals 2
    < Summer 2 < Dampness > Deep breathing
    < Exertion 2 of eyes; < Consolation 2 > Before breakfast
    < Mental exertion > Rubbing; against back
    (talking, reading, writing) < Quinine < Puberty 2 > Lying on right side
    < Bread; fat; sour < Coition > Talking
    < Seashore < Chronic sprains > PERSPIRATION
    < Noise; music < Touch > FASTING.
    < Pressure < Full moon
    < Warm room < Sunrise to sunset.

    < Lying down especially in morning or evening
    < SUN

    : -Ailments from grief, cannot cry.

    -Psychic causes of disease; ill-effects of grief, fright, anger etc.

    -Consolation <; detests consolation or fuss.

    -Appears to bid for sympathy yet angry when consoled.

    -Easily angered, < consolation.

    -Irritable, gets into a passion about trifles.

    -Hateful, to people who offended him.

    -Aversion to presence of strangers during urination.

    -Aversion to men [in females].

    -Dwells on past unpleasant memories.

    -An idea clings, preventing sleep, inspires revenge.

    -Prefers to be alone, to cry.

    -Weeps bitterly, involuntary; or can't weep.

    -Weeping when looked at; when thinking of past events.

    -Mistakes in speaking what he does not intend to.

    -Absentminded, scattered thoughts.

    -Awkward hasty; drops things from nervous weakness.

    -Fear or dreams of robbers, on waking will not believe the contrary until a search is made.

    -Fear of-dark
    -insects, germs

    -Young girls become lovelorn and fall in love with married men.

    -Laughing over serious matters.

    -Sadness before menses, in pregnancy, also during menses without cause.

    -Starting as if electric shocks, wakening her.


    -Slow learning to talk.

    -Haunted by unpleasant subjects.

    -Desire to use dirty words during sex.

    : -Dry mucous membranes. Dryness of mouth, throat, rectum, vagina etc. or thick, white or clean, watery, albuminous and acrid discharges.

    -Great emaciation; losing flesh while living well, especially throat and neck, of children. Abdomen emaciates rapidly during summer complaints.

    -Great debility, most weakness felt in the morning in bed. Great weakness and weariness.

    -Numbness of one side or parts lain on. Paralysis, fingers or parts seem too short.

    -Great liability to take cold.

    -Constrictive sensation throughout the body.

    -Oversensitive to all sorts of influences.

    -Trembling of the whole body from smoking tobacco.

    -Pulsation throughout the whole body, even during rest, < slightest motion.

    -Paralysis from emotions; sexual excess.

    -Pain at night, takes away the breath, and seem almost to cause paralysis.

    -Likes to be covered but does not >.

    -Dropsical-Cold dropsical cases.

    -Abdominal dropsy.

    -It has remarkable action when legs are oedematous.

    -Head-Blinding headache.

    -Aches as if thousand hammers were knocking on the brain, in the morning on awakening, after menstruation, from sunrise to sunset.

    -Left sided clavus, as if bursting, with red face, nausea and vomiting, before during and after menses > perspiration.

    -Before attacks -numbness and tingling in lips, tongue and nose > sleep
    -Headache from eyestrain, from mental exertion.

    -Vertigo during pregnancy, after tea.

    -Eyes-Muscle of eye weak and stiff.

    -Fiery, zig zag appearance around all objects.

    -Tears stream down face on coughing.

    -Asthenopia due to insufficiency of internal recti muscles.

    -Pain in eyes when looking down.

    -Cataract incipient.

    -Eyelids so excessively sore, as to look like raw beef. They close spasmodically and it becomes difficult to force them open.

    -Lachrymation accompanies ailments.

    -Nose-Violent fluent coryza lasting for 1-3 days then changing into stoppage of nose, making breathing difficult.

    -Discharge thin, watery, like raw white of egg.

    -Infallible for stopping a cold commencing with sneezing.

    -Loss of smell and taste.

    -Mouth-Numbness, tingling of tongue, lips and nose.

    -Eruptions around mouth and vesicles like pearls on lips.

    -Tongue-mapped, with red insular patches, like ringworm on sides
    -Heavy difficult speech, children slow in learning to talk.

    -Lips dry and cracked especially middle.

    -Deep, painful fissure in the middle of upper lip is given in Nash, also present in lower lip.

    -G.I.T.-Desire for salt, sour, lemon, bitter, beer, chocolate, fish, burnt food, bread, milk.

    -Loathes fat, meat, bread, coffee, rich food, slimy food, chicken.

    -Thirst for cold drinks.

    -Sweats while eating.

    -Constipation-sensation of contraction of anus, torn, bleeding, smarting afterwards.

    -Stools dry, hard, difficult, crumbling, stitches in rectum, involuntary, knows not whether flatus or faeces escape.

    -C.N.S-Fluttering of the heart, with a weak faint feeling

    -Heart's pulsation shakes the body, intermits on lying down.

    -Palpitation alternates with beating in head.

    -Urine-Involuntary, when walking, coughing, laughing.

    -Has to wait long while for urine to pass if others are present.

    -Cutting in urethra after urination.

    -Male genitalia-Seminal emission soon after coition with increased desire.

    -Weakness of organs with retarded emission during an embrace.

    -Impotence, spinal irritation, paralysis after sexual excesses.

    -Female genitalia-Displacement of uterus.

    -Pressing pushing towards genitals every morning; must sit down to prevent prolapsus.

    -Painful coition from dryness of vagina.

    -Aversion t sex.

    -Back-Pain in back with desire for some support.

    -Extremities-Palms hot and perspiring.

    -Hang nails.

    -Numbness and tingling in fingers and lower extremities.

    -Coldness of legs with congestion to head, chest and stomach.

    -Skin-Crusty eruptions bends of limbs, margin of scalp, behind ears.

    -Warts on palms and hands.

    -Eczema, raw red, inflammed especially in edges of hair < eating too much salt, at sea shore or from ocean voyage.

    -Urticaria acute or chronic, over whole body, especially after violent exercise.

    -Skin oily, greasy.

    -Herpes about lips or at edge of hair, pearly.

    -Fever-Chill between 9-11 a.m. chronic, badly treated cases, especially after suppression by quinine.

    -Headache with unconsciousness during chill and heat.

    -Sweat > pains.

    -Fever blisters.

    -Coldness of body and continued chilliness very marked.

    -Chill begins in the extremities such as fingers and toes and spreads to the small of back.

    -Chill very severe that it turns lips and nails blue.

    : -Great emaciation, losing flesh while living well. Throat and neck of children emaciate rapidly during summer complaint.

    -Cannot pass urine in front of others.

    -Awkward, hasty drops thinks from nervous weakness.

    -Heart pulsations shake the body.

    -Sweats while eating.

    -Mapped tongue.

    -Urticaria after violent exercise.

    : -The patient is thin, thirsty, poorly nourished, on account of digestive disturbances and he is hopeless and awkward in nature.

    -Emaciation though eating well. Loses flesh from above downwards throat, neck.

    -Periodicity marked.

    -Dryness of mucous membranes.

    -Tongue mapped, with red insular patches like ringworm on sides.

    : -Disposition to weep; consolation <.

    -Emaciation from above downwards especially of throat and neck.

    -Marked periodicity especially 10 - 11 a.m.

    -Dryness of mucous membranes with violent thirst.

    -Tongue mapped with red insular patches like ringworm on sides.

    -Intense craving for salt, bitter things, fish. Aversion to bread and coffee.


    : -Anaemia, Aphthae, Arrhythmia, Asthma, Colitis, Depression, Dyspareunia, Eczema, Fever, Gastritis, Goitre, Grave's disease, Headache, Herpes, Hypertension, Irritable bowel syndrome, Insomnia, Lumbago, Malignancy, Multiple sclerosis, Nephritis, Peptic ulcer, Premenstrual syndrome, Psoriasis, Sciatica, Stomatitis, Suicidal states, Tinea, Urticaria, Vaginitis.

    -Nat-m gives best result in cataract - Dr. Speis Alexander.

    -If Ferrum fails to cure an allergy to egg, don't forget Nat-m, it may not only cure allergy but the whole case - Dr. Bellokossy.

    -Nat-m and a table spoon of brandy is said to produce conception from intercourse the following night - Dr. Hering.

    -Nat-m may be needed to cure the most terrible headache, but do not give it during a severe attack at risk of a fearful aggravation. Give its acute Bry for immediate pain and to palliate; and the curative later on when attack is over.

    : -Compare-Alumn, Aur, Bor, Caust, Chin, Cocc, Graph, Ign, Kali-c, Nat-c, Nat-s, Phos, Sep, Staph, Thuja.

    -Antidotes-Ars, Phos, Spirit-gly-nit-dul
    -Complementary-Apis, Caps, Ign, Sep.

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