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    Septic states. Ulcerations. Offensiveness. Putridity.

    Low fevers with high temperature and great prostration.

    Physical debility followed by mental debility.

    Lower jaw fallen, slides in bed.


    Haemorrhoids-during pregnancy, blue, like a bunch of grapes < slightest touch.

    : -Sun

    : < Touch 2 > Motion
    < Wet weather 2 > Warmth 2
    < Walking > Lying on left side
    < Cold drinks
    < Bathing 2
    < Voice
    < Sun
    < Before midnight

    : -Loud moaning.

    -Great restlessness.

    -Sad, taciturn, suffers in silence.

    -Conscientious about trifles.

    -Despondent, cross about everything.

    : -Adapted to persons with black hair, dark eyes, dark complexion.

    -Great debility, as soon as sits down, eyes close, lower jaw hangs down, slides down in bed.

    -Ulceration and fungous little growth and pseudo membranous deposit.

    -Vertigo-Worse lying on right side.

    -G.I.T.-Mouth and anus are chiefly affected.

    -Tongue and sphincter ani are paralysed.

    -Sordes on teeth.

    -Malignant affections of mouth, studded with ulcers, deep, perforating, having a black or dark base, offensive, foul breath, intense prostration.


    -Aversion to meat.

    -Haemorrhoids very sensitive, anus sore during menses, swollen, blue, sensitive and painful to touch, appear suddenly in children. Too sore to bear slightest touch, even the touch is uncomfortable > warm water application.

    -Prolapse while urinating.

    -Diarrhoea-stool involuntary, while urinating, on passing wind. Cannot urinate with having the bowels more at same time.

    -Fever-Typhus or Typhoid.

    -Loud moaning.

    -Tongue coated at edge, shrunken, dry, leathery, like paralyzed.

    -Sliding down in bed.

    -Pulse intermits every 3rd beat, rapid and feeble.

    -Skin-Freckles, due to exposure to sun, Eczema solaris.

    : -Great debility, lower jaw hangs down, patient slides down in bed.

    -Aversion to meat.

    -Haemorrhoids very sensitive, blue, tender, like bunch of blue grapes, so sensitive cannot bear slightest touch.

    Haemorrhoids during pregnancy, with violent stitches.

    -Cannot pass urine without bowels being moved.

    -Profound weakness during or after a major febrile illness.

    -To begin with, there is initially physical debility, later followed by mental debility (opposite -Phos-ac).

    : -Has affinity for blood, producing septic conditions, decomposition of fluids.

    -Restlessness, but physically too weak.

    -Paralytic muscular weakness.

    -Putridity - ulcerations.

    -Extreme sensitiveness - Bluishness - Burning - Bleeding.

    : -Extreme debility, lower jaw hangs down, patient slides in bed.

    -Physical debility followed by mental debility.

    -Tongue - dry, parched, leather like, red beef like.

    -Extreme sensitiveness to slightest touch especially of haemorrhoids.

    : -Haemorrhages, Haemorrhoids, Malignancy, Prostration, Septic states, Typhoid, Ulcers.

    -It cures muscular weakness following excessive use of opium and tobacco- Dr.H.C.Allen.

    -Useful in the last stage of dropsy from cirrhosis of liver-Dr.Farrington.

    : -Compare-Arn, Bapt, Phos-ac.


    -Follows well after-Bry, Rhus-t.

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