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  • MEZEREUM [Mez]

    Neuralgias. Ciliary neuralgias after operations.

    Pains with chilliness and sensitiveness to cold air.

    Thick leathery scabs, under which pus collects, and bleeds on removal of scabs.

    Enlargement of testicles.

    : -After vaccination
    -Suppressed eczema capitis
    -Vexation, anger.

    : < Cold air 3 > Wrapping up
    < Cold washing
    < Night
    < Touch 2
    < Warmth of bed

    : -Mental symptoms due to pain- periosteal, neuralgic toothache etc.

    -Anxiety-during chill, with neuralgia
    -as if abdomen would become rigid
    -about salvation.

    -Confused state of mind, does not know where she is, what is around her, by every intercurrent remarks of others, or when interrupted.

    -Apathy, indifference, everything seems dead to him and nothing makes a vivid impression upon his mind, while listening or reading.

    -Sad, depressed, morose, fretful moaning, with pains, especially, toothache.

    -Apprehensive at pit of stomach, as when expecting unpleasant news.

    : -Pains of various kinds with chilliness and sensitiveness to cool air.

    -Head-Head covered with honey like scab, with matting of hair, filthy look.

    -Thick leathery crusts, under which pus collects.

    -Eyes-Ciliary neuralgias after operations, twitching of upper lid and muscles of right cheek.

    -Ears-For chronic inflamation of middle ear, with feeling of cold air blowing into the ear.

    -Deafness from suppressed eruptions (Clarke).

    -Mouth-Toothache in carious teeth, feels elongated.

    -Pain when touched with tongue. >Mouth open and drawing in air.

    -Roots decay.

    -G.I.T.-Craving for ham, fat, coffee, wine.

    -Nausea felt in throat > eating.

    -Constipation-stools hard as stone, very big in size, after confinement.

    -Skin-Eruptions ooze acrid, gluey moisture, with burning, thick leather-like crusts, with pus beneath.

    Linen sticks bleeds when torn away.

    -Intolerable itching < warmth, change place on scratching, followed by coldness.

    -Extremities-Pain in periosteum of long bones < night < touch.

    : -Thick leathery crust with pus beneath, linen sticks, bleeds if torn.

    -White chalk like crusts with yellow pus, breeds vermin.

    -Vesicles appear round, ulcerate, burn like fire, fiery red areola around.

    -Neuralgic pains after herpes.

    : -For diseases which originate in skin, associated with suppuration.

    -Cracking or crushing of lesions.

    -Involves bones and nerves with inflammation and destructions.

    : -Thick leathery scabs or crusts, beneath is pus.

    -Linen sticks, if removed bleeds.

    -Very sensitive to open air.

    -Bony pains of periosteum < night, touch.

    -Intense itching burning, violent pains, affections of one side of body.

    -After itching parts become cold and withers.

    : -Acute Ciliary neuralgia after excision of eyeball- Dr.Borland.

    -Migraine following herpes zoster-Dr.C.P.Bryant.

    : -Compare-Merc, Phyto, Rhus, Syph.

    -Antidote-Merc, Kali-hyd.

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