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    Worn out, failure to thrive. Sour. Neuralgias. Stools frothy, grass green, like water and scum of a pond, lienteric, with gelatinous or fatty masses.

    Menses tarry, dark, thick, early, indelible

    : - Shocks, blows -Vexations
    -Excess of care and worries -Mental distress
    -Dentition -Milk, injudicious feeding.
    -Fits of passions -Pregnancy
    -Cutting wisdom tooth.

    : < Cold wind, drafts 3 < Change of weather > Motion
    < Night < Starchy food > Walking in open air
    < Milk 3 < Rest > Warm air 3
    < Touch < Uncovering
    < Every 2nd day, every 3rd week 3

    : 1) Anxiety in the day, as if some accident would happen, ameliorated evening in bed.

    2) PEACEMAKERS, intolerance of quarrels, confrontations or disharmony.

    Fear of aggression or violence.

    3) Sad, taciturn, packs and unpacks her clothes, without consciousness of having done so.

    : -Ailing, worn out, nervous, flatulent, flabby persons; especially women, children or nurslings. Emaciated, marasmic children who do not thrive inspite of feeding and medicines.

    -SOUR - Odours from secretions of discharges- perspiration, menses, vomitus, diarrhoea etc. (Hep, Rheum).

    -Affects the NERVES (facial & dental), causing sharp shooting pain along them, > must walk about 3, sitting quiet. Restlessness 3.

    -Cannot bear to be covered, yet chilled by uncovering. SENSITIVENESS < drafts of cold air 3.

    -General < at 3a.m., or 3-4 a.m.3; from warm food 3.

    -Generally worse before, or during MENSES, menstrual flow only at NIGHT or when LYING, ceases when WALKING, early every 21 days, acrid, DARK PITCH LIKE BLOOD, difficult to WASH, preceded by SORE THROAT, with coryza and weakness.

    -Whole body feels tired, painful, especially legs and feet, aching restless.

    -Cannot tolerate milk -passes undigested in nursing children.

    -Craving - MEAT, FRUITS, acids, vegetable, bread and butter. Aversion to green food.

    -Unrefreshing sleep- more tired in morning than on retiring. Sleepy during day sleepless at night.

    -Left sided affections - Trigeminal neuralgia.

    -Head-Pain on VERTEX, as if hair were pulled.

    -Face-Pain and swelling of MALAR bones; TUMORS.

    -Tension as of white of an egg dried up on Face.

    -Mouth-Complaints which come from CUTTING WISDOM TOOTH.

    -TOOTHACHE during PREGNANCY < night.

    -G.I.T.-SORE THROAT menses before, hawks up cheesy particles from throat.

    -Heart burn, SOUR ERUCTATIONS, VOMITING of pregnancy.

    -Cutting, gripping, pressing COLIC followed by green stools.

    -STOOLS-Greenish, frothy, like water and scum of a pond.

    -SOUR smelling, lienteric with, gelatinous fatty masses floating.

    -Colic followed by leucorrhoea - White, acrid, regularly after menses.

    -Cabbage, potato, MILK disagree.

    -SPASMODIC affections of stomach and intestines.

    : 1)SOURNESS-of all discharges- stool, vomitus, diarrhoea, perspiration.

    2)Great neuralgic lightening-like sharp unbearable pains; cannot sit still, causes restlessness, must constantly move about.

    3)MILK intolerable, passes undigested.


    5)Menses - DARK BLACK, PITCH LIKE, INDELIBLE. Sore throat, coryza, weakness, obstruction of nostril, headache preceeds the menses.

    Flow < night < lying down > moving about.

    : -Exhaustion - Lassitude, short walking fatigues, unrefreshing sleep, whole body feels tired. Exhausted Nerves.

    -Sensitiveness - < cold, < draft of air < uncovering < change of weather.

    -Spasms or cramps. Colics - of stomach and intestine.

    -Neuralgia remedy -especially left sided, causes unbearable pain, restlessness > moving about.

    -Emaciation, marasmus, children do not thrive.

    -Sourness - of whole body, all secretions and discharges.

    : 1) SOURNESS - of all discharges and secretions.

    2) Neuralgia, lightening-like sharp unbearable pain < when at rest > moving about.

    3) Extreme sensitiveness to COLD, drafts of air, uncovering.

    : -Chronic fatigue syndrome, Colic, Constipation, Failure to thrive, Hepatitis, Insomnia, Neuralgia, Premenstrual syndrome.

    -For toothache during pregnancy. Patient must get up and walk about due to pain
    -Dr. Guernsey, DR. Hughes. Dr. Hahnemann.

    -In number of cases of cataract Mag-c causes marked improvement, give in the 6th potency - Dr. Priel.

    : -Compare- Mag-m, Mag-p, Alo, Ant-c, Rheum, Ratanhia (toothache during pregnancy).

    -Compatible- Caust, Phos, Puls, Sep, Sul.

    -Complementary- Cham.

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