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    Bites, stings, puncture wounds.

    Chronic rheumatism >ice cold water application, though chilly (subjectively and obectively). Gout.

    Venous congestion, purple discoloration, passive oedema and haemorrhage.


    : Wild rose marry
    Marsh tea or Marsh Cistus.

    : Ericaceae

    : -Tincture of dried small twigs and leaves collected after flowering begins.

    -Tincture of whole fresh plant.

    : -Abuse of alcohol
    -Bad effects of colchicum
    -Injuries from sharp pointed instruments
    -Rat bites
    -Punctured wounds
    -Hair cutting
    -Suppressed discharges
    -Recent or chronic injuries.

    : < From heat of bed 2 > HOLDING FEET IN ICE COLD WATER (Sec)
    < Night > Cold air
    < On touch > From cold water
    < Warmth; of covers 2, stove, air > Uncovering
    < Injuries > Cold bathing
    < Walking > Reposing
    < Motion
    < Eggs
    < Wine 2
    < Spitting

    : 1. Angry, out of humour. Cross and surly.

    2. Dissatisfied, hates his fellow beings, avoids their company.

    : -RHEUMATIC and GOUTY DIATHESIS; constitution abused by alcohol [Colch].

    Gout, stones and nodosities in SMALL JOINTS LIKE wrist, fingers, ankles, toes etc.

    -Adapted to people who are CHILLY and feel cold all the time. General lack of animal heat, yet heat of bed is intolerable.

    -Cold to touch but not cold subjectively to patient. In spite of coldness of body, symptoms relieved by cold applications [Secale, reverse of Ars].

    Sometimes only amelioration obtained by PUTTING FEET INTO ICE COLD WATER.

    -PUNCTURED WOUNDS - from sharp pointed instruments as awls, rat bites, nails [Hyper], PARTICULARLY IF WOUNDED PARTS ARE COLD.

    -If given immediately after punctured wounds, it PREVENTS TETANUS [Hypericum when tetanus develops].

    -LONG REMAINING DISCOLORATION AFTER INJURY. Black and blue places, before green.

    -Weakness, numbness and EMACIATION of affected parts [Graph, Plumb].

    -Haemorrhagic tendency. Bright red, frothy blood. Haemorrhage into anterior chamber of eye after iridectomy.

    -Rheumatism or gout begins in lower limbs and travels upwards [Arnica - descends, Cactus, Kalmia]. ASCENDING RHEUMATISM.

    -TETANUS with twitching of muscles near the wound.

    -Head-Mottled, puffy and bloated.

    -Periorbital bruises (Symph, Arn).

    -Eyes-BLOOD SHOT or bruised EYES.

    -Ecchymosis of lids and conjunctiva from injury to eye.

    -BLACK EYE- It is used to prevent or remove black and blue spots after blows or bruises.

    -Face-RED PIMPLES OR TUBERCLES on forehead and cheeks, as in brandy drinkers, stinging when touched.

    -Respiratory system-Cough, tormenting, then sobbing respiration


    -Bronchitis, Haemoptysis.

    -C.V.S.-Rheumatic heart disease.

    -Extremities-Swelling of feet upto knees, with unbearable pain when walking, as from a sprain or false step.

    -Ball of great toe swollen.

    -Painful heels as if bruised.

    -Diagonal, cross wise joint affections. Left shoulder and right hip joint [Ant-t, Stram, Agar]
    -Stiffness of all joints, can only move them after applying cold.

    -Easy spraining of ankles [Carbo-an] with marked bruising and effusion.

    -SOLES PAINFUL, can hardly step on them [Ant-c, Lyco, Sil].




    -Skin-Intense itching of dorsae of feet, ankles at night

    -Puncture wounds with much suppuration.

    -Ecchymosis and bruising (Arn, Bell-p, Sul-ac).

    -Cellulitis with swelling and lymphangitis, cold.

    -Eczema, very inflammed skin >cold applications.

    : 1. Affected parts cold to touch, yet >cold applications.

    2. Sometimes only relief is, by putting feet into ice cold water.

    3. Rheumatism or gout begins in lower limbs and ascends.

    4. Long remaining discolouration after injuries.

    : - Rheumatic and gouty diathesis.

    - Small joints.

    - Ascending rheumatism.

    - Punctured wounds.

    - Black and blue parts.

    - Coldness of wounded parts >ice cold applications.

    : -Parts cold to touch, yet averse to external warmth >putting feet into ice cold water. -

    : -Alcoholism, Bites, Bruises, Ecchymosis, Elephantiasis, Epistaxis, Gout, Haemorrhage, Paronychia, Purpura, Rheumatism, Sprains, Stings.

    -Superior to Arnica and Rhus tox in sprained ankles - Dr. Benjamin Goldberg.

    : -Compare-Arn, Guai, Hyper, Puls, Ruta.

    -Remedies that precede well -Arnica [In bruises Ledum sometimes completes a case
    Arnica began well but could not complete. It removes the ecchymosis and discolouration more rapidly].

    -Remedies that follow well -Acon, Bell, Bry, Chel, Puls, Nux-v, Rhus-t, Sulph.

    -Incompatible -Chin.

    -Antidote by -Camph, Rhus-t.

    -Antidote to -Apis, Chin effects of alcohol, whisky, insect poison.

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