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  • LACHESIS [Lach]

    Left sided. Haemorrhagic. Hot flushes. Warm blooded. Better free secretions.

    Worse sleep after. Loquacity, sharp tongued.

    : Surucucu snake poison-trituration. Bushmaster snake.

    The most commonly used snake remedy.

    : Ophidia.

    : 1) Brain-Congestion, coma, sensory nerve life destroyed.

    2) Cord-Spasms, convulsions, sudden prostration.

    3) Vagii-Spasms of throat, emesis.

    4) Blood-Rapid decomposition.

    -Asthenic fever
    5)Circulation-Vasomotor paralysis.


    -Paralysis of the heart.

    6) Skin-Ecchymosis, gangrene, haemorrhages, jaundice.

    7) Glands-Congestion, fatty degeneration.

    8) Female-Ovarian atony, scanty delayed menses.

    : Long lasting grief, sorrow, fright, jealousy, vexation, disappointed love.

    Suppression with quinine, climacteric.

    Bad effect of poison wounds.

    Suppressed discharges.

    : < Sleep 3 > Open air 3
    < Morning > Free secretions 3
    < Heat 3 > Cold drink
    -summer > Hard pressure
    -sun > Bathing part.

    -Warm room /drinks
    < Swallowing 3, empty 3, liquids 2
    < Retarded discharges 3
    < Start and close of menses
    < Climacteric 3
    < Alcohol 3
    < Cloudy weather

    : -Mental symptoms

    -PASSIONATE, expressive, outgoing.

    -INTENSE. Creative, vital, lively. Constant overflowing ideas.


    -LOQUACITY, which < if sexual desire is suppressed. Jumps from one subject to another. Communicative, expansive. SHARP TONGUED and WITTY. Aggressive. Critical. Sarcasm.

    -Mocks, makes odd notions, crawls on the floor, hides, spits, laughs or is angry during spasms. Talking singing, and whistling constantly.

    -Attached to material values. Very possessive to things and persons. Envy. JEALOUSY (Hyos, Calc-s). Feels full of poison; malice, Revengeful.

    -SUSPICIOUS. Fear of being poisoned.

    -Dictatorial. Selfish. Don't want to be restricted. Intolerance to authority. Delusion is under super-human control. Thinks she is pursued, hated and despised.

    -Delusion of death people, talking with the death; of his own funeral.

    -Anxiety and depression in the morning. Great disposition to feel sad.

    Indolence, apathy and extraordinary weakness of memory with loss of every mental faculty.

    -RELIGIOUS affections.

    -Feelings of guilt. Delusion has committed a crime.

    -Psychosis. Manic-depression. Paranoia (Hyos, Kali-br, Verat).

    -Fear of SNAKES (Lac-c), insanity (Calc, Cann-i, Manc, Puls), heart disease, being poisoned.

    -Other aspect of Lachesis:
    -Has managed to subdue his passion and instinct.

    -Upraising with strong sense of ethics or responsibility.

    -Become introverted and quiet. Hold themselves back. Moral.

    -Feelings of inferiority. Frustration. Critical.

    -Less aggressive.

    -Loquacious about their special interests or after drinking alcohol.

    -Hysterical reactions over small things.

    -Anxiety about health, especially. heart, cancer, stroke (Aster, Ferr).


    : -Suited to emaciated persons especially women, during and after climacteric with a choleric temperament, freckles and red lain mottled livid skin, and who are of more melancholic temperament with dark eyes and low spirits.

    -LEFT SIDED REMEDY. Complaints from left to right side. < LYING ON LEFT SIDE.

    -WARMBLOODED, < HEAT > Open air.

    -< During or after SLEEP, sleeps into aggravation.

    -> DISCHARGES. < Before menses, > onset. < SUPPRESSED DISCHARGES.

    Everything that blocks circulation (collars, tight clothes, etc.).

    -< Suppressed sexual desire.

    -< Slight touch.

    -Flushes of heat, from below upwards.

    -Desire: FARINACEOUS, oysters, ALCOHOL.

    -Haemorrhagic tendency from any orifice, blood dark black, decomposed, thin, offensive.

    -Trembling of extremities, of tongue when protruded, internal trembling.

    -Paralytic conditions with heaviness and stiffness of parts-both body and mind worn out with relaxation of muscular force. Extreme prostration from any disease all out of proportion to the condition.

    -Excessive painfulness of all complaints.

    -Suffocation from the least thing coming near the mouth or nose, interferes with breathing. Desires fanning, but slowly and from a distance.

    -Sensation of a ball rolling in the internal organs, ascending upward of complaints.

    -Periodicity is strongly marked especially in the intermittent fevers every 14 days.

    -Cannot look at the sun, or the heat of sun

    -Head-Headaches of alcoholics, migrainous, pulsating, hammering headaches, bursting sensation with flushes of heat especially on vertex. Ebullition of blood to the head during flow.

    -Throat-Tonsillitis and diphtheria beginning on left side and going to the right, with much soreness, dryness and constriction in the throat with dark blue purplish appearance of throat with a sense of lump and great sensitivity to touch, liquids more painful than solids on swallowing. With much prostration cold drinks,

    -Chest-Useful in last stages of pneumonia, abscess of the lungs. With pin in the left side of the chest going upwards. Swelling of axillary glands.

    -Respiration-Suffocative, constrictive feeling; must take a deep breath. Cough dry, suffocative; tickling; with much sensitiveness. Breathing almost stops on falling asleep. Respiration difficult > bending forwards.

    -Heart-Violent palpitation with sense of oppression, must sit up, restless and trembling unable to lie on the left side. Cardiac neurosis or cardiac asthenia. Blueness of body with collapsed condition. Wants to be fanned slowly from a distance.

    -Female-Climateric complaints. Palpitations, flushes of heat. Women who have never been well since menopause. Menses too short, too feeble, black, lumpy. Pains > at the onset of flow. Left ovary swollen, painful. Vicarious menstruation. Nosebleed instead of menses. Leucorrhoea copious, smarting, staining the linen greenish. Lochia bluish. Mammae inflammed. Nymphomania.

    -Fevers-Indicated in the later stages (2nd / 3rd week) of Typhoid kinds of fevers with stupor or muttering delirium, sunken face, fallen lower jaw, trembling dry black tongue, which catches between the teeth when protruding, cold bloody perspiration with haemorrhage from bowels, exhaustion and trembling of whole body. Chilliness begins in the back, feet are icy cold, with a sense of oppression of chest. Periodic, every spring, alternate day. Heat on vertex, in flushes < sleep during and after. Burning of palms and soles.

    -Skin-Hot; Sticky, perspiration with garlicky odour, stains yellow. Boils, carbuncles, malignant ulcers with bluish, purplish surroundings. Bedsores. Pyaemia. Senile erysipelas. Wens. Cellutitis with mottled appearance of skin. Small wounds bleed much. Gangrenous tendency to subcutaneous decomposition.

    : 1) Great loquacity, mirth, jesting, prophetic perceptions, talking singing and whistling constantly.

    2) Unwarranted jealously and suspiciousness, malice, hides, spits, mocks, revengeful, intolerance to authority.

    3) All complaints mental and physical are < after sleep and better with onset of menstrual flow.

    4) Great sensitiveness to touch especially of throat and abdomen < even touch of clothes or tight collars.

    5) Sense of constriction every where, suffocative feeling, must be fanned but slowly and from a distance.

    6) Epilepsy only during sleep.

    7) In throat complaints, empty swallowing of liquids more painful than solids.

    : 1) Left sided complaints of women at climateric who are jealous, suspicious, malicious and highly loquacious.

    2) < after sleep (mental and physical) > during menstrual flow / free discharges / secretions.

    3) General sensitivity to touch 3.

    4) Great prostration & trembling.

    5) Blueness of skin / mucous membranes, late stages of affections with degenerations and offensiveness.

    : 1) Left sided complaints.

    2) General < from warmth, desires cold drinks especially with throat complaints.

    3) General < from sleep.

    4) Tongue trembling and difficult to protrude, catches onto the teeth.

    5) Dreams of snakes or of her own death and funeral etc.

    6) Bluish, purplish appearance of affected parts.

    7) Constriction sensation especially of throat.

    8) Cannot bear even slight touch of the affected parts.

    9) Tendency to ulceration, destruction and gangrene.

    : -Circulation. High blood pressure. Strokes. Dark hemorrhages.

    -Hormonal disturbances. Menopause. Pregnancy.

    -Faintness during climacteric.

    -LACHESIS, PHOS & SILICEA are very dangerous remedies if there is pretubercular tendency-Dr. Elizabeth Hubbard.

    : Compare: Hyos-Loquacity, jealousy, hyper sexual, paranoia, stroke, mania.

    Crot-h, Naja, Snake venoms-Cardiac and circulatory symptoms, haemorrhage, ecchymosis, sepsis, left sidedness.

    Cimic-Loquacity, migraines, menstrual disorders.

    Lac-c-Fear of snakes, sensitivity to touch, craving for alcohol.

    Phos, Sulph, Apis, Med, Plat, Cact, Zinc.

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