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  • IODIUM [Iod]

    Loss of flesh with great appetite.

    Great debility, the slightest effort induces perspiration.

    Hot patient.

    Glands hypertrophied except the mammae. Glands first get swollen, hard and heavy, and then begin to dwindle.

    : 1 part by weight of iodum, 99 parts by weight of alcohol

    : Minerals

    : Trituration

    : -Nervous shock
    -Disappointment in love.

    : < Heat of room 3 > Cold air 3, bathing 2
    < Air 2, wraps > Walking about in open air
    < Exertion, ascending, > Eating
    talking > Sitting up
    < Fasting
    < Night
    < Rest
    < Touch
    < Pressure
    < When quiet
    < Right side

    : -Anxiety when quiet.

    -Anxiety of the present with depression, no reference to future.

    -Anxiety > eating when hungry > walking in open air.

    -Anxiety from manual labour > sitting.

    -Desire to kill during rest.

    -Sudden impulse to run and do exercise, but motion aggravates and exhausts, ameliorates if busy.

    -Tendency to do strange things without cause; to kill somebody, to kill himself.

    -Aversion to company, avoids the sight of people, aversion to company of intimate friends, aversion to presence of strangers.

    -Fear of people; shuns people, of physician.

    -Cannot bear to be looked at.

    -Dejected; tendency to weep or intolerably CROSS and RESTLESS.

    -Restlessness while sitting < warm bed.

    -Hurry while walking.

    -Desire to travel.

    -FORGETFUL; what is to be spoken or done.

    -Constantly feels as if he had forgotten something does and not know what.

    -Dullness > eating.

    : -Persons of a scrofulous diathesis with dark or black eyes and hair.

    -Loss of flesh and great appetite [Abrotanum]. GREAT EMACIATION.

    -Great debility, the slightest effect induces perspiration.

    -Arouses the defensive apparatus of the system by assembling the mononuclear leucocytes whose phagocytic action is marked.

    -Abnormal vasoconstriction, capillary congestion followed by oedema, ecchymosis, haemorrhage and nutritive disturbances.

    -Acute exacerbation of chronic inflammation [Ferr-p].

    -Acts prominently on connective tissue, torpidity and little pus.

    -Sluggish vital reaction, hence chronicity of complaints.

    -GLANDS-THYROID, TESTES, mesenteric glands get SWOLLEN, HARD and heavy. Breasts emaciate.

    -Feels always too hot.

    -Secretions-Hot, acrid, watery, persistent, salty.

    -Head-Headache throbbing, RUSH OF BLOOD, feeling of a tight band < warmth, noise, talking.

    -Pain in occiput before 11 a.m. > rest < motion of body, changing at 4 p.m. to confusion.

    -Eyes-Acute inflammation of lachrymal duct.

    -Nose-Red and swelled; day coryza becomes fluent in open air.

    -Fluent hot coryza and general heat of skin.

    -Acute nasal engorgement with high blood pressure.

    -G.I.T.-Tongue-thickly coated, hypertrophied, painful, nodular fissured.

    -Must eat every few hours, anxious and worried if he does not eat.

    -Empty eructations from morning till evening, as if every particle of food is turned into air [Kali-c].

    -Desire for meat, for spirituous liquors [Tyler].

    -Constipation > drinking cold milk.

    -Respiratory system-Hoarseness; painful, choking.

    -Rawness and tickling feeling provoking a dry cough.


    -Croupy cough and difficult wheezing respiration. Inspiration difficult.

    -Child grasps larynx [Cepa], face pale and cold especially in fleshy children.

    -Cold extends downwards.

    -Cough < indoors, warm wet weather.< lying on back < warmth. Craves cold air.

    -Right sided pneumonia with high temperature and absence of pain.

    -C.V.S.-Heart feels squeezed by an iron band [Cact, Lil-t, Sulph] followed by great weakness and faintness.

    -Palpitation on least exertion < warm bath > cold bath.

    -Urinary system-Urine-frequent and copious, DARK, YELLOW GREEN [Bovista], thick acrid and cuticle on surface, sediment like red pepper.

    -Male genitalia-ORCHITIS.

    -Loss of sexual power atrophied testes.

    -Female genitalia-Great weakness during menses [Alum, Carb-an, Cocc] < going upstairs.

    -Menses-brown, renewed after every stool.

    -Leucorrhoea-Acrid, thick, slimy, corroding the linen < during menses.

    -Wedge like pain from right ovary to uterus.

    -Dwindling of mammary glands. Tumors of breast.

    -Extremities-Attacks of rheumatism preceded by diarrhoea

    -Fever-Hyperpyrexia or external coldness with anxiety or stupor.

    -Early morning sweats ameliorates.

    : -Ravenous hunger; eats freely yet loses flesh.

    -Forgetful; what is to be spoken or done.

    -Brain feels as if stirred around with a spoon, must keep in motion day and night.

    -Bitter taste of solid foods, not drinks [Tyler].

    -Constipation > cold milk.

    -Wedge like pains from ovary to uterus.

    : -All symptoms > COLD and EATING.

    -FORGETFUL; what is to be spoken or done.


    -Glands; first get swollen, hard and heavy and then begin to dwindle.

    -Loss of weight, despite good appetite.

    : -Action mainly on the connective tissue and glands.

    -Chronic inflammatory states.

    -Glands hypertrophied except the mammae.

    -Glands first get SWOLLEN, HARD and heavy and then begin to dwindle.

    -HOT; Always feels too hot. Secretions hot, acrid.

    -HUNGRY, ravenous hunger but loss of weight.

    : -In membranous croup with fever, dry skin, dry cough, great difficulty in respiration; if patient does not improve with Aconite or if Aconite has only relieved restlessness and extreme anxiety but not cough, patient is still dry, hot and cough is still croupy, then give Iodum.

    -Really useful after febrile excitement has disappeared or if patient perspires freely.

    -Should not be given during lying-in period except in high potency (Hering).

    -Acts best in goitre when given after full moon or when moon is waning (Lippe).

    -Iodum has power over exudates that do not clear up, though it is dry as a board in stages of consolidation.

    -Drop doses of Iodine in 1st, 2nd or 3rd dilution every hour or so, as soon as physical signs of pneumonia show and it would arrest the process of hepatization within 24 hours.

    -Giddiness in old people caused by chronic cerebral congestion with little or no aching of the head.

    -Physiological action-

    1. Glands-Hyper-secretion, atrophy

    2. Mammae-Increased secretion, atrophy

    3. Gonads-Stimulated atrophy

    4. Uterine Glands-Secretion atrophy

    5. Thyroid-Great hypertrophy

    6. Lacteals, Lymph-Stimulated atony and atrophy

    7. Salivaing Glands-Salivation with fetor

    8. Pancreas-Hyper-secretion, atrophy and loss of function

    9. Liver-Stimulated, atrophy, jaundice

    10. Kidneys-Nephritis, albuminuria

    11. Mucus membrane-Congestion, inflammation, mucorrhoea

    12. Skin-Acne like nodes, urticaria, eczema, anasarca

    13. Serous membrane-Plastic effusion

    14. Blood-Anaemic

    15. Arteries-Prolonged spasm.

    : -Complementary-Bad, Lyc, Silica.

    -Antidotes-Ars, Bell, Grat, Hep, Opium, Phos, Sulph.

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