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    Acute grief, acute disappointments makes patient bitter and hardened.

    Depth of sorrow and grief stuck deep within, cannot be surfaced.

    Romantic, idealistic, emotional, over sensitive, easily hurt feelings.

    Cramping of emotions leads to defensiveness, rude, suspicious, challenging behaviour.

    Spasms. Sighing. Choking.

    : St.Ignatius Bean

    : -Silent grief 3
    -Worry, fear
    -Disappointment in love 3
    -Shame mortification
    -Tobacco 2, Coffee 2, alcohol
    -Old spinal injuries.

    : < Emotions 3 < Touch 2 > Alone 3
    < Grief 3 [Phos-ac, Nat-m] < Coffee 2 > Hard pressure
    < Worry 3 < Strong odours > Warmth
    < Consolation 3 < Tobacco 2 > Swallowing 2
    < Chagrin 2 < Cold open air > Walking
    < Vexation < Fright 2 > Change of position
    < After meals < Stooping > Lying of painful side 2
    < Walking < Standing > While eating 2
    < Periodical, at same hour < Sweets > When travelling

    : -Hysterical remedy.

    -Alert, oversensitive and nervous individuals.

    -Incredible change of mood, jesting and laughter changing to sadness and tears, or weeping alternating with laughing.

    -Highly emotional. Great defensiveness and touchiness.

    -Jealousy, suspicious and doubting.

    -Quarrelsome, rude. At times indifferent to moods (Sep, Lil-t).

    -Ailments from silent grief and disappointment in love.

    -Full of suppressed grief, seems to drown by it.

    -Brooding - over imaginary troubles.

    -Consolation aggravates (Nat-m).

    -Conversation aggravates.

    -Long sighing and sobbing which is aggravated before menses. Takes deep breath for relief.


    -Easily frightened persons.

    -Fear-of robbers at midnight.

    -of birds or chickens.

    -Fears he will never sleep again.


    -Desires to be alone. Weeps when alone.

    -Faints easily -everytime when girls go to church, or who fall in love with married men.

    -Music aggravates.

    -Fault finding and too sensitive to be reprimanded or scolding aggravates.

    -Contradiction aggravates (Anac, Ferr-m).

    -Dreams of water, or of waves breaking over her.

    : -Remedy of great contradictions like:-Roaring in ears >music.

    -Piles >when walking.

    -Sore throat >when swallowing.

    -Empty feeling in stomach not >by eating.

    -Spasmodic laughter from grief.


    -Increased sexual desire with impotence.

    -Headaches >stooping >lying on painful side.

    -Thirst during chill. Red face during chill. No thirst in fever.

    -Colour changes in face when at rest.

    -Great hysterical remedy (Asaf, Mosch, Val, Cocc, Nux-m).

    -Hypersensitive to all external impressions, touch, pain, noise, odour etc.

    -Spasmodic effects 3, often violent, with rigidity, twitching and tremors (Croc,
    Agar, Zinc).

    -Epilepsy from fright.

    -Single parts affected.

    -Sensation of lump in parts.

    -Pains-in small circumscribed spots (Ox-ac, Kali-bi).

    -associated with nervous shuddering
    -change their locality
    -come gradually, go suddenly, or come go suddenly

    -Cannot stand smoking or tobacco smoke in any form.

    -Head-Headache over a small spot that can be covered with the tip of finger.

    -Sensation as if a nail had been driven through skull.

    -Headache >profuse urination (Acon, Gels, Kalmia, Sang, Sil, Verat-a). >stooping >lying on painful side.

    -Alopecia after grief.


    -Face-Redness and heat of one cheek alternating with paleness [Cham].

    -Sweats on face on a small spot while eating.

    -Perspiration only on the face, perspires first on face or upper lip.

    -Colour changes in face when at rest.

    -Bites inside of cheeks when chewing.

    -Throat-Sore throat > when swallowing.

    -Globus hystericus, lump rising from stomach in throat, choking sensation

    -Follicular tonsillitis.

    -G.I.T.-Empty feeling in stomach not > by eating.

    -Singing in stomach >taking a deep breath.

    -Patient vomits simple food, but retains things such as cabbage, onions, indigestible things.


    -Craving for cheese, fruits 2.

    -Aversion for fruits 3.

    -Constipation with excessive urging, more in upper abdomen, with great pain and flatulence.

    -Pain shoots up the rectum.

    -Rectal spasms, cramps, fissure, haemorrhoids, prolapse.

    -Haemorrhoids with prolapse, with every loose stool.

    -Pain in rectum remaining hours after stool (Aesc, Aloe, Mur-ac, Rat, Sulph).

    -Pressure as of a sharp instrument in rectum from within outward.

    -Respiratory system-Choking sensation in throat. Takes deep breath to get relief.

    -Laryngeal stridulus that can be heard all over house.

    -Cough worse the more he coughs

    -Female genitalia-Menses irregular, black, suppressed from grief.

    -Male genitalia-Sexual desire with impotency.

    -Back-Spasms after grief.

    -Fevers-Quotidian, tertian, quartan type of malaria.

    -Thirst during chill. Red face during chill
    -No thirst in fever.

    -Febrile coldness >by external warmth.

    : 1. Deep sighing - takes deep breath for amelioration.

    2. Contradiction remedy -(Pain in ears >music. Piles >walking. Haemorrhoids and prolapsus ani with loose stool. Sore throat >when swallowing. Empty feeling in stomach not >eating. Spasmodic laughter from grief. Thirst and red face during chill. No thirst in fever).

    3. Spasmodic effects of single parts.

    4. Pain in small spots covered by finger.

    5. Cannot stand tobacco in any form.

    6. Headache > profuse urination.

    7. Sweats on a small spot on face while eating.

    8. Constipation with urge in upper abdomen.

    : -Mentally and physically exhausted by grief.

    -Changeability of symptoms. Contradictory symptoms.

    -Involuntary sighing.

    -Headache as if a nail was driven out through the side >lying on painful side > profuse urination
    -Cannot bear tobacco in any form.

    : -Produces hyperaesthesia of all senses, and tendency to produce clonic spasms.

    -Adapted to individuals with nervous temperament, who are alert, nervous, rigid and apprehensive.

    -Patients who have silent grief or disappointment in love.

    -Great remedy for contradiction.

    -Spasmodic effects.


    : -Alopecia, Asthma, Bulimia, Chorea, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Cough, Depression, Encephalitis, Globus hystericus, Hirsuitism, Hysteria, Lumbago, Migraine, Obesity, Rectal cramp, Rectal fissure, Rectal prolapse, Spasms, Tics.

    : -Compatible-Ars, Bell, Calc, Chin, Lyc, Nux-v, Puls, Rhus-t, Sep, Sulph, Zinc.

    -Incompatible-Coff, Nux-v, Tab.

    -Antidoted by-Arn, Camph, Cham, Cocc, Coff, Nux-v, Puls.


    -Remedies that follow well-Ars, Bell, Calc, Chin, Lyc, Rhus-t, Sep, Sil, Sulph.

    -It antidotes-Brandy, Coffee, Chamomile tea, Tobacco, Selen, Zinc.

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