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Flamboyant stage of exhibitionism or mania. Loquacious. Jealous. Suspicious.

Sexual minded. Masturbation. Absence of morals. Shamelessness.

Restlessness. Dancing.

Depression or mania after breaking of romantic relationships.


: Henbane

: Solanaceae

1. Brain-Violent, Loquacious, Quarrelsome delirium. Insomnia.

2. Cord (Motor tract)-Convulsions, Paralysis.

3. Eyes-Powerful mydriatic.

4. Ears-Paralysis of VIII. Nerve. Deafness.

5. GIT-Paralysis of all sphincter muscles.

6. Intestines-Involuntary diarrhoea.

7. Urinary Organs-Diuresis.

8. Circulation-slowed.

: -Jealousy
-Disappointment in love
-Suppressed lochia or milk

: < Emotions; 3 jealousy, fright, unhappy love > Motion
< Sitting up > Warmth
< Touch 3 > Stooping
< Lying 2
< Before and during menses
< Beginning of menstruation
< Cold
< Sleep
< After eating or drinking
< Rest
< Evening and night

: -Ailments from disappointment in love.

-Talkative, obscene, lascivious mania, uncovers body. Jealous [Lach, Puls, Nux-v, Stram]
-Very suspicious [Cench, Merc, Lach, Anac] of some plot.

-Fears to eat or drink, to take what is offered.

-Fear of being alone, being pursued, of water, of being poisoned [Rhus-t, Lach, Bell, Kali brom], of being bitten, of syphilis, of being betrayed, of being sold.

-Desire for company.

-Great hilarity; inclined to laugh at everything.

-Laughing before menses, hysterical before menses.

-Does foolish things, behaves like one who is mad.

-Silly; does comical acts, performs ludicrous actions like monkeys [Tyler].

-Foolish laughter, animated and hurried talk.

-Loquacity; speaks rapidly and changes subject frequently.

-Talks with imaginary persons or dead ones.

-Speaks each word louder.

-Lasciviousness [ Bell, Camph, Canth, Phos, Lil-t, Stram, Sec-c]
-Erotic; exposes genitals (female); sings amorous songs.

-Fondles the genitals.

-Will not be covered, kicks of clothes, lies naked in bed and chatters.

-Desire to curse when aroused [Morrison].

-Nymphonania during menses.

-Carphologia; picks at fingers, bedclothes. Gestures of hands; as if bushing the face or brushing something away.

-Unconscious, can barely be aroused.

-Low muttering delirium [Bell - delirium violent and furious].

-When spoken to answers properly but stupor and delirium return immediately.

-Delirium-attempts to run away. Restless, jumps out of bed, wants to escape.

-talks of business, complaints of imaginary wrongs.

-wants to get up and attend business or go home [Bry]
-attacks people with knife, embraces the stove, prepares for wedding, wraps up in fur during summer.

-Delirious without apparent heat, face pale, limbs cold though temperature is high.

-Delirium tremens and clonic spasms, aversion to light or company.

-Indifference, does not complain.

-Does not recognize his relatives.

-Thinks he is in the wrong place, thinks he is not at home.

-Delusion-of being in debate
-has been devoured by animals
-listens to imaginary sounds
-thinks men are swines
-that he is being watched.

-Anxiety on hearing running water.

-Sadness from smell of flowers. Sadness > urination, continence.


: -C.N.S.-Tremulous weakness and twitching of tendons.

-Every muscle of body twitches from eyes to toes without consciousness [with consciousness - Nux-v]
-Spasms from worms.

-Before attack; vertigo, sparks before eyes, ears ring, gnawing hunger.

-During attack; face pale, eyes protrude, shrieking, grinding of teeth, froth at mouth and involuntary motion.

-Motions of arms clutching or angular, throws arms about, misses what is reached for, totters while walking.
-Convulsions so violent that it seems the joints and spine will be broken to pieces.

-Active mania or convulsions alternating with deep sopor or ending in deep sopor
-Paralysis after spasms.

-Convulsions < fright, menses, sleep [Morrison]

-Eyes--Small objects seem large [reverse of Platina].

-Mouth-Tongue; dry, red, cracked, stiff, immovable, protruded with difficulty, can hardly draw it in. Tongue looks like burnt leather.

-Speech impaired, bits tongue while talking.

-Teeth covered with sordes.

-Uvula elongated.

-G.I.T.-Dysphagia; choking on swallowing liquids, solids and warm food >
-Fluids come out through nose or enter in larynx.

-Aversion to water.

-Thirst but drinks little at a time, drinking causes spasms.

-Cramps in stomach < after irritating food > after vomiting.

-Umbilicus open, urine oozing through.

-Diarrhoea; colicky pains, involuntary.

< mental excitement or during sleep.

< during fever, while urinating.

-Urinary system-Involuntary micturation.

-Retention of urine after childbirth [Arn, Opium].

-Male genitalia-Desire to masturbate in public.

-Masturbation in children.

-Lewd speech or desire to curse during sex.

-Respiratory system-Dry spasmodic cough < night < lying down > siting up [Dros]
From itching in throat (from dry spot in larynx), as if uvula were elongated lying down - Mang-m].

-Sleep-Nervous wakefulness, starts up frightened.

-Intense sleeplessness of irritable, excitable persons, from business embarrassment often imaginary.

: -Immodesty, will not be covered, exposes the person, sings obscene songs.

-Every muscle of the body twitches, from eyes to the toes.

-Intense sleeplessness of irritable, excitable persons from business embarrasments.

-Suspicious of some plot, from of being poisoned.

: -Bad effects of unfortunate love.

-Lascivious mania.

-Fever rapidly becomes typhoid with clouding of the MIND:.

: -Diseases with cerebral activity but non inflammatory in type.

-Weakness and nervous agitation, hence typhoid and other conditions.

-Talkative, obscene, lascivious mania, uncovers body, jealous.

-Low muttering delirium, constant carphologia, deep stupor.

-Convulsions, trembling, jerks, twitchings, cramps.

: -Behavioral disorders, Cerebral accidents, Cough, Fecal impaction, Mania,
Meningitis, Schizophrenia, Seizures.

-Phos often cures lasciviousness when Hyos fails.

-Nux-v or Opium in haemoptysis of drunkards.

-Hiccoughs occurring after operations on abdomen- Dr. E. A. Farrington.

-Preventive in typhus with fresh air and wholesome food- Dr. Ruddock.

-For production of sleep, 5-10 drops of mother tincture in 1/2 glass of water at bedtime in teaspoonful doses given 1/2 hourly- Dr.Butter.

-For nail biting (Sanicula, Arsenic)- Dr. Boger.

: -Antidoted by- Bell, Camph, Stram, Chi, Citric acid, Vinegar.

-Antidotes- Ether, Bell, Stram, Merc.

-Followed well by :- Bell, Stram, Ver, Phos.

-Follows well after :- Bell, Nux-v, Op, Rhus-t.

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