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    Stupefaction with all complaints, memory and concentration as if paralyzed.

    Answers slowly and with great effort due to weak memory and slow MIND:.

    Blank MIND:. Awkwardness, especially if he takes his MIND: off from what he is doing, even to talk.

    Wrinkled forehead with furrowed brow.

    Aversion to apples.

    : -Christmas Rose

    : Ranunculaceae

    : Tincture is prepared from the dry root, coarsely powdered, mixed with 5 parts by its weight of alcohol.

    : -Checked exanthemata
    Disappointment in love

    : < Cold air 2 < Suppressions 2 > When thinking of it or when
    < Puberty < Dentition strong attention is diverted
    < Exertion < Evening(4-8 p.m.) [Lyco] > Open air
    < Touch < Stooping > Warm air
    < During sleep < Uncovering > Wrapping up

    : 1. Ailments from disappointment in love.

    2. Indifference to loved ones to, pleasures, to relations, to everything, to sufferings.

    3. Involuntary sighing
    4. Complete unconsciousness.

    5. Picks clothes, lips, ends of fingers etc. or boring into nose with his finger [with perfect consciousnes - Arum-tri]
    6. Dull, stupid, slow of perception, apathetic.

    7. Answers confusedly, as though thinking of something else.

    8. Must strongly concentrate the MIND: on what he is doing or the muscles don't act properly.

    9. Memory weak, can hardly remember what was said to him.

    10. Anguished state, cannot comprehend what is happening, begs for help.

    11. Guilty feelings and remorse, even suicidal feeling.

    12. Gloomy, despair, blank.

    13. Sadness before puberty in girls, sadness during first menses or when menses fail to return after appearing.

    14. Hysterical mania from self accusation.

    15. Irritable < consolation [ Ign, Nat-m, Sep, Sil], does not want to be disturbed [Nat-m, Gels].

    16. Aversion to company > when alone.

    17. Believes she is doing wrong, thinks she is going to die on a certain day, just sits and says nothing, does nothing.

    18. Delusion; sees devils, sees images in the dark, pursued by enemies, fancies at talking with dead people. Feels he could do great deeds.

    19. Occupation >.

    20. Sensitive to noise.

    : -Convulsions with extreme coldness of body except head or occiput which maybe hot. Convulsions arrested by sudden noise.

    -Produces a condition of sensorial depression, senses become blunt and responses are sluggish.

    -Onset of disease is gradual and progressive weakness.

    -General muscular weakness which may go on to complete paralysis and dropsical effusion.

    -Want of reaction in paralytic weakness.

    -Sudden dropsical swelling of brain, chest, abdomen, after intermittents, with fever, debility, suppressed urine, from suppressed exanthemata [Apis, Zinc].

    -Pains of a stinging, pressing or tearing character often run across the affected part, pains usually TRANSVERSE in their direction.

    -Generally aggravated between 4 and 8 p.m.

    -Patient's face, lips, hands become DARK, nostrils SOOTY hence it is a DARK and DUSKY REMEDY.

    -Head-Wrinkled forehead when trying to think.

    -Head is covered with cold sweat.

    -In hydrocephalus, rolls head day and night, moaning, sudden screams (from shooting pains in head).

    -In meningitis, bores head into pillow, beats it with hands. Head drawn backwards.

    -Pain in occiput > closing eyes.

    -Eyes-Eyes half open and eyeballs rolled upwards.

    -Stupid staring or tried look.

    -Mouth-Falling of lower jaw.

    -Chewing motion [Bell, Bry, Calc-c, Nat-m], corners of mouth sore, cracked.

    -Horrible smell from mouth.

    -Tongue- red, dry, numb, trembling or covered with yellow ulcers.

    -Greedily swallows cold water, bites the spoon, though unconscious.

    -G.I.T.-Aversion to vegetables, meat, sauerkraut, APPLES.

    -Diarrhoea-during hydrocephalus, dentition, pregnancy.

    -white, watery, clear, tenacious, colourless mucus, jelly like, like frog spawn, involuntary, with tenesmus.

    -Urinary system-Urine suppressed, scanty dark (red or black), albuminous with coffee ground sediments, during pregnancy, in brain troubles and dropsy.

    -Chest-Constricted, gasps for breath with open mouth, propped up in bed.

    -Gasps for breath but cannot inhale.

    -Slow, small, soft pulse.

    -C.N.S.-Automatic motion of one arm and leg except when asleep.

    -Thumbs drawn into palms [Cupr].

    -Extremities-Awkwardness of hands when diverting or talking.

    -Sleep-Soporous sleep, shrieks and shouts. Cri encephali.

    -Lies on back with knees drawn up or with legs spread apart.

    : 1. Dull, stupid, slow of perception, apathetic.

    2. Thinking of complaints aggravates or ameliorates.

    3. Rolls head day and night, moaning, sudden screams.

    6. Bores head into pillow, beats it with hands.

    7. Chewing motion.

    8. Urine suppressed, scanty, dark, coffee ground sediments albuminous, during pregnancy, in brain troubles and dropsy.

    9. Automatic motion of one arm and leg.

    : 1. Brain symptoms with serous effusion- Unconscious, rolling head, from side to side, involuntary movement of one arm and leg.

    2. Tongue- red, dry, numb, trembling or covered with yellow ulcers.

    3. Greedily swallows cold water, bites the spoon.

    4. Urine, red, black, scanty, coffee ground sediment.

    : 1. Dull, stupid, slowness of perception apathetic, general lack of reaction.

    2. Sensorial depression, senses blunt and responses sluggish.

    3. "BLACK" - Patient's lips, face and hands become dark, nostrils sooty hence it is a DARK and DUSKY remedy.

    4. General muscular weakness which may go on to complete paralysis and dropsical effusion.

    5. Sudden dropsical swellings.

    : -Alzheimer's disease, Ataxia, Coma, Dementia, Encephalitis, Head injury, Meningitis, Migraine.

    -In concussion of brain from blow to head, after Arnica has failed.

    : -Complementary- Zinc.

    -Antidoted- Camphor, Chin.

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