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    Anaemia. False plethora. High grade fevers. Right sided complaints.

    : Ferrum Phosphoricum Album. Ferric Phosphate. Ferroso- Ferric Phosphate.

    White Phosphate of Iron (Schusslers's). This is said to be a true ferric phosphate Fe2 (PO4)2 as contrasted with the ordinary phosphate of iron, which is a ferrous-hydric phosphate, Fe HPO.

    It is prepared by mining sodium phosphate with sulphate of Iron in certain proportions.

    Then it is filtered, washed, dried, rubbed to a powder, to bluish gray, form exposure to air.

    : -Sudden checked sweat
    -Mechanical injuries
    -Fresh wounds
    -Contusion, sprains
    -Sudden exposure to cold
    -Sudden shock

    : < Night 4-6 am < Motion > Slow movement
    < Touch jar < Right side > Cold applications
    < Checked sweat < Sour food > Cold air
    < Cold drinks < Herring > Bleeding
    < Meat < Coffee
    < Cake.

    : 1. Excitable 3, changeable, confusion, hilarious.

    2. Anticipation of failure.

    3. Indifference to pleasurable things.

    4. Fear of going into a crowd.

    5. Anger goes to violence.

    6. Aversion to company
    7. Guilty mind.

    : -For those who are tall, irritable, graceful with delicate transparent skin. Congestion with cold extremities. Plethoric, rapid growth, easy exhaustion, of sanguinous and nervous temperament.

    -Considered for first stage of inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions.

    -It is used as first aid in injury in bio-chemic medicines.

    -HAEMORRHAGIC diathesis, blood is bright, red and easily coaguable.

    -Used for sudden high fever due to exposure to cold air or cold drinks, over exertion.

    -At the onset of inflammation, before exudation sets in.

    -Great prostration, can hardly remove about.

    -Pains wandering. Appears and disappear suddenly. Migrating from below upwards.

    -Right sided.

    -Discharge- Initially there is no discharge or scanty, acrid. In severe conditions it is with bright red, easily coaguable, blood.

    -Night sweats of weak and anaemic individuals.

    -Aversion to meat and milk. Desire for stimulants.

    -Alternating states: Red face <-> paleness
    Hunger <-> loss of appetite.

    -Head-Ache, scalp soreness to touch with red face.

    -Throbbing with earache, >nose bleed.

    -Flushes or redness or pallor. Circumscribed red spots on cheeks.

    ->Cold applications 3.

    -Epistaxis- bright red.

    -Ulcerated throat, sore dry red inflamed with pain. For first stage of diphtheria. Red inflamed tonsils.

    -Bronchitis of young children. Expectoration of pure red blood in pnenumonia.

    -Tongue- Pale, clean, swollen indented.

    -Multiple food allergies to tea, egg, beer, alcohol, wine, meat, fat, milk, sour.

    -No nausea, but vomiting during meals, of undigested food.

    Hungry after vomiting, must eat.

    -Painless diarrhoea -

    -Incontinence of urine diurnal enuries >lying down 2.

    -Rheumatic affections of right deltoid > slow, gentle motion, warmth.

    -Fever-Chill with thirst
    -Heat with thirstlessness >slow motion
    -Sweat -strong ammonical odour debilitating


    : 1. Haemorrhagic diathesis - bright red, coaguable blood, from any orifice.

    2. For any inflammatory or non inflammatory states, in its first stage before exudation sets in, with PAIN, REDNESS, CONGESTION, HEAT, SWELLING.

    3. NO NAUSEA, but vomiting during meal. Hungry after vomiting, must eat.

    4. Pains appears and disappears SUDDENLY, wandering.

    5. Complaints >slow movement 3.

    : -FULLNESS, surcharged blood vessels. Irregular blood distribution.

    -Inflammation of mucous membranes, with fever, paleness but flushes easily. False plethora. Violent pulsations. Local congestion.

    -First stage of inflammation.

    -Relaxation, disposition to prolapse, erection feeble, relaxation of sphincters. Involuntary urination lying down.

    -Haemorrhagic diathesis- nose bleeds, haematemesis, haemoptysis, bloody stool, bloody expectoration, BRIGHT RED.

    -Right sidedness of the remedy especially of pleurisy pains, right deltoid, right arm.

    : -Haemorrhages - bright red, coaguable, from any orifice.

    -Complaints >slow motion3.

    -For first stage of inflammations.

    -Diseased states where tongue is pale, swollen, indented.

    -Hot at general, chilly at particular level.

    : -Anaemia, Bursitis, Epistaxis, Gastritis, Haemorrhage, Influenza, Otitis media, Pharyngitis, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Tonsillitis.

    -Ferr phos 3x -to increase Hb (Boericke)
    -For otitis media when Bell fails -Ferr phos
    -Ferr phos raises the opsonic index against Pneumococcus - Dr. Hinsolae

    : Compare: Chin(Anemic headaches), Acon, Gels, Bell, Phos.

    Complementary: Kali mur.

    Antidote to: Strontium brom.

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