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    Excited, irregular surgings, wandering orgasms. Pulsations, haemorrhages.

    False erethism or plethora. Anaemia.

    Generally worse from exertion or from sitting still. Feels best when walking about slowly.

    Easy vomiting, lienteric stools.

    : Iron

    : -Loss of vital fluids
    -Abuse of quinine
    -Suppressed intermittents.

    : < Night 3 < Anger 2 > Gentle motion 2
    < Midnight 2 < Violent exertion 2 > Slight bleeding
    < Emotions 2 < Eating 2 > Leaning head on something.

    < Drinking < Eggs 3 > After rising
    < Loss of vital fluids 2, sweat 2 < Heat 2 and cold 2 > Solitude
    < Sudden motion < Raising arms > In summer
    < Tea < Sitting still
    < Noise < Conversation
    < During menses < After cold washing and overheating

    : 1. Slight noises unbearable (especially to rustling of paper). Anxiety from slightest cause, irritability. Desire for solitude.

    2. Irritability, peevishness, quarrelsomeness and intolerance of contradiction are prominent mental features. Aggressive and domineering.

    3. Changeable mood.

    4. Restlessness driving him out of bed.

    5. Anxiety as after comitting a crime.

    6. Despondent; after menses.

    7. Forced, determined and strong preoccupation with business matters.

    : -It affects the circulation producing irregular distribution of blood - congestions, irregular surgings and pulsations.

    -Pallor of skin and mucous membrane alternating with flushes. Pseudo Plethora.

    -Anaemia of young persons with flushed cheeks, but pale lips; delicate girls constipated, with low spirits.

    -It relaxes the blood vessels causing haemorrhages, which are bright or with small clots, especially in rapidly growing youth; or the veins dilate, during neuralgia, menses or fever. Haemorrhages are bright red, easily coagulable.

    -Weakness from mere speaking or walking, though looking strong.

    -Pains and sufferings by moving about gently in house or in open air.

    -Nightly pains that compel motion of part. Patient is compelled to walk about at night from pains.

    -Dropsy or paralysis after loss of vital fluids, haemorrhages, abuse of quinine, suppressed intermittents.

    -Head-Headache hammering, beating, pulsating pain; must lie down, with aversion to eating or drinking.

    -Headache for 2, 3, 4 days every two or three weeks.

    -Pain extends to teeth with cold extremities pain in back of head, with roaring in neck.

    -Must take down the hair

    -G.I.T.-Pain in teeth > icy cold water.

    -Canine or voracious appetite or absolute loss of appetite.

    -Spits up food by the mouthful without nausea.

    -Vomiting immediately after eating, after midnight, during pregnancy.

    -After vomiting, patient can sit down and eat again as before in stomach full.

    -Vomiting sour acrid.

    -Desire for bread and raw tomatoes.

    -Aversion to meat, eggs, sour fruits, to his accustomed tobacco, beer.

    -Intolerance of eggs.

    -Diarrhoea-Undigested stools at night, or while eating, or drinking.

    -Painless, with a good appetite of consumptives.

    -Constipation-From intestinal atony. Ineffectual urging.

    -Stools hard, difficult, followed by backache, or cramping pain in rectum.

    -Prolapsus recti of children.

    -Itching of anus at night due to ascarides.

    -Respiratory system-Chest oppressed; breathing difficult.

    -Cough only in day time >lying down > eating.

    -Cough felt in the head.

    -C.V.S.-Anaemic murmur.

    -Pulse full but soft and yielding, also small and weak.

    -Heart suddenly bleeds into the blood vessels and suddenly draws a reflux, leaving pallor of surface.

    -Pulse accelerated towards evening.

    -Endocrines-Goitre exopthalmic from suppressed menses.

    -Fever-Thirst during chill.

    : 1. Slightest noises, like crackling of paper drive him to despair.

    2. Red parts become white.

    3. Vertigo on seeing flowing water.

    4. Vomiting immediately after midnight, while eating, leaves table suddenly and with one effort, vomits everything eaten, and can sit down and eat again.

    5. Cough only in the daytime.

    6. All symptoms relieved by walking about slowly.

    : 1. Pallor of skin and mucous membrane, alternating with flushes. Pseudo plethora. Red parts turn white.

    2. Haemorrhages from anywhere and everywhere. Blood is bright red fluid and clotted.

    3. Local congestions and inflammations with hammering, pulsating pains. Veins full.

    4. Canine hunger alternating with complete loss of appetite.

    5. Regurgitations or vomiting immediately after eating, painless.walking slowly about.

    : -Anaemia, Arrhythmia, Arthritis, Bursitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Diarrhoea, Epistaxis, Gastritis, Haemorrhages, Migraine, Obesity, Sciatica.

    -Ferr 30 for vomiting after tonsillectomy- Dr. Fobister.

    -If Bell. fails in typical headache, think of Ferr. - Dr. Wilburk Band
    -Avoid Ferr. in tuberculosis, syphilis and in persons presdisposed to haemorrhages and especially never repeat it.

    : -Compare-Ant-c, Arn, Calc, Chin, Cupr, Ferr-acet, Ferr-ars, Ferr-brom, Ferr-cyan, Ferr-mag, Ferr-mur, Ferr-protoxalatum, Ferr-sulph, Graph, Mang, Nux-v, Puls, Rumex, Sulph.

    -Complementary- Alum, Chin, Ham.

    -Antidotes to- Ars, Hep.

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