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    Digitalis Purpurea has flushes of heat suddenly, followed by great nervous weakness and irregular intermitting pulse, occurring at the climacteric; aggravated by least motion.

    Weak heart without valvular complications.

    Digitalis Purpurea has Sensation as if heart would stop beating if she moved (Cocaine - fears that unless constantly on the move, heart will stop beating, Gelsemium ).

    Faintness or sinking at the stomach; exhaustion; extreme prostration; feels as if he were dying.

    Night emissions, with great weakness of genitals after coitus.

    Great weakness of chest, cannot bear to talk ( Stannum ).

    Stools: very light, ash-colored; delayed, chalky ( Chelidonium, Podophyllum ); almost white ( Calcarea, Cinchona ); pipe-stem stool; involuntary.

    Pulse full, irregular, very slow and weak; intermitting every third, fifth or seventh beat.

    Digitalis Purpurea has Face pale, deathlike appearance and bluish-red.

    Blueness of skin, eyelids; lips and tongue.

    Digitalis Purpurea has Respiration irregular, difficult, deep sighing.

    The fingers "go to sleep" frequently and easily.

    Digitalis Purpurea has Dropsy: post-scarlatinal; in Bright's disease; with suppression of urine; of internal and external parts; with fainting when there are organic affections of the heart (with soreness in uterine region, [Conv.]).

    Fatal syncope may occur when being raised to upright position.

    Relations. - Cinchona antidotes the direct action of Digitalis and increases the anxiety.

    Aggravation. - When sitting, especially when sitting erect; motion.

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