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    Sepsis with delirium. Haemorrhages (generalized), of dark, unclotted blood.

    Melancholic and sluggish.

    : Rattlesnake

    : Crotalidae

    : Trituration is prepared by saturating sugar of milk with venom, also a solution of venom maybe made in glycerin.

    : -Fright
    -Foul water
    -Noxious effluvia
    -Vaccination [Pustular eruptions on back of arm across shoulder, over breasts]

    : < Lying on right side 2 < Warm weather > Light
    < Falling to sleep 2 < Alcohol, wine > Motion
    < Spring 2 < Damp wet weather
    < Yearly < Jar
    < On awaking < Evening and morning
    < Open air [but head stomach symptoms are ameliorated]

    : -Social or great aversion of FAMILY:.


    -Loquacious, desire to escape.

    -Delirium-muttering, numbles, jumbles stumbles over his words.

    -delirium tremens, nearly constant drowsiness but with inability to sleep.

    -delirium with wide open eyes.

    -Weeping tearful moods, while reading.

    -Weak memory, cannot express himself correctly.

    -Mistakes in writing.

    -Senile dementia, incipient; forgets figures, names, places.

    -Delusions-surrounded by hideous animals
    -surrounded by enemies.

    -Horrible dreams of murder, death, dead bodies, even the smell of cadaver is dreamt of.

    -Fear of death or thoughts constantly dwelling on death.

    : -Right sided affections.

    -Haemorrhagic diathesis, haemorrhages are slow, oozing of dark thin blood from all the orifices or surfaces, especially pharynx. Bloody pus or sweat.

    -Putrid and malignant conditions.

    -Dark or bluish parts.

    -Swelling of affected parts.

    -Septic conditions- tonsils, goiter, ulcers, abscess, blood boils.

    Streptococcal type infections.

    -Profound nervous shock, deathly sickness, trembling prostration. Easily tired by slight exertion.

    -Pains-alternate rapidly with each other, frequently recur also (except headache), appear disappear suddenly after lasting sometime.

    -Head-Pain in occiput as of a blow in waves from spine.

    -Eyes-Very sensitive to light especially lamplight.

    -Ciliary neuralgia; tearing boring pain as if cut had been made around eyes.

    -For absorption of intra ocular haemorrhages into vitreous, but particularly for non inflammatory retinal Haemorrhages [Ham, Phos, Lach, Sulph].

    -Nose-Epistaxis; blood black stringy.

    -Mouth-Mouldy smell of breath.

    -Tongue fiery red, dry in centre, smooth polished, feels swollen.

    -Tongue goes to right on protuding.

    -Cannot speak on account of sensation of constriction around tongue, throat.

    -G.I.T.-Spasms of oesophagus, inability to swallow anything solid [Lach-can swallow solids, difficulty in swallowing liquids].

    -Hungry; craves stimulants, sugar, PORK. Aversion to meat.

    -Unquenchable burning thirst for cold water.

    -Vomiting, bilious, with anxiety, weak pulse, every month after menstruation cannot lie on right side without constantly producing dark grass green vomiting.

    -Intolerance to clothing especially around hypochondrium, instantly producing dark grass green or black coffee ground vomiting.

    -Diarrhoea- stools black, thin like coffee ground offensive.

    -Female genitalia-Dysemenorrhoea pain down thighs with aching in region of heart left arm,
    -Menses flow copious for 2 days then lingers on off for 4 more days with cold feet.

    -Vicarious menstruation in debilitated constitutions [Phos].

    -Extremities-Phlegmasia alba dolens < touch.

    -Fevers-Malignant fevers of a haemorrhagic or putrescent character.

    -Skin-Great sensitiveness of skin of right half of body.

    -Jaundice of due to internal haemorrhage.

    : 1. Loquacity.

    2. Weeping tearful mood while reading.

    3. Mouldy smell of breath.

    4. Coldness in stomach a abdomen as from piece of ice.

    : 1. Right sided affections.

    2. Haemorrhages are slow oozing of dark, thin blood from all orifices surface.

    3. Putrid, malignant and septic conditions.

    4. Dark or bluish parts and swelling of affected parts.

    5. Tongue firey red, dry in centre, smooth polished, feels swollen.

    : -Haemorrhagic diathesis. Haemorrhages all slow oozing, of dark, thin blood, from all orifices and surfaces. Bloody pus or sweat.

    -Putrid and malignant conditions.

    -Septic conditions- tonsils, goitre, ulcers, abscess, blood boils.

    : -Abscess, Delirium, Disseminated intravascular coagulation, Haemorrhage, Myocardial infarction, Purpura, Sepsis, Varicose veins.

    -In purpura, hand drop and could not catch thing- Dr. Morgeni Blackre.

    -In coronary thrombosis, sensation as if something were going to burst under the sternum "feels full then" - Dr. Elizabeth Hubbard.

    -The personality of Crot-h is less intense and aggressive than Lachesis- Roger Morrison.

    : -Complementary- Lycps.

    -Antidoted by- Am-c, Camph, Coff, Lach, Opium, Alcohol and radiant heat.

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