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    Cramps, spasms, convulsions. Chorea.

    Suppressions (physical and emotional).

    Cyanosis. Cough >cold drinks.

    Metallic taste.

    Gurgling sound, when fluid descends down while drinking.

    : Copper

    : Mineral, metal.

    1)Digestive organ-Violent gastroenteritis.

    2)Pneumogastric nerve- Violent emesis, convulsive respiration.

    3)Liver- Jaundice, fatty degeneration.

    4)Kidney- Albuminaria, suppression of urine.

    5)C. N. S.- Cramps, convulsion, paralysis
    6)C.V.S.- Decreased B. P., Vasomotor paralysis.

    : - Mental or physical overexertion.

    - Loss of sleep
    - Attacks of unconquerable anxiety
    - Fright
    - Blow on head
    - Getting wet
    - Re percussed eruption
    - Suppressed foot sweat.

    : < New moon > Swallow of cold water 2
    < Cold air, wind
    < Night
    < Touch
    < Suppression foot sweat 2, exanthema or

    : -Intense emotions and impulses are suppressed and controlled making the patient rigidly closed. Extremely closed patient.

    -Malicious, desire to injure.

    -Unconquerable sadness and anxiety as if some misfortune were approaching.

    -Mania - fiery rage. They try to bite, beat, tear things followed by perspiration.

    -Violent behaviour.

    -Stupefaction from suppressed exanthema.

    -Sadness when walking in open air, must stand still or sit down.

    -Fixed ideas.

    -Fear of company. Shuns everybody.

    -Ridiculous or foolish gestures.

    -Spits on faces of people.

    -Bashful, timidity.

    -Fear of falling, of strangers, of fire.

    -Mental dullness and slowness.

    : -For fair haired people, prematurely old from sexual excess, who are overtaxed both mind and body.

    -Periodicity, complains appear from time to time.

    -Cramps or spasms-violent begin in finger and toes and spread over whole body.

    -Cramps extorts shrieks.

    -Cases of whooping cough.

    -Painful menstruation with spasms.

    -Violence-that affected part muscles drawn in knots.

    -Violent colic, abdomen drawn in.

    -Violent continuous headache.

    -Spasmodic, violent, continuous, dry cough.

    -Blueness, coldness, collapse-With profuse cold sweat and sinking of strength.

    -Cold tongue, cold breath.

    -Cold clammy sweat < night.

    -Suppression-Bad effects of suppressed eruption, foot sweat, measles, suppressed by chill of exposure to wind.

    -Leading to convulsions, epilepsy, metastasis to brain from other organs.

    -Paralysis -of tongue, speech, of isolated muscles.

    -Relapsing, tendency to recur periodically.

    -Mouth-Constant protrusion and retraction of tongue like a snake.

    -Paralysis of tongue with imperfect stammering speech.

    -A strong metallic, sweetish, coppery taste in mouth with flow of saliva.

    -Respiratory system-Whooping cough, long lasting suffocating spasmodic, unable to speak, with breathless blue face 3.

    -Attacks successively, vomiting of food after regaining consciousness.

    -Cough has gurgling sound, as if water was being poured from a bottle > drinking cold water.

    -C.N.S.-Clonic spasm begin in fingers and toes and spread over entire body.

    -Epilepsy aura begins in knees and ascends.

    -Uraemic convulsions with scanty urine.

    -Female genitalia-For after-pains, especially of women who have borne many children.

    : 1. Cough comes in paroxysms of three, suffocative, produces a gurgling sound > drinking cold water.

    2. Spasm and cramps begin in fingers and toes and then spread.

    3. Epileptic aura begin in knees and ascends upwards.

    4. Frequently the thumbs are clenched across the palms of hands during the convulsions.

    5. Sweetish, metallic taste in mouth.

    : -Spasms or cramps -violence in nature, colic, abdomen drawn in, violent headache.

    -Blueness, Coldness, Collapse.

    -Suppression or non development of eruptions or foot sweat leading to metastasis to brain.


    -Relapsing tendency, periodicity every fortnight.

    : -Cramps begins in fingers and toes and then spread to rest of the body.

    -Epilepsy with aura beginning in knee and then ascending upwards.

    -In between the attack, there is great restlessness, slimy metallic taste in mouth.

    : -Angina pectoris, Asthma, Cholera, Chorea, Colic, Cramps, Encephalitis,
    Gastrointestinal disorders, Headache, Meningitis, Migraine, Nocturnal myoclonus, Seizure disorder, Tics, Twitches.

    -In pure nervous asthma- Dr. Russell.

    -For the vomitus of drinkers, Cupr shall be thought of - Dr. Berlyn.

    : -Compare - Verat.

    -Complementary - Calc.

    -Antidotes - Bell, Hepar, Camph.

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