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    Easily angered and ill effects therefrom.

    Intense neuralgias, with chilliness > pressure
    Agonising pain in abdomen, causing patient to bend double.

    Cramps, contractions, twitching, shortening of muscles.

    Sensations-Cutting, twisting, grinding, contracting, bruised, as if clamped with iron bands.

    : Bitter Cucumber

    : -Anger 3

    : < From anger and indignation > HARD PRESSURE on edge
    < Lying on painless side > Heat
    < Night > Gentle motion
    < In bed > After stool or
    < Drafts > Doubling up
    < Taking cold
    < After eating, cheese
    < Before and after urination potato, starchy food flatus
    < After eating drinking least amount
    < 4-9 p.m.

    < Rest

    : -Ailments after anger and silent grief.

    -Greatly affected by the misfortunes of others.

    -Anger easily, vexed during pain.

    -Want of religious feeling.

    -Screams with pain; want to walk about, disinclined to talk, to answer.


    -Does not want to meet the friend.

    -Morose; becomes offended at everything.

    -Irritable; throws things out of his hand.

    -Mortification, caused by offense.

    -Confusion trom beer; after wine.

    -Restlessness before menses.

    : -It is left sided drug, except sciatica which is on right side. All symptoms are 4-9 p.m.

    -Suited to easily angered, irritable persons, with tendency to corpulency, to women of sedentary habits, with copious menstruation.

    -It is useful in acute affections of digestive tract and intestines but it has a long lasting action on nerves, especially trigeminal, facial, sciatica, spinal nerves.

    -Different types of pain > PRESSURE > WARMTH.

    -Colicky pain.

    -Pains come suddenly, go suddenly.

    -Crampy, tearing part.

    -Neuralgic pains, cutting, pinching, clamping, gnawing or boring.

    -Pains with numbness.

    -Pains like electric shock.

    -Throbbing throughout the whole body.

    -Constrictions, cramps and twitchings.

    -Vertigo-When quickly turning head, especially to the left, as if he would fall.

    -Vertigo from stimulants.

    -Head-Lateral cutting headache with nausea, vomiting.

    -Pains with soreness of scalp.

    -Pain < Stooping, lying on back and moving eyelids.

    -Eyes -On stooping feeling as if eyes would fall out.

    -Violent pain before development of glaucoma.

    -Ears-Sound re-echo in ears.

    -Face-Left side affection of face.

    -Trigeminal neuralgia.

    -Tearing shooting and swelling of face > from pressure.

    -Neuralgia with chilliness, teeth seems too long.

    -Prosopalgia with eye symptom and chilliness.

    -Face distorted cheeks cold.

    -G.I.T.-Bitter taste in mouth.

    -Agonizing, violent, cutting, cramping, griping, tearing, clutching, or radiating pain, comes in waves. Pain compels patient to cry out and wriggle for relief, or double up and particularly press something hard against abdomen.

    -< Least food or drink, except coffee and tobacco smoking.

    -Intestines feel squeezed between stones.

    -Sensation as of being encircled with an iron band.

    -Colic with cramps in calves. Pains are accompanied by nausea vomiting and diuresis.

    -Each paroxysm is attended with general agitation and a chill over the cheeks, ascending from the hypogastrium.

    -Pressure ameliorates pain in abdomen in acute stage, but when pain remains for a long time, parts become tender, then the pressure aggravates the pain.

    -Stools-frothy, watery, shreddy, yellow or gelatinous with flatulence and pain.

    -Slippery bubbles escape from anus.

    -Dysenteric stool, renewed each time by the least food or drink.

    -Jelly-like stool, musty odour.

    -During colic, infant lies on abdomen and screams when he is moved slightly.

    -Urinary system-Pain on urinating over the whole abdomen.

    -Cysto-spasm after operation on the orifices.

    -Burning along urethra during stool.

    -Urine-viscid, fetid, small quantities with frequent urging.

    -Red hard crystal adhering to the vessel.

    -Urine milky white coagulates on standing, diabetes.

    -Female genitalia-Boring pain in ovary, must draw up double, with great restlessness.

    -Ovarian cyst with pain > flexing thigh on pelvis.

    -Suppression of menses or lochia from indignation.

    -Dysmenorrhoea < eating.

    -Menses copious in women with sedentary habits.

    -Extremities-Contradiction of muscles. All the limbs are drawn together.

    -Sciatica, cramps like, shooting electric-like pain in hip, lies on affected side. Pain from hip to knee.

    -Pain < gentle motion > pressure and heat.

    -Pain down right thigh, muscles and tendons feel too short, with numbness.

    -Stiffness of joints, with shortening of tendons.

    -Spontaneous subluxation of the hip joint.

    -Perspiration-Urinous odour of perspiration.

    : 1) Cystospasm after operation of orifices.

    2) Urinous odour of perspiration.

    : -Useful in irritable persons, easily angered and ill effects therefore.

    -Not only is it useful in acute affection of digestive tract and intestines, but it has a long lasting action on nerves especially trifacial, sciatica and spinal.

    -In abdomen, produces sudden, atrocious, cramping, griping, tearing pain which makes the patient twist and turn, cry out and bend double.

    -Pains are accompanied by nausea and vomiting from intensity of pain.

    -Neuralgic pains are cutting, pinching, cramping, gnawing or boring, followed by numbness > pressure.

    : -Left sided affection.

    -Pain in abdomen < least food < anger, vexation > hard pressure > Doubling up.

    -Neuralgia pains- cutting, shooting, electric shock-like, followed by numbness.

    -Trigeminal neuralgia alternates with chilliness and colicky pain in abdomen.

    -Sciatica pain with contraction of muscles, shortning of muscles and tendens < gentle motion > pressure.

    : -In menstrual colic, Causticum will cure after the failure of Colocynth.

    -In the beginning cases of paraphimosis, you may give Colocynth which will sometime relieve the spasm- Dr.Farrington.

    -Best antidote to lead poisoning- Boericke.

    : -Compare-Lyc, Mag-p, Staph.

    -Lobelia erinus (violent cork-screw like pains in abdomen).

    -Complementary-Merc (in dysentery).

    -Antidotes-Cham, Coff, Staph.

    -Remedies that follow well-Bell, Bry, Cham, Nux-v, Puls, Staph,
    -Remedy antidotes-Caust.

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