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    Motion sickness, especially sea sickness. Empty, hollow feeling. Complaints following lack of sleep due to night watching (worrying and caring for others).

    Spinal weakness.

    : Menispermaceae

    : Tincture prepared from powdered seeds.


    1) CNS (MOTOR TRACTS): Convulsions; Paralysis.

    2) VAGII: Violent emesis; Syncope.

    3) OVARO-UTERINE ORGANS: Spasms; Hyperaesthesia.

    : -Anger, fright, grief, anxiety, disappointment
    -Night watching, loss of sleep, over strain
    -Tea drinking.

    : < Eating < Drinking.

    < Sleeping < Smoking
    < Talking < Carriage riding
    < Motion < Swing of ship
    < During pregnancy < Emotional disturbance
    < Swimming

    : 1. Angry from least contradiction.

    2. Time passes too quickly.

    3. Profound sadness, weeping during menses.

    4. Sensitive to voices, rudeness, sentimental, serious.

    5. Confusion after eating or drinking.

    6. Introspections.

    7. Starting when touched at rifles.

    8. Capricious.

    9. Slowness of comprehension. Mind benumbed.

    10. Anxiety from night watching, after menses.

    11. Dwells on past disagreeable occurences.

    12. Bad effects from grief, anger or from nursing a sick loved one. Exhausted and sick from anxiety over a loved one.

    : -For women and children with light hair and eyes who suffer severely during rheumatism and pregnancy. Unmarried and childless women.

    -Adapted to bookworms, sensitive romantic girls with irregular menstruation, rakes, onanist. Persons debilitated by sexual excess or loss of sleep.

    -Ailments of drunkards.

    -Nausea or vomiting from riding in carriage, boat, railroad, car, or even looking at boat in motion. Sea / car sickness.

    -The thought and smell of food nauseates the patient.

    -Great lassitude of whole body, feels too weak to talk loudly.

    -He is too weak to hold up his stand and even speak.

    -Paralysis of face, tongue, pharynx, with tingling numbness.

    -Sensation as if parts have gone to sleep.

    -Chilliness with perspiration and heat of skin.

    -Head -Ache in nape and occiput, opening or shuting or emptiness extending to spine.
    -Sensation as if tightly bound by cord, with nausea as if at sea, at each menstrual period, unable to lie on back of head, has to turn to side.

    -Vertigo, as if intoxicated upon rising in bed or by motion of carriage. True vertigo, the world seems to spin. Must lie down from the severity of the vertigo.

    -Vomiting of pregnancy with vertigo.

    -Loss of appetite with metalic taste.

    -Pain in region of liver

    -Sensation in abdomen, of cutting and rubbing on every movement as if sharp stones. Sensation of hollowness in head and other parts.

    -Diarrhoea with sensation in abdomen as if sharp stones being rubbed, more during daytime, no discomfort throughout night. Stool yellow, prolapse rectum after stool.

    -Hernia with incarcerated flatus, especially umbilical when Nux-v fails.

    -The thought and smell of food nauseates the patient.

    -During the menstruation, she is so weak, she is scarcely able to stand from weakness of lower limbs, after each period haemorrhoids.

    -Leucorrhoea in place of menses or in-between periods, like washing of meat, like serum, ichorous, bloody during pregnancy.

    -Knees crack on motion.

    -Convulsions from suppression or non appearance of menses affects the cerebrum. Will not cure convulsions arising from spinal cord.

    -Slowed nerve conduction; has nearly a full second delay before a pin-prick.

    -Generally worse from loss of sleep, even an hour deficit.

    : -Complaints arising from loss of sleep, night watching, fits of anger or grief.

    -Seasickness causes nausea and vomiting.

    -Headache of occiput, nape of neck with sensation as of cord tightly bound, cannot lie down on back must lie down on sides.

    -Sensation of emptiness in various organs of body; sensation as if two stones rubbing against each other.

    -Time passes too quickly, slow in all activities.

    -Anger from least contradiction.

    : -Extreme irritability of the women, with spasms. Weakness.

    -Slowness of comprehension, though grasp in everything.

    -Weakness, paretic conditions- trembling, numbness. Spinal weakness, too weak to hold up head, stand and speak. Abdominal muscles are weak.

    -Irritability- sensitiveness, sensation as if sharp stones are rubbing.

    -Nausea and vomiting and vertigo.

    -Empty hollow feeling.

    -Spasms / cramps.

    -Semi lateral affections, one sidedness.

    : -A/F Late hours of sleep.

    -Nausea and vomiting from riding in carriage boat or rail road car, or even looking a load in motion seasichness / carsickness.

    : -Used locally for destroying body and hair lice.

    -Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    -Motion or sea sickness.

    -Multiple Sclerosis. Neuro degenerative disorders.


    : Compare- Petro, Alum, Con, Puls, Phos-ac, Hell.

    Related to- Gels, Ign, Nux-v.

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