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    Worms (pinworms).

    Irritability, capricious.

    Cannot stand to be touched or even looked at or held. Cannot be quieted.

    Urge for scratching and boring. Striking or pinching.

    Convulsions from being scolded or disciplined, due to worms.

    : Artemisia Maritima.

    : -Worms

    : < Touch 3 < During Sleep 3 > Lying on abdomen 2
    < Being looked at 2 < Full moon 2 > Wiping eyes
    < Worms 2 < Vexation 2 > Motion
    < Staring < Yawning > Shaking head
    < In sun, summer < External pressure > Rocking
    < Cold air, cold water < Open air
    < Looking fixedly at any object

    : -Child very cross, ugly, does not want to be touched, caressed or carried, wants to be rocked.

    -Indifferent to caresses.

    -Very touchy, petulant, dissatisfied.

    -Irritability > rocking fast.

    -Cannot bear to be looked at [Ant-c]. Children stiffen when looked at.

    -Cannot be quieted.

    -Desires many things, but rejects everything offered [Ant-c, Bry, Cham, Staph].

    -Throws things away.

    -Striking in children.

    -Violent screaming attacks at night, child lying on back, striking and kicking with hands and feet.

    -Starting from sleep.

    -Frightened easily on waking
    -Picks at bedclothes.

    -Indisposition to play in children.

    -Causeless weeping.

    : -A children's remedy for big, fat, rosy, scrofulous children.

    -C.N.S.-Convulsions-from being scolded or disciplined.

    -epileptiform, lying on back, violent screams and motion of hands and feet.

    -child becomes suddenly stiff, there is a gurgling noise as through water were poured out of a bottle [Cup-m, Laur, Hydrocy-ac] from throat to abdomen.

    -Spasms-due to worms, unilateral, children throw arms from side to side.

    -Pupils dilated.

    -Face-Dark rings around the eyes with pale, hot face.

    -White and bluish around the mouth.

    -One cheek red, the other pale.

    -Nose-Wants to rub the nose, pick at it, rubs nose on pillow or on the shoulder of the nurse [Mar-v.]
    -Bores nose until it bleeds.

    -G.I.T.-Clean tongue. Whitish sore place on margin of tongue, very painful to touch.

    -Children hungry, the greater the hunger, the greater the emaciation.

    -Hunger; voracious [Iod, Phos, Lyc, Nat-m, Petr, Psor].

    -Hunger even after eating, after vomiting, alternating with loss of appetite, before chill or following sweat, in paraplegia.

    -Canine hunger, during or before intermittent fever.

    -Craving for sweets, bread, dainties, refuses ordinary food.

    -Aversion to mother's milk.

    -Frequent hiccough.

    -Twisting pain about navel [Spigelia] > pressure.

    -Itching of rectum and anus [Teucrium].

    -Urinary system-Urine involuntary at night < every full moon.

    -Urine becomes turbid, immediately white, turns milky on standing [Aurum-mur, Lyc, Phos-ac]

    -Respiratory system-Cough-with sneezing, spasmodic, gagging in the morning.

    -periodic, returning every spring and fall.

    -hacking cough in morning, after rising from irritation, as of dust.

    -Gurgling from throat to stomach after coughing.

    -Child raises herself suddenly before coughing, looks wildly about, becomes stiff, loses consciousness, as if she would have epilepsy, then coughs.

    -Child is afraid to speak or move for fear of bringing on a paroxysm of coughing.

    -Short, interrupted breathing, omission of some inspirations.

    -Extremities-Twitching and jerking, distortion of limbs.

    -Sleep-Cannot sleep until rocked, or kept in constant motion.

    -Child gets on hands and knees in sleep or on abdomen, child flops over on its belly, sleeps better that way, wakes when turns over.

    -Grinds teeth in sleep
    -Starting in sleep.

    -Frightened easily on waking.

    -Fever-In fever, burning heat of face, glowing redness of cheeks, thirst for cold drinks.

    : 1. Child very cross and ugly, does not want to be touched or carried or caressed, wants to be rocked.

    2. Desires many things but rejects everything offered.

    3. Dark rings around eyes; white and bluish around mouth, one cheek red and the other pale.

    4. White mucus like pieces like popped corn, preceded by pinching colic.

    5. Urine turns milky on standing, immediately white.

    6. Child gets on hands and knees on sleep, on abdomen, child flops over on its belly, sleep better that way, wakes when turns over.

    7. Yellow vision.

    : -Wormy child who is boring and pricking his nose most of the time.

    -Grinds the teeth when asleep.

    -Frequently swallowing, as if something came up in the throat, or choking, and coughing from the same cause.

    -Alternating canine hunger and no appetite at all.

    : -Symptoms reflex from worms.

    -Irritation and sensitiveness; child, ugly, does not want to be touched or caressed or carried, wants to be rocked.

    -Sickly aspect - Dark rings around eyes. While and bluish around mouth; one cheek red, one cheek pale.

    -Jerkiness, spasms, rigidity.

    -Abnormal hunger, hungry even after eating, before or during intermittent fever.

    -Alternating symptoms-Headache<-> Pain in abdomen > stooping
    -Hunger <-> Loss of appetite.

    : -Behaviour disorders, Bruxism, Colic, Convulsions, Diarrhoea, Fever, Otitis media, Pertussis, Spasms, Worms (especially Pin worms).

    -In pertussis, after Drosera has relieved the severe symptoms.

    -Has cured aphonia from exposure, when Acon, Phos, Spong have failed.

    -Santonine sometimes cures in worm affections when Cina seems indicated but fails [Mar-v, Spig].

    : -Compare-Arum-t, Cham, Med.

    -Follows well-Ant-t, Dros.

    -Antidoted by-Camph, Caps, Chin, Pip-n, Ip.

    -Antidote to-Caps, Chin, Merc.

    -Complementary-Calc, Dros, Ratanhia.

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