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    Rheumatic, nervous subjects with ovarian irritation and heavy limbs.

    Muscular, neurotic, crampy pains in every part of the body.

    Agitation and pains like electric-shocks.

    Depression, with sensation of a great cloud enveloping her.

    Dreams of impending evil. Illusions of rats and mice.

    : Actea Racemosa

    : Black Snake-root
    Black cohosh

    : Tincture of fresh root

    : Helleboreae

    1) C.N.S- Rheumatic Hyperaemia, chorea, paralysis.

    2) Circulation- Febrile irritation, heart irregular, feeble.

    3) Female- Rheumatic hyperaesthesia.

    : -Fright, anxiety
    -Child bearing
    -Disappointed love
    -Business failures
    -During dentition.

    : < Menstruation suppressed > Warm wraps 2
    < During labour > Open air
    < Emotions > Pressure
    < Alcohol, wine > Continued motion
    < Night > Pressure
    < Puberty, climaxis > Grasping things
    < Change of weather
    < Heat and cold
    < Damp cold weather
    < Motion

    : -Sensation as if heavy black cloud had settled all over her, all is darkness and confusion.

    -Great depression, with dream of impending evil.

    -Fears riding in a closed carriage, of being obliged to jump out.

    -Incessant talking.

    -Illusion of a mouse running under the chair.

    -Puerperal mania or melancholia, tries to injure herself, hysterical. Delirium tremens.

    -Mania following disappearance of neuralgia.

    : -Plump, delicate, sensitive, nervous, chilly women who complain of aching pain in back.

    -Many complaints are depending upon utero-ovarian irritation.

    -Symptoms are irregular, changeable and alternating.

    -Pains are-violent, shooting, aching
    -wander here and there, shock-like
    -with cries and faintness
    -go upwards or side to side.

    -General sick feeling with exhaustion.

    -Physical symptoms alternate with mental symptoms.

    -Causes irritation of spinal cord - Neuritis, neuralgias.

    -Head-Shooting, throbbing pains from overstudy, mental worry, or reflex of uterine disease.

    -Waving sensation, or opening and shutting sensation in brain.

    -Brain feels too large.

    -Pressing outward pain.

    -Eyes-Intense pain in eyeball, from eyes to top of head.

    -Photophobia from artificial light.

    -G.I.T.-Gnawing pain with sinking in epigastrium.

    -Respiratory system-Dry, short cough < speaking.

    -Female genitalia-Epileptiform convulsions at the time of menses.

    -Chorea at puberty with delayed menses.

    -Habitual abortion at the 3rd month in women.

    -Rheumatic dysmenorrhoea, pain as the flow increases.


    -Menses-profuse, dark, coagulated, offensive, irregular.

    -more profuse the flow, greater the suffering.

    -with backache, nervousness.

    -preceeded by pains in ovarian region, shooting up and down the anterior surface of thighs.

    -Pains across pelvis from hip to hip.


    -Left infra-mammary pains.

    -C.V.S.-Heart's action ceases suddenly, impending suffocation.

    -Back-Stiffness and contraction in neck and back.

    -Crick in the back.

    -Extremities-Rheumatic pain in muscles A/F - sewing, typewriting, piano playing.

    -Belly of the muscles feel bruised, sore heavy aching, especially large muscles affected.

    -Muscular soreness with uneasy, restless feeling in the limbs.

    -Stiffness in Tendo Achilles.

    -Skin-Facial blemishes in young women.

    : 1. Mania following disappearance of neuralgias.

    2. Illusion of a mouse running from under her chair.

    3. The more the menstrual flow the greater the suffering.

    : -Dysmenorrhoea. Menses irregular, with exhaustion and pain, with mental symptoms during flow.

    -Habitual abortion in 3rd month.

    -Pains -severe, shooting, stitching, shock-like, changes the location, from hip to hip, ovary to ovary.

    -Rheumatic affections of belly of muscles A/F - overexertion, with sore, bruised feeling.

    : -Complaints of females, who are chilly, plump, delicate.

    -Complaints usually of utero-ovarian nature.

    -Melancholy, nervousness, great mental depression.

    -Hysterical or epileptiform spasms.

    -Neuritis or neuralgias.

    -Pains are sharp, lancinating, electric like, shooting, intense in nature.

    -Rheumatic affections in females, with generalised sore bruised feeling all over.

    -Rheumatism of belly of muscles.

    : -Amenorrhoea, Angina pectoris, Intercostal rheumatism, Migraine, Ovarian irritation,
    Stiff neck, Uterine cramps.

    -Given before term, it renders labour easier, cures sickness of pregnancy, prevents after pains.

    -Has ensured safe delivery in women who have previously born dead children without any discovered cause.

    : -Compare-Agar, Aristolochia milhomens, Caulo, Derris pinnata, Lil-t, Macrotin,
    Puls, Rhamnus californica.

    -Similar to Caullophylum and Puls in rheumatic and uterine affections.

    -Similar to Aconite in fear of death and restlessness.

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