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    Violent convulsions followed by prolonged unconsciousness and utter prostration. Jerks, twitchings, sudden shocks, rigidity, spasms. Frightful facial contortions. Loud hiccoughs. Childish and retarded. Strabismus.

    : Water hemlock

    : Tincture of fresh root at flowering time.

    : Umbelliferae.

    : -Dentition -Worms -Concussions of brain and spine
    -Head/S emission of flatus -Indigestion -During and after labor
    -From opium -Fall or blow -Suppressed eruptions
    -Puerperal period -Birth injuries -Suppressed menses
    -Mechanical injuries- splinter in flesh.

    : < Night < Touch 3 > Warmth
    < Noise 3 < Jar 3 > Thinking of the complaints
    < Concussions < Draughts
    < Tobacco smoke

    : -CHILDISH, SILLY, excited. Delusion, he is a child again and acts like a child, feels like a child. Childish behaviour, sings, dances, shouts, moaning, howling, weeping. Look "like an angel" after convulsions.


    -RETARDATION (Bufo, Bar-c, Bar-m) after head injury.

    -AVERSION TO MEN, contempt for -, shuns the foolishness of.

    -Aversion to company, avoids the sight of people; to presence of strangers.

    -Excessively affected by sad stories. Horrible things affect her profoundly. Sad when seeing others happy.

    -Confusion - Confounds present with the past.

    -Mania, with dancing, laughing and ridiculous gestures.

    -Feels as if in a strange place. Does not remember what has happened, does not recognize any body, but answers well. Answers when spoken to, yet knows no one.

    -Falls to ground and rolls about.

    -Suspicious or mistrustful.

    : -Suited for women subjected to epileptic, choreic, convulsions, spasms; of teething children, or from worms.

    -During dentition, grinding of teeth, gums, compression of jaws, as in lock jaw.

    -Suffer VIOLENT SHOCKS through head, stomach, arms, legs, which causes jerking of parts, head hot. Electric-like shock sensation.

    -CONVULSIONS-After injuries to head, spine (Arn, Hyper, Nat-s).

    -In pregnancy, eclampsia, meningitis, encephalitis.

    -PUERPERAL convulsion - frequent suspension of breathing for a few moments, as if dead; upper part of body most affected, CONTINUE AFTER DELIVERY
    -When touched, from noise or jar.

    -Grand mal and petit mal in the same person.

    -Multiple, one fit followed by the other (main remedy).

    -Shrieking before (Cupr, Op) convulsions.

    -Anxious before convulsions.

    -Starting in head, going downward.

    -Grimaces face.

    -Drawing head backwards. Arching the back.


    -VIOLENT with contortions of whole body and distortions of limbs. RIGIDITY - Spasms in muscles, so great that neither the curved limbs can be straightened nor the straight ones curved. Whole body becomes HARD like WOOD.

    -Biting tongue.

    -Vomiting (during or alternating).

    -With loss of consciousness.

    -Long post-ictal state (>30 min).

    -Placid between the convulsions.

    -EPILEPSY- with swelling of stomach, as from violent spasms of diaphragm, screaming, red or bluish face, lock jaw, loss of consciousness and distortion of limbs, frequently during night, recurring initially at short, then at long intervals.

    -SPASMS more DOWNWARDS, with terrific VIOLENCE followed by utter prostration.

    -Produces SPASMODIC AFFECTIONS- hiccough, trismus, tetanus, convulsion.

    -Craving- for chalk, clay, lime, indigestible things, coal or charcoal, child eats them with relish.

    -Head-Jerking and twisting of head to one side; head symptoms > by thinking of it.

    -Eyes-Convergent STRABISMUS (also periodical).

    -Rolling, jerking, staring.

    -Initially contraction of pupil followed by dilatation.

    -When reading, letters seem to turn, go up or down or disappear.

    -Ears-Sudden loud reports in ear, especially on swallowing.

    -Haemorrhage from ears.

    -Face-Frightful distortions.


    -Stomach-Throbbing in pit of stomach, which is swollen as large as a fist.

    -LOUD HICCOUGH, with crying, <-> with throat spasm.

    -Extremities-Jerking in left arm all the day.

    -Swings feet in half circle while walking.

    -Skin-Eruptions-especially on head, scalp, corners of mouth, nasty pustules, vesicles, get infected, ooze, forming lemon-colored crusts.

    -Without itching (Cupr-ac).

    -Skin disorders with convulsions- Cic, Bufo, Cupr, Zinc. (Cupr and Zinc- skin <-->convulsions).

    -Suppressed skin eruption causes brain disease.


    : 1) Childish behaviour, dancing, laughing, gestures.

    2) Excessively VIOLENT convulsion with FRIGHTFUL DISTORTIONS.

    3) Craving for chalk or indigestible things, coal or charcoal.

    4) Bending of head and back backwards, OPISTHOTONOUS.

    5) VIOLENT SHOCKS through whole body.

    6) Pustules which run together, to form THICK YELLOW SCABS.

    7) Brain disease from suppressed eruptions.

    : -VIOLENCE - VIOLENT convulsion, hiccough, distortions, strange desires, vertigo.

    -SPASMS - Clonic, tonic, dentitional, pregnancy.

    -DOWNWARD DIRECTION - Violent spasms which moves downwards.

    -RIGIDITY, Bending backwards.

    -STRANGE DESIRES - Coal, chalk, indigestible.

    -INJURIES - Trismus, tetanus.

    -Suppressions of eruption causes brain disease.

    -HONEY - COLOURED SCABS - with no itching especially of left scalp.


    : 1) Convulsion with violent distortions of body, sudden shocks through all over, with loss of consciousness, opisthotonous and moving in downward direction.

    2) Craving for strange things- coal.

    3) Rigidity of whole body- as hard as wood.

    : -Convulsions, Head injury, Mental retardation, Ophistotonus, Seizure disorder, Strabismus, Twitches, Spasms.

    -During dentition or worms, if Cina fails.

    -Concussions of brain or spinal cord - chronic effects if Arnica fails.

    -Nearly a specific in epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis- Dr. Lilienthal.

    : -Compare -Art-v, Bar-m, Bufo, Con, Cupr, Oenanthe Crocata, Hyper, Hyos, Hell, Nat-s, Nux-v, Strych.

    -Antidoted By - Arn, Op, Tobacco.

    -Antidoted to - Opium.

    -Compatible after - Lach, Ars, Con, Cupr.

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