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    Peevish, whining restless, impolite, snappy, uncivil, capricious, impatient.

    Desires to be carried fast.

    Sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot and numb.

    Earache, swelling and heat, driving the patient frantic.

    Toothache worse after warm drink.

    Colic from anger. Hot, green, slimy stools.

    Uterine haemorrhage of dark blood with labour-like pains.

    Ankles give way in the afternoon.

    : Chamomilla Matricara

    : German Chamomile

    : Compositae

    : Tincture of whole fresh plant.

    PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION-1) Hyperaesthesia of sentient nerve fibres.

    2) Digestive organs- Excessive acidity.

    3)Portal congestion.

    : -Abuse of coffee 3, narcotics
    -Anger, vexation 3
    -Dentition 3

    : < Anger 3 < Night 3 > Being carried about 2
    < Dentition 2 < Coffee, narcotics 2 > Warm wet weather 2 (Mild weather)
    < 9 p.m.2 < Evening, before midnight 2 > Cold applications 2
    < Damp, cold weather < Drafts; > Fasting
    < Alcohol < Lying in bed > Heat
    < Music < Eructations > Sweating
    < Open air < Warmth
    < Covering < Touch
    < Evening < After suppressed perspiration
    < After breakfast

    : -Complaints from anger and vexation.

    -Whinning restlessness.

    -Child wants many things, which he then refuses with disdain and discourtesy [Ant-c,
    Ant-t, Bry, Cina, Kreos, Iod].

    -Piteous moaning because child cannot have what he wants.

    -Child can be quieted only when carried about or petted constantly.

    -Ugly in behaviour, cross, uncivil, quarrelsome.

    -Snappish - cannot return a civil answer.

    -Vexed at every trifle.

    -Anger from pain.

    -Impatient; intolerant of being spoken to or interrupted when spoken to.

    -Aversion to being touched or even looked at.

    -Fear of wind.

    -Kicks when carried and becomes stiff.

    -Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences [Nat-m].

    -Indifference to pleasure.

    -Sensitive to music, noise.

    -Weeping in sleep.

    : -Offensiveness; foul smelling discharges like rotten eggs.

    -All complaints are worse in the evening and night upto midnight

    -Oversensitiveness; irritable, thirsty, hot numb.

    -Pains-Unendurable, excessive sensitiveness to pain, becomes mad with pain

    -Pains with numbness [Acon, Rhus-t, Plat, Kalmia, Gnaph].

    -Pains with prostration, even to sinking down.

    -Pains > coffee, heat, except teeth and jaws.

    -Hot discharges - stools, sweat urine.

    -Hot and thirsty. Warm blooded though many local complaints > heat.

    -Mental and Physical symptoms appear in paroxysms, irritability, restlessness, colic.

    -Complaints at the time of dentition.

    -Tendency to spasm, convulsion from anger, during dentition.

    -Head-Headache from suppressed perspiration.

    < thinking of it > when MIND: is engaged
    < sudden stooping > bending head backwards
    < mental exertion
    < morning and 9 p.m.

    -Ears-Earache and soreness, swelling and heat from ears, driving patient frantic < touch, wind.

    -Face-One cheek red and hot, other pale and cold.

    -Face sweats after eating and drinking.

    -Mouth-Toothache if anything warm is taken into the mouth [Bismuth, Bry, Coff] < warm drinks, coffee, after eating, getting warm in bed, night.

    -Toothache from cold drinks [ Morrison].

    -Toothache during pregnancy, during menses, on entering a warm room.

    -Painful teething and dentition.

    -G.I.T.-Aversion to warm drinks and coffee.

    -Thirst for cold drinks, cold water, sour drinks.

    -Pressive gastralgia, as from a stone [Abus -c, Bry, Nux-v] after eating a little.

    -Flatulent colic; after anger with red cheeks and hot perspiration.

    -Cutting wind colic < night > warm applications
    < urinating > drinking coffee.

    -Abdomen distended like a drum, sensitive to touch, wind passes off in small quantities.

    -Eructations tasting like rotten eggs.

    -Stools like chopped white yellow mucous, like chopped eggsor spinach.

    -Diarrhoea during dentition, from cold, anger, tobacco, from downward motion [Borax, Sanicula].

    -Stools-sour, grass green or lienteric, smelling like bad eggs.

    -Female genitalia-Menses; profuse discharge of dark, clotted blood and labour-like pains which may extend to the thighs [Vib, Xanth]
    -Temper < before and during flow [Nux is conscious of it, Chamomilla is not].

    -Nipples inflamed, tender to touch [Helonias, Phyt]. Infants breast tender.

    -Leucorrhoea yellow, acrid [Ars, Sep, Sulph] dark, lumpy.

    -Milk spoiled, baby will not suck.

    -Drawing from sacral region forward, griping pinching in uterus followed by discharge of large clots of blood. -Rigid os preventing parturition.

    -Respiratory system-Tickling in throat pit causing irritable, dry, tickling cough.

    -Cough < 9-12 p.m., doesn't wake up the child [Calc-c, Psor], < Cold weather winter.

    -Asthma from anger < dry weather > bending head back.

    -Extremities-Burning of soles at night, puts them out of bed. [Sulph, Medo, Puls, Sang].

    -Ankles give way in the afternoon, feels as if she is walking on the ends of bones of her legs.

    -Rheumatism compels the patient to move about [Rhus-t, Fer-m, Verat-a] < night in bed.

    -Sleep-Drowsiness during day but cannot sleep if he lies down [Bell, Caust, Opium].

    -Sleeplessness from pain.

    -Fever-Chill of posterior part and heat of anterior part of body or vice-versa

    -Fever; one sided chill, face flushed on one cheek.

    -Perspiration of covered parts, scalp [Perspiration of uncovered parts - Thuja] thirsty, restlessness and irritability [ Morrison].

    -C.N.S.-Convulsions in children from nursing, after a fit of anger in the mother [Nux-v] [After fright in mother - Opium].

    : 1. Highly irritable, peevish, ugly, uncivil. Mental calmness contraindicates Chamomilla.

    2. Pains; unendurable with numbness of affected parts.

    3. One cheek red and hot, the other pale and cold.

    4. Toothache < warm drinks.

    5. Dry cough at night during sleep which does not waken the child.

    : 1. Mental irritability with oversensitiveness.

    2. Pains- terrible, unendurable, associated with numbness.

    3. Hot sweat with pains.

    : -Indicated in oversensitive states from abuse of coffee or narcotics.

    -Pains are unendurable, cause anger and numbness.

    -Especially useful in diseases of children where peevishness, restlessness, colic and convulsions are the important indications.

    -A disposition that is mild, calm, gentle, sluggish, constipated bowels, contraindicate Chamomilla.

    : -For nervous reaction to local anaesthesia- Chamomilla, Gelsemium.

    A dose of Chamomilla will do wonders to quiet both child, adult and make the tolerance for drilling and grinding amazingly easier- Dr. W.W. Robinson.

    -Chamomilla for muscular and nerve pain; valuable especially in the aftermath of injury in children, will have more of a sedative effect than codiene- Dr. C.C. Boericke.

    -Asthmatic attack induced by anger- Dr. Krichbaum.

    -Chamomilla is a valuable remedy in labour, the pains shoot upward or pass off down the inner aspect of thigh. The patient is cranky, orders the doctors out of the room. It is also useful for post-partum pains when the patient has stood a good deal, is hypersensitive and worn out - Homoeopathic Recorder Aug. 32.

    -Hartman's recommendation of Chamomilla in flatulent colic is where the flatus seems to collect in several spots in the abdomen as if incarcerated- Dr. Hughes.
    -In the sleeplessness, restlessness, nervous disorders of children and females,
    Coffee cruda is a sovereign remedy, second only to Chamomilla.

    -Bad effects of narcotics - Chamomilla, Acetic Acid- Dr. Boericke
    -Chamomilla has been found useful in antidoting the desire for morphia-Dr. Foubister.

    -Dr. Tyrell once said to me- When the husband complains of the wife being irritable and cross, and he cannot get along with her give him a dose of Chamomilla it has worked- Dr. Edwards.

    : -Complementary- Calc-c, Mag-c, Sanic.

    -Inimical- Sulph.

    -Antidotes- Acon, Coff-c, Ign, Nux-v, Puls.

    -Incompatible- Zinc.

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