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    Pains erratic, drawing, cramping, shooting, rheumatic. Labour pains weak,
    irregular, false and fly about to the breasts. Habitual miscarriage.

    Sore nodes on finger joints.

    Rheumatism of small joints.

    : - Blue Cohosh.
    - Squaw Root.

    : Berberidaceae

    : Tincture or trituration of root.

    The root is used for preparation of tincture.

    A popular woman's remedy with marked action on the female system and on joint causing rheumatism.

    : - Pregnancy
    - Parturition
    - Lactation.

    : < Suppressed menses
    < Open air
    < Pregnancy

    : - Fretful tension, nervous and excitable, hysterical.

    - Fearsome. Fear of pregnancy, false conception.

    - Memory weak, prostration of mind after abortion.

    - Irritability after abortion. Anger, irritability during menses.

    - Delusion - that she is pregnant.

    - Sleepless and restless with chorea.

    : -Suited best to women of a nervous temperament and a rheumatic; gouty diathesis with complaints during pregnancy, parturition and lactation; drooping of eyelids.

    -Pains-ERRATIC, flying about; intermittent and irregular.

    -Hysterical or epileptiform convulsions or spasms at puberty, during dysmenorrhoea with late menses.

    -Internal trembling.


    -G.I.T.-Vomiting of uterine origin.

    -Urinary system-Albuminuria.

    -Female genitalia-Late menses. Dysmenorrhoea.

    -Extraordinary rigidity of the os. Vaginal spasms.

    -INERTIA OF UTERUS, metrorrhagia or excessive bleeding post partum due to weak uterine musculature.

    -Revives the labour pains when patient is exhausted due to prolonged pains. Pains FLYING, weak and irregular.

    -False labour pains. Uterine atony. ARRESTED LABOUR.

    The cervix remains rigid and the contractions has no coordination and may change in location, causing ineffectual labour.

    -Passive haemorrhage after hasty labour.

    -After pains- the cervix pains go across lower abdomen to groins.

    -Leucorrhoea profuse and acrid in little girls, with moth spots on forehead.

    -Leucorrhoea preventing pregnancy.

    -Habitual abortions from uterine debility want of uterine tonicity.

    -Miscarriage in the FIRST TRIMESTER.

    -Infertility. Amenorrhoea.

    -Extremities-Rheumatic affections of small joints, FINGERS, wrists, ankles.

    -Pains intermittent, spasmodic, erratic, flying pains.

    -Sore nodes on fingers tips.

    -Aching, sore lower limbs before menses.

    -Paraplegia, after childbirth.

    -Skin-Chloasma on neck.

    : 1) Internal trembling.

    2) Labour pain flying in all directions with no progress of labour.

    3) Leucorrhoea in little girls.

    4) Leucorrhoea preventing pregnancy.

    5) Habitual abortions due to want of uterine tonicity and leucorrhoea.

    6) Rheumatic affections of small joints with intermittent, spasmodic, erratic pains.

    : 1)Nervous women of gouty diathesis with complaints during pregnancy, parturition and lactation with uterine atony.

    2)Weak irregular labour pains with no progress. Protracted exhausting after pains.

    3)Habitual abortions.

    4)Rheumatic affections of small joints.

    : 1) Moth spots on forehead with leucorrhoea. Chloasma on neck.

    2) Chorea during puberty dysmenorrhoea.

    3) Sore rheumatism nodes on finger tips.

    : -Abortions, Arthritis, Dysmenorrhoea, Infertility, Labour arrested, Leucorrhoea,
    Metrorrhagia, Vaginitis.

    -In Rheumatoid arthritis in women beginning at menopause -Dr.Tyler.

    : -Compare-Caust, Cimic, Puls, Sab, Sep, Xanth, Vib.

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