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    Strong, passionate, intense, sensitive, sympathetic, timid, fastidious.

    Desire for travel and excitement. Desires dancing and music.

    Loves the excitement of thunderstorms.

    Suppression and abuse during childhood. >at sea.

    Moles, naevi, blue sclera.

    Sleeps in knee-chest position.

    : Nosode from carcinoma

    : -Fright, acute or long standing unhappiness or grief
    -Strict parents with lot of discipline
    -Too much of expectation from children

    : < Sea 3 > Sea.

    < Afternoon > Evening
    < 1 to 6 p.m. > Short naps
    < 5 to 6 p.m. > Knee elbow position
    < Consolation

    : -History of suppression and abuse in childhood.

    -Strong, deep bonds with the family.

    -Passionate and longing patients who over extend themselves on many levels.

    -Very sensitive and romantic.

    -Fastidious, perfectionist.

    -Sympathetic, sensitive, romantic persons.


    -Desire for travel.

    -Desires dancing and music.

    -Loves animals, bright colors.

    -The patient loves the excitement of thunderstorms.



    -Fears of-health
    -Difficult concentration, dullness, extremely forgetful.

    -Mental retardation.

    -Aversion to reprimands or contradiction.

    -Anxiety and anticipatory worries.

    -Strong sense of duty.

    -Too much responsibility at a young age.

    -Child has to be better in life `Always come first'. A lot of parental domination.

    -Restless children, with destructive out bursts.

    -Artistic people.

    -They dislike, and are intolerant of consolation.

    : -It is claimed that Carcinosin acts favourably and modifies all cases in which either a history of carcinoma can be elicited or symptoms of the disease itself exist.

    -Adapted to person with a fair complexion, blue sclera, 'cafe au lait' complexion or numerous moles.

    -Past history of Tuberculosis, Pneumonia or Whooping cough in 1st decade of life or infancy.

    -Family history of Tuberculosis, Cancer, suicidal tendency, mentally retarded sibling. " Never well since mononucleosis", or pertussis.

    -Chilly patient, warm blooded and < from heat.

    -Marked alternation of symptoms.

    -Tendency to induration of glands which are hard, painful.

    -Discharge-thin, watery, acrid and profuse.

    -Carcinosin is worse or better at the seaside, and often is worse at the east coast, and better on the southcoast or vice-versa.

    -Illness develops at the time of puberty.

    -Periodicity of symptoms.

    -Head-Headache after injuries of the head.

    -Respiratory system-Tendency to Chronic cough and cold, whooping cough, upper respiratory tract infection.

    -< singing, talking, exposure to cold, yawning, undressing,
    -Deep seated cough arising from stomach.

    -G.I.T.-Vomiting from anticipation.

    -Vomiting alternating with diarrhoea.

    -Seasickness, Travelling sickness.

    -Desire or an aversion to one or more of the following - salt 3, milk, eggs, fat, meat 3, fruit 2.

    -Desires cold drinks, alcoholic drink, butter, chocolates, sweets, spicy food, onions, garlic, ham fat.

    -Male genitalia-Masturbation in children.

    -Female genitalia-Breast cancer- nodular, painful, hard, indurated swelling.

    -Discharge-watery, thin, bloody, very offensive.

    -Sleep-Sleeps in knee-elbow position or one hand on the head.

    -Marked loss of sleep or sleeplessness insomnia in children.

    -Sleeplessness in children from birth.

    : 1) < or > at the sea side.

    2) Lies in knee-chest position which >.

    3) Insomnia in children.

    4) Patient loves the excitement of thunderstorm.

    : -Carcinosin acts favourably and modifies all cases, in which, either history of carcinoma can be elicited, or symptoms of the disease itself exist.

    -Family history of cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis.

    -Personal history of excessive parental control, prolonged fear or unhappiness.

    : 1) Person with fair complexion, blue sclera, `cafe au lait' complexion, with numerous moles.

    2) Fastidiousness and perfectionist.

    3) Seaside < or >.

    4) Lies knee elbow position which >.

    : -Abscess, Acne, Allergy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Colitis, Constipation, Delayed milestones, Diabetes, Dysmenorrhoea, Immune deficiency, Insomnia, Moles, Naevi, Ovarian cysts, Premenstrual syndrome, Rectal prolapse, Sinusitis, Tics.

    : -Compare-Sep-Indifference, irritability, chilly, averse to sex, weakness, fatigue.

    -Arg-n, Aster, Bufo, Calc, Camph, Carb-an, Chin, Con, Lyc, Med, Nit-ac, Phyto, Tub.

    -Complimentary-Ars, Kali-c, Phos.

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