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    Universal antidote to homoeopathic remedies.
    Painful coldness. Icy cold, yet averse to covers, with internal burning heat and anxiety. Sudden weakness. Dry collapse, scanty or retained discharges.

    : - Shock from injury
    - Free discharges 2
    - Cold; drafts 2
    - Suppressed eruptions, perspiration, discharges
    - Cold air
    - Sunstroke
    - Vexation
    - Operations

    < When half asleep 2 < Shock > Sweat 2
    < Mental exertion < Inattention > Thinking of complaints 3
    < SUPPRESSIONS < Motion > Drinking cold. water
    < Night < Darkness > Open air
    < Touch > Warmth

    : 1) Attacks of TERROR BY NIGHT, afraid to go to sleep at night.

    2) Desire for company at night; anguish at night as if dying.

    3) Great anxiety and extreme restlessness.

    4) Feels she is going to die; relieved when she finds himself alive.

    5) Religious despair.

    6) Loquacious with hasty speech, speech incoherent, wandering.

    7) Lewdness, destructiveness of clothes.

    8) Wants to jump out of bed or window, does not like anyone near him.

    Nothing satisfies him.

    9) Closes her eyes and answers no questions.

    10) Quarrelsome, rage with mania to dispute.

    11) Feels unloved by family, forsaken or isolated.

    : -Bad effects of SHOCK from injury, infection or exposure. Surface of the body cold, face pale, blue lips, livid profound prostration.

    -COLDNESS, CRAMPS and CONVULSIONS with mental anguish.

    -Patient becomes icy cold yet he is AVERSE TO COVERS (Carb-v, Sec-c) or wants them off and then on alternately with internal burning heat and anxiousness. Very sensitive to cold air or taking cold. Inhaled air seems cold. Skin and breath cold. (Verat, Jatr).

    -Internal heat and external coldness.

    -Feeling as if cold wind were blowing over the body.

    -COLLAPSED CONDITION with coldness and lividity.

    -SCANTINESS or RETENTION of discharges. i.e. Dry collapse with little vomiting and purging in cholera.

    -In acute complaints, there is VIOLENT THIRST, in chronic complaints thirstlessness.

    -Camphor, antidotes nearly every vegetable medicine; also tobacco, fruits containing prussic acid. Poisonous mushrooms, should not be allowed in the sick room in the crude form.

    -Sleep extends into a coma.

    - Head-Pains fleeting, stitches in temporal region and orbits.

    - Occipital throbbing synchronous with the pulse.

    -Face-Nose cold and pointed.

    -Bluish, old, pinched look.

    -Mouth drawn into a grinning position, Risus sardonicus.

    -G.I.T.-Sudden attacks of vomiting and diarrhoea.

    -Cramps in the stomach and bowels spreading to other parts of body, especially in calf muscles, until there are convulsions and opisthotonous.

    -Respiratory system-First stages of a cold, with chilliness and sneezing.

    -Hoarse, squeaking voice.

    -Asphyxia neonatorum.

    -Cold breath.

    -Chilly, below scapulae, before colds.

    -Pneumonia or bronchitis with collapse (Laur, Ant-t).

    -C.V.S.-Camphor is used as a heart stimulant for emergency.

    -C.N.S.-Violent convulsions with wandering and hysterical excitement.

    -Tetanic spasms, with showing of the teeth with retraction of the lips, followed by stupor with coldness.

    -Thumbs cramp backwards.

    -Cramps in calves.

    -Urinary system-Strangury.


    -Nephritis. Green urine.

    -Cystitis with burning dysuria.

    -Genitalia-Sexual excitement, satyriasis.

    -Extremities-Arthritic pains felt as cold and painful.

    -Cold spots.

    -Cold hands and feet.

    -cramps in feet, especially the dorsum of the foot.

    -Fever-Shaking chill with cold skin.

    -Wants covers during the hot stage only.

    -Covers during fever, uncovers once skin becomes cold (Kent).

    -Sudden inflammatory fevers with rapid alternation of heat and cold, followed by rapid prostration.

    -Heat or sweat >covers.

    -Skin-Measles and scarlatina when eruption does not appear with pale or cold blue hippocratic face, chill will not be covered.

    -Dry skin.



    : 1) Icy coldness of surface, yet aversion to covering, and then on alternately with internal burning heat and anxiousness.

    2) Collapsed condition with coldness and lividity.

    3) Scantiness or retention of discharges. Dry collapse with little vomiting and purging.

    4) Cramps in the stomach and bowels spreading to other parts of body especially in calf muscles.

    5) Pains are >thinking of them.

    : 1) A state of collapse or shock with coldness, cramps, convulsions and mental anguish.

    2) Icy coldness of the body yet aversion to covering, throws off all the covers, alternately with internal burning heat and anxiousness.

    : 1) Icy coldness of the body in collapsed condition yet aversion to covering, alternating with internal burning heat and anxiousness.

    2) Scantiness or retention of discharges.

    3) Cramps in stomach and bowels spreading to other parts, like calf muscles.

    4) Very sensitive to cold air or taking cold.

    5) Pains are better by thinking of them.

    : -Asphyxia neonatorum, Cholera, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Collapse with chills,
    Dysentery, Fainting, Inflammatory fevers, Influenza, nephritis, Pneumonia, Sepsis,
    Sunstroke, Urinary tract infections.

    -It is an universal antidote to all vegetable drugs.

    -Always give camphor in sugar or milk- Dr. Tyler.

    : -Compare-Ars, Camphoric acid, Carb-v, Cup, Laffa acutangula, Laur, Op, Phos, Sec-c, Verat.

    -Incompatible- Kali-nit.

    -Complementary- Canth.

    -Antidotes- Opium, Nit-r-sp-dulc, Phos.

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