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    Chilly. Glandular. Sour. Soft. Delayed. Faulty bony development - open fontanelles.

    : Calcarea Ostrearum.

    : Carbonate of lime.

    : This remedy is a trituration of the middle layer of the oyster shell.

    : - Alcohol, cold, moist, winds 2, self abuse 2. Injury to lower spine, over lifting, strains.

    Mental strains, loss of fluids, suppressed sweat, suppressed menses,
    suppressed eruptions. Fright, dentition, cold bathing.

    Disease arising from defective assimilation and ossification.

    : < Cold wet weather 3 < Warm air 3 < Bathing 3
    < Change of weather < Ascending 2 < Eye strain
    < Puberty < Pressure of clothes 3 < Milk
    < Awaking < Full moon < Standing
    < Looking up < Turning head < Climaxis
    < Dentition 3 < Physical exertion2
    > Dry climate and weather > Sneezing (headache). > Rubbing
    > Scratching > After breakfast > Dark
    > Wiping or soothing with hands > Lying on painful side, on back > Heat.

    : -Hard working, overworking, capable, conscientious, over-responsible, take on too much. < Getting overworked. Life is completing your task-list. Can not relax.

    Works to exhaustion then must give up his job all together.

    -Restlessness (nervous and typhoid fever)
    -Practical, down to earth.


    -Timid and restless as if an evil was impending over her, weakness of mind, lack of confidence and determination.

    -FEARS: HIGH PLACES, MICE, insects, rats, spiders, dogs, dark
    INFECTION, CANCER, poverty, claustrophobia,
    Earthquakes, storms, accidents,
    STATE, A fear of the unknown. Many small fears.

    -Fears she has a fatal disease, especially heart disease, fear of being unfortunate.

    -Evil forebodings, talks of mice, rats, murders.

    -Great apprehension which < towards evening, fears that she will loose her reason and people will notice her mental confusion, very forgetful.

    -Anxiety about health, future. Worry about small things.

    -Slowness in learning
    -Despair of recovery.

    -Dejected and melancholic, great anguish with palpitation. Sees visions on closing eyes (so, useful in delirium tremens) cries out, twitches, grasps at flocks, anxious though unconscious.

    -Indifference, apathy to conversation, aversion to others. Tendency to make mistakes in speaking and to take one word for another.

    -Peevish, always obstinate and self willed, aversion and repugnance to work with great irritability.

    -Solitude is a burden to her, with coldness of face, of hands and feet. Great desire to be magnetised (Phos, Sil).

    -The least mental excitement causes profuse return of menstrual flow.

    -Weeping disposition even about trifles, variation and lamentation on account of old offences, disposition to take everything in bad part.

    -Horrible things, sad stories affect them profoundly.


    -Inability to apply himself, sits and breaks sticks all day long.

    -Preoocupation with metaphysical concerns, such as life after death, reincarnation etc.

    : -Constitution- Children with cold feet, emaciated extremities, enlarged abdomen, stomach distended like an inverted saucer. Cold and sensitive to cold. Pale waxy face, large head, open fontanelles and sutures. Sweats easily, specially on back side of the head and neck, wets the pillow. For swollen glands. SLOWNESS.

    -Fat, fair, flabby, patient who becomes easily fatigued and tired on walking, much sweating, slow in movement.

    -Calcarea has the following definite pictures in provings:
    -First is the teething picture, in addition to above mentioned, the gums are swollen throbbing, sore, dentition is delayed. Milk disagrees and vomits sour water, sour curds, soreness runs through the remedy, teething cough.

    -Second picture is of rickets, a fat fair pallid child dumped down onto a chair sits there, no wriggling down to wonder about, dull, sweats exceedingly even in cold or cold room.

    -Third picture is of anaemia. The leucophlegmatic patient, puffy with a frog hand so boneless, so moist and cold. Patient is weak, with palpitation, breathless, sensation of chest too full of blood, head too full of blood.

    -Fourth type is the tuberculosis type- Hard swollen glands, submaxillary, in both groins ulcers with induration about them. Night sweats.

    -Physically two body types: Obese, flabby.

    Thin, lean.


    -Very active, healthy old people.

    -COLDNESS in general and of single parts, of head, of stomach, legs, which are habitually cold and damp as if they had a cold damp stocking on.

    -SLOWNESS in development, in teething, in walking, in learning and grasping. Movements are slow, cannot tolerate exertion, mental and physical.

    -SOURNESS of discharges eructations stools, sweat whole body smells sour.

    -Defective bone development, imperfect ossification, curvature of bones, open fontanelles.

    -Glandular enlargement, inflammation, induration of all lymph glands.

    -Tendency to growth of polyps in nose, ear, vagina, bladder.

    -Tendency to excoriation and ulceration of skin

    -Desire: SWEETS, sugar, ice cream, salt, SOFT BOILED EGGS, starch.

    Craves eggs especially during sickness or convalescence, for indigestible things (Alumina, Nit-ac, Cina, Cicuta, Psor)-chalk, pencils, eggs, farinaceous.

    Longing for fresh air (Puls, Sulph).

    -Aversion to meat (Graph, Alum, Puls, Mur-ac), boiled things, milk disagrees, fat food, coffee, slimy food, hot food.

    -Head-Icy coldness in and on the head, much perspiration, wets the pillow.

    -Big head with large hard abdomen, open fontanelles.

    -Scratches head on waking.

    -Thick, foul, milk crusts with swollen cervical gland

    -Vertigo-On high places, on turning head quickly.

    -Face-Lines, squares, across forehead.

    -Eyes-Dilatation of pupils, great photophobia.

    -Ear-Recurrent otitis, right side (Bell- acute).

    -Polyps in ears which bleed easily.

    -Muco purulent otorrhoea with enlarged glands.

    -Nose-POLYPS, with swelling at the root of nose.

    -Allergy, especially right sided.

    -Sinusitis. Hayfever.

    -Takes cold at every change of weather, swelling of nose, upper lip in children.

    -Swelled nose and upper lip (Bar-c, Sulph).

    -Mouth-Persistent sour taste. Mouth fills with sour water.

    -Offensive smell from mouth.

    -Dryness of tongue with great thirst in afternoon.

    -Bleeding gums, toothache

    -Throat-Goitre. Thyroid problems, especially hyperthyroid state.

    -Swelling of tonsils with stitches on swallowing.

    -Stomach-Nervous eating.

    -Frequent sour eructations, sour vomiting, loss of appetite when overworked.

    -Cramps in stomach, heart burn and loud belching.

    -Stomach swollen like an inverted saucer is very painful to pressure.

    -Abdomen-Gall-stone colic, liver region painful < stooping
    -Distention with hardness
    -Inguinal and mesenteric glands swollen and painful.


    -Rectum-Habitually constipated, feels better in every way when constipated.

    -Constipation, without urge.

    -Stools hard, large has to be removed mechanically (Aloe, Sanic, Sel, Sep, Sil, ) first hard then pasty, then liquid.

    -Children's diarrhoea, sour with undigested food.

    -Male genitalia-Frequent emission, premature ejaculation, weakness, irritability after coition.

    -Female genitalia-For women whose first menstruation is at very early age.

    -Fibroids in uterus, myoma.

    -Menses too early, too profuse, too long.

    -Menses return with slightest mental excitement.

    -Menses with vertigo, toothache, cold and damp feet.

    -Before menses - headache, colic, chilliness, leucorrhoea, tender breast (Caulophyllum)
    -Leucorrhoea - milky (Sepia), acrid in young girls(Caulophyllum).

    -For too abundant milk flow or deficient milk flow.

    -Respiration-Painless, hoarseness

    -Breathlessness, suffocating spells, tightness and soreness in chest < going upstairs, must sit up.

    -Chest sensitive to touch, percussion and pressure.

    -Tickling cough

    Expectoration thick, yellow, sour, bloody, scanty, sour.

    -For tuberculosis in tall, slender rapidly growing young people.

    -Affection of upper third of right lung.

    -Back-Curvature of spine. Pott's disease.

    -Lumbago, sciatica.

    -Backache as if sprained from overlifting
    -Pain in joints with arthritic nodosites.

    -Extremities-Cold, clammy hands and feet.

    -COLD DAMP FEET on going to sleep, get warm during night, uncovers them, perspiration.

    -Arthritis < cold damp.

    -Nails brittle, distorted and break or peel easily.

    -Biting nails.

    -Sensation as if damp stocking were on.

    -Cold damp feet, soles of feet raw.

    -Sleep-Sleepless after 3 a.m.

    -Position on LEFT side.


    -Some disagreeable thought always arouses from light slumber.

    -Perspiration-PROFUSE. Sweats profusely while sleeping, wetting the pillow far around, mostly on back of head and neck or chest and upper part of the body.

    -Sweating on single parts.

    -Sweat sour smelling.

    -Rawness of soles from perspiration, blisters and offensive foot sweat.

    -Skin-Unhealthy skin, every injury tends to suppurate.

    -Small wounds do not heal early.

    -Easy sweating, cold clammy skin.

    -Skin cold, like a snake.

    -Babies-Pillow wet from perspiration neck.

    -Sour perspiration, stool.

    -Vomiting of milk.

    -Slow closing of fontanelles.

    -Aphthae mouth (Bor).


    -Serious. Ask about religious things.

    -Intelligent, but slow comprehension.

    -Avoid physical activities.

    -Glandular swellings. Frequent colds.

    -Constipation, feel better by it.

    -Epilepsy-Aura spreading up from the solar plexus where seizure comes on immediately or it may be like a mouse running on the arm or running down from epigastrium into uterus or limbs.

    : 1. Head sweats profusely while sleeping, wetting pillow, far around.

    2. During the sickness or convalescence, great longing for eggs or indigestible things.

    3. Menses with cold damp feet, as if they had a cold damp stocking on.

    4. The least mental excitement causes profuse return of menstrual flow.

    5. Painless hoarseness

    6. Feels better in every way when constipated.

    7. Desire to be magnetised.

    -Fat, fair, flabby blondes who sweat profusely on head, chest, during sleep.

    -Sour smelling discharges.

    -Defective nutrition and assimilation causing anaemia, glandular swellings, weakness and curvature of bones, lax and flabby muscles.

    -Easy sweating, profuse discharges - usually sour.

    -Late in teething and walking.

    : -Fat, fair, flabby persons.

    -Extremely sensitive to cold.

    -Craving for eggs and indigestible things.

    -Profuse sweating especially about the head.

    -Sourness of discharges.

    -Feels better in every way when constipated.

    -Menses return from the slightest mental excitement.

    : -Should never be used before Sulphur, acts best after Sulphur.

    -Adenopathy, Arthritis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Colds, Connective tissue disease, Constipation, Mononucleosis, Multiple sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy, Nasal polyps, Otitis media, Phobic disorder, Premenstrual syndrome, Scleroderma, Scoliosis, Seizure disorder, Systemic lupus, Tonsillitis, Uterine fibroid.

    : Compare-Lyc, chilly Sulph, Nux-v, Bar-c, Kali-c, Puls, Sil.

    (Phos: the fears, desires sweets, salt.)
    (Calc-s: rare remedy, many chronic and yellow discharges)
    (Blatta: in asthma, bronchitis)
    (Sanicula: desires sweet, salt, perspiration, chilly).

    Complementary- Bell, Rhus-t, Bry, Ign, Bar-c, Lyc, Sil, Nit-ac. Calc to Lyc to Sulph to Calc.

    Antidotes -Bism, Dig, Nit-ac, Nux-v, Sulph, Acetic acid, China, Camph, Ipec.

    Calcarea is the chronic of Bell.

    Follows well- Cham, Con, Cup, Ac. nit, Nux, Puls, Sulph.

    Followed well by- Lyc, Nux-v, Phos, Plat, Sil.

    Incompatible - Bry.

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