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"Puff-ball", oedema and puffiness.

Diarrhoea before or during menses.

Menses-Comes or markedly increases at night.

Awkwardness, drops things.

: -Effects of over exertion.

-Application of tar locally (cosmetics).

: < Menses 2; before during. < Wine > Bending double
< Full moon < Coffee > Hot food
< Hot weather < Night > Eating
< Getting warm < Early morning > Daytime
< Cold food < On waking

: -AWKWARDNESS, things drop out of powerless hands [Apis, Nat-m].

Laxity and weakness of all joints.

-STAMMERING children [Stram, Merc].

-After coition, staggering, confusion and numbness in head.

: -Adapted to old maids with visible palpitation and tremors of hands - nervous and weak jointed. `Tettery' patients.


-Generalised PUFFINESS or BLOATED condition of body surface which produces easy INDENTATIONS with blunt instruments, scissors etc.

-Discharges from all mucous membrane are very tough, stringy and tenacious [Kali-bi, Hydr].

-Sweat in axilla smells like onion.

-Itching eruptions; oozing; form thick crusts or scabs, with pus beneath [Mez].

-URTICARIA; ON EXCITEMENT, < bathing < warmth; with diarrhoea or metrorrhagia.

In chronic urticaria when Rhus-t seems indicated but fails to cure.

-Herpes of the lower limbs. Burning vesicular eruptions which become crusted.

-Acne < in summer or use of cosmetics.

-Intolerable itching at tip of coccyx; must scratch till part becomes raw and sore.

-Of value in METRORRHAGIA, traces of menses between periods from any little overexertion [Ambra Gr]. Blood dark and clotted.

Menstrual flow more at night [Mag-c, Kreos]. Less while moving.

-Leucorrhoea after menses, thick acrid, yellowish-green, leaving green spots on linen.

-Diarrhoea before and during menses [Am-c, Verat-a].

-COLIC with red urine, > EATING and bending double.

-Intolerance of tight clothing around waist [Lach].

: 1. Diarrhoea before and during menses.

2. Menstrual flow only at night.

3. Urticaria on excitement, with diarrhoea or metrorrhagia.

4. Colic > eating, accompanied by red urine.

: 1. Awkwardness.

2. Haemorrhagic diathesis.

3. Tough, stringy, tenacious discharges.

4. Generalised puffiness or bloated sensation.

5. Enlarged or swollen sensation.

: - Eczema with formation of thick crusts.

- Diarrhoea before and during menses.

- Menses more at night.

: -Allergy, Herpes, Infertility, Premenstrual syndrome, Vaginitis, Urticaria.

-It antidotes effects of local application of tar, of cosmetics and suffocation from gas - Dr. H.C.Allen.

: -Compare-Apis, Bor, Mag-c.

-Followed well by-Alum, Calc, Rhus-t, Sepia.

-Antidoted by-Camph.

-Antidotes -TAR APPLICATIONS (locally); COSMETICS.

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