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    Fear of death and to be alone, desires company.

    Severe cramps or burning in the stomach or abdomen, with great thirst for cold water. Vomiting as soon as water reaches the stomach, or as soon as it gets warm in the stomach.

    Abdomen pain with fear and thirst.

    : Precipitated Sub-Nitrate of Bismuth.

    : Heavy metals.

    : -Trituration.

    : -Summer
    -Abdominal operations.

    : < Summer > Cold applications
    < Eating 2 > Cold bathing
    < Over-eating > Open air
    < Alone 2 > Bending backwards
    > Motion relieves most symptoms except headache.

    : -Bismuth patient cannot bear solitude. He always wants company (Stram, Kali-c, Lil, Lyc).

    -He has much anguish and therefore moves about very frequently he sits, walks lies never long in one place.

    -Fear of death.

    -Irritability in daytime > evening.

    : -Bismuth exerts its chief action on stomach, and alimentary tract, causing catarrhal inflammation.

    -Pains are tearing, pinching, burning, screwing.

    -Craves cold drinks.

    -Vomiting of water as soon as it reaches the stomach or in great quantities when stomach becomes full, but solid food is retained for days together.

    -Burning in stomach, feeling of a load. Food presses like a load on one spot.

    Pain in abdomen in small spots.

    -Bismuth is one of the best remedy for cholera infantum in children when the body remains warm, and cholera morbus occuring in summer.

    - Onset sudden and course is rapid.

    - Vomiting predominates over purging.

    - Stool is watery, profuse, painless and very offensive.

    -Concomitant-There is great prostration, with the face looking deathly pale and dark rings around the eyes, surface covered with warm sweat.

    Patient is full of anguish, restlessness and wants company always.

    -Will eat for several days, then vomits. Slow digestion with fetid eructations.

    -Post-operative vomiting especially of liquids, particularly after laparotomy with great anguish of mind and restlessness.

    -Head-Pain alternating with gastralgia < after eating > cold bathing > cold drinks.

    -Neuralgia pains as if torn by pincers; involves face and teeth.

    -Mouth-Gums swollen.

    -Toothache > cold water in mouth.

    -Tongue coated white, sweetish metallic taste.

    -Extremities-DRY palms and soles.

    -Tearing in tips of fingers under nails.

    : 1) Cannot bear solitude, always wants and desires company.

    2) Great anguish and cannot stay in one place.

    3) Vomiting of liquids and water as soon as taken, but solid food is retained.

    4) Toothache > holding cold water in mouth.

    : 1) Cannot bear solitude, wants company.

    2) Great anguish, and cannot stay in one place.

    3) Catarrhal inflammation of the alimentary tract.

    4) Vomiting predominates over purging in cholera. Vomiting of liquids or water as soon as taken but solid food is retained.

    : -Vomiting of water as soon as taken but solid food is retained in cholera.

    -Solitude cannot bear. Desires Company.

    : -Colitis, Gastritis, Gastroenteritis, Gastric cancer.

    -Vomiting with convulsive gagging and inexpressible pain after laparotomy - Dr. H. C. Allen.

    : -Compare-Antim, Ars, Bell, Bry, Cad-s, Kreos, Phos.

    -Antidote-Nux, Caps, Calc, Coffee.

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