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  • BARYTA CARB [Bar-c]

    Dwarfishness, mental deficiency and emotional immaturity. Chronic occlusive tonsillitis.

    : Barium carbonate.

    : Trituration.

    PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTION: Lymphatic glandular system- Hypertrophy, Atrophy.

    : - Suppressed foot sweat.

    - Masturbation.

    - For acute illness after measles, typhoid, mumps, scarlet fever.

    : < Thinking of complaint < Cold air > When alone
    < Cold washing < Damp weather > Cold food
    < Warm food < In sun > Walking in open air
    < Near warm stove < Raising arms > Warm wraps
    < Mental emotion < In company
    < Lying on painful or left side < After eating
    < Sitting < Odours

    : 1. Extreme SHYNESS. Bashful cowardly. Children hide behind mother. Children don't play, just stare, have no friends. Fear strangers, stay in family.

    2. Aversion to strangers, shuns and avoids strangers and unfamiliar faces.

    3. Beclouded mind, mistrustful. Jealousy in children causing: enuresis, colds, hiding etc.

    4. Thinks one is being laughed at and made fun of, thinks all visitors laugh at him.

    5. Slow, inapt, BACKWARD. Delayed development. Slow learning to talk, walk.

    6. Suspicious that people are talking about her.

    7. Censorious, critical.

    8. CHILDISH BEHAVIOUR, needs reassurance. Easily influenced. Childishness in old people. Senility. Silly.

    9. Abnormal concern over his appearance, tries to look perfect. Neat, perfect in dress (conscientious).

    10.LACK OF SELF CONFIDENCE especially concerning own body, fears to undertake anything. Irresolution in acts, in projects, about trifles. Extreme difficulty in making any decision. Dependant in relationships, easily suppressed (Staph).

    11.Sense of INFERIORITY.

    12.Symptoms develop after birth of younger sibling.

    13.Deficient memory child cannot be taught, because he cannot remember. Difficult comprehension. Weak memory.

    14.Loquacity during menses.

    15.Homesickness, feeling of security in house.

    16.Feeling of inefficiency, regression, NERVOUS BITING OF FINGER NAILS.

    17.Indicated in infancy and old age. Early senility (Calc-c).

    18.Scrofulous children, especially if they are backward, mentally and physically, are drawfish don't grow and develop, have scrofulous ophthalmia, swollen abdomen, take cold easily and then always have swollen tonsils which may nearly occlude the throat.

    19.Acute breakdown of mental functioning.

    : -Great sensitiveness to cold.

    -Symptoms occur in single parts such as perspiration, paralysis, numbness, burning.

    -Offensive sweat on one (mostly left)side.

    -Foetid foot sweat, toes and soles sore exercise out of doors.

    -GLANDS around ears, nape of neck and occiput painful, swollen and indurated.

    -Toothache before and during menses.

    -R.S.-Dry sneezing coryza and swelling of upper lip and nose.

    -Takes cold easily from washing the head; stitching, smarting pain in throat

    -Suppurating tonsils (Hep, Psor) especially right, from every cold.

    -Tonsils affected by every cold or

    -Throat affections after suppressed foot sweat (Graph, Psor, Sanic, Sil.)
    -Cough after getting feet wet at least exposure to cold air.

    -Dry suffocative cough, especially in old people, full of mucus but lacking strength to expectorate.

    < Every change of weather (Senega) < Exercise
    < Presence of strangers < Lying on left side
    < Eating warm food < Thinking of it
    < Evening till midnight

    - Asthma

    - Indurated cervical glands like knotted cords.

    -G.I.T.-Difficult swallowing, inability to swallow anything but liquids (Bapt, Sil)
    -Raving appetite, but feeling of satiety after a few mouthfuls (Lyco).

    -Aversion to sweet things, fruits especially plums.

    -Desire for sweets and eggs.

    -Hard, tense and distended abdomen with rest of body emaciated.

    -Haemorrhoids protrude on urinating (Mur-ac) and with stools.

    -Enuresis or regression of toilet training in times of insecurity.

    -Female-Menses scanty, last one day only.

    -Leucorrhoea immediately before menses.

    -Extremities-Tension and shortening of muscles.

    -Cold, clammy feet with corns and callosities.

    -In intermittent fever, no thirst at any stage.

    -Paralysis following apoplexy in old people.

    : 1. Children both physically and mentally weak.

    2. Sensation as if faced through a narrow place.

    3. Feels as if legs are cut off and he is walking on his knees.

    4. Sensation of cobweb on face (Alum, Calad, Graph, Sil).

    5. Offensive footsweat, toes and soles get sore.

    : Chilly patient. Tendency to catch cold easily. Always have swollen tonsils.

    Physically and mentally dwarfish.

    Swelling and induration or incipient suppuration of glands.

    : Specially indicated in infancy and old age. People who are backward mentally or physically and have a scrofulous diathesis and take cold easily.

    Tendency to glandular enlargement and general degenerative changes, especially in the blood vessels and brain.

    : -Adenopathy, alopecia, C.V.A., congenital malformations, developmental delay, enuresis, Hodgkin's disease, Mental retardation, Phobic disorders, prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, tonsillitis.

    -Established hypertension to Baryta carb and Plumbum - Dr. L. P P Vannier
    -Baryta-carb and Baryta-mur seem to relieve the symptoms of Pulmonary arterioscleosis -Dr. Carl. A. Williams.

    -It is wiser, to give a doze of Baryta-mur to a typical Baryta-carb who has chill with acute tonsillitis in a acute state, and give an intercurrent dose of Psorinum after Baryta-mur before you go back to Baryta-carb - Dr. D.M.Borland.

    -It is frequently claimed that inflammation of the parotid gland, when it affects the ears, causes permanent deafness. These cases of inflammed parotid gland where the ear becomes involved can hardly get well without the administration of Baryta-carb - Dr. H.A. Roberts.

    -In very old people, we find a sensitive skin which itches intolerably, but with no eruption; Baryta-carb is one of the principal remedies to be thought of in these conditions - Dr. H.A Roberts

    : Compare: Calc, Lyc, Puls, Ars, Thuj, Cic, Sil.

    Complementary: Dulc, Sil, Psor.

    Incompatible: Calc.

    Antidoted By: Epsom salts.

    Frequently used before or after: Psor, Sulph, Tub.

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