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    Overuse of voice. Thickened secretions. Cartilage affections.

    : Silver

    : -Abuse of mercury
    -Bad effects of syphilis
    -Sexual excess 4

    : < Cough < Talking > Open air
    < Pressure < Singing > Motion
    < Toward noon < Reading aloud > Coffee
    < Reading on a < Mental strain 2 > Wrapping up
    < After sleep < Sitting > Heat
    < Using voice 2 < Lying on back
    < Entering warm room < Cold damp
    < Stooping < 3-6 P.M.

    < Carriage < Sun

    : -Apprehensive about their health.

    -Disinclination to talk.

    -Imbecility from disorders of intellect and memory. Forgetful.

    -Mental exertion <.

    -Sensation of expansion.

    : -For broken down constitution, suffer from loss of muscular power and trembling.

    -Epileptic attacks followed by delirious rage, jumping about, striking those near.

    -It affects the CARTILAGES, bones, condyles, joints, larynx and mucous membranes. Thickening of the tissues, especially cartilages, larynx. Ailments with thickening, infiltrations, induration, cysts, tumours, ulcerations and epithelioma.

    -Secretions of mucus membranes are thick, gray or tenacious or like boiled starch.

    -Ill effects of onanism and sunstroke.

    -Emaciation, a gradual drying up.

    -Desire for fresh air, dyspnoea.

    -Symptoms appear gradually or suddenly, disappear suddenly.

    -Left sided pains are characteristic.

    -Loss of control over MIND or body.

    -Tremulous weakness of the whole body, hands and feet. Palpitation with general trembling.

    -It is a chilly remedy. Wants to be kept warm, pains are > from warmth.

    -Headache gradually increasing, then ceasing suddenly. Head feels empty hollow. Frontal headaches of businessmen. Right sided headaches >tight bandaging.

    -Hoarseness of professional singers and public speakers with total loss of voice.

    Easy expectoration of gray tenacious mucous. Feeling of raw spot over the bifurcation of trachea.

    -Alternation in timbre of voice in singers and public speakers (Arum).

    -While reading patient has to hem and hawk to clear the throat and expectorate the mucous.

    -Great weakness of the chest, stitches in the heart, impending breathing while reading aloud or talking

    -Exhausting fluent coryza with sneezing.

    -Extreme dryness of mouth. Tongue sticks to palate (this symptom with polyuria, points to diabetes in which Arg is particularly indicated if there is swelling of the ankles).

    -Great hunger even after a full meal.

    -Palpitation Sighing.

    -Electric-like shocks during sleep or on going to sleep.

    -Articular rheumatism without swelling (hysterical rheumatism).

    Electric shocks in joints and limbs. Gets up with a start.

    -Chronic gonorrhoea, yellow greenish urethral discharge in gonorrhoea. Crushed pain in testis. Seminal emissions after onanism almost every night, without sexual excitement, without erection, with atrophy of penis.

    -Metrorrhagia, large lumps, with violent pains < every motion. Leucorrhoea foul bloody water, excoriating. Ovarian cyst, tumours. Eroded spongy cervix. Prolapsus with pain in left ovary and back, extending forward and downward. Climateric haemorrhage.

    1. Secretions of mucous membranes are thick, gray or tenacious or like boiled starch.

    2. Feeling of raw spot over bifurcation of trachea.

    3. Hoarseness of professional singers or public speakers with total loss of voice or alteration of timbre of voice.

    4. Calf muscles feel too short on going downstairs.

    1. Indicated in nervous and broken down constitution who are always chilly.

    2. Ill effects of onanism, sunstroke, anger, fear, fright.

    3. Affection of mucous membranes, cartilages, bones.

    4. Secretions of mucous membranes are thick, gray or tenacious or like boiled starch.

    5. Rheumatic complains from damp weather, with swelling of joint.

    6. Great weakness of the chest with easy expectoration.

    : 1. Secretion of mucous membranes are thick, gluey, tenacious, gray, like boiled starch.

    2. Raw spot at the bifurcation of the trachea.

    : Laryngitis.

    : Compare: Sel, Alum, Plat, Stann, Ampelopsis, Calc, Puls, Sep, Zinc.

    Antidotes: Merc, Puls.

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