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    Globus hystericus. Flatulence and regurgitation of liquid.

    Diarrhoea, extremely offensive, with meteorism.

    Caries of bones. Ulcerations. Extreme sensitiveness.

    Pains from within outwards, with numbness. Nightly pains.

    Mammae turgid with milk in the unpregnated. Deficient milk.

    : -Devil's Dun
    -Gum of the Stinkasand

    : Umbelliferae.

    : The plant Narthrex asafoetida is used as a condiment for flavoring sauces and food. The product used for the preparation of is the gum-resin obtained from the living root and has a very offensive smell.

    : -Suddenly suppressed discharges
    -Abuse of mercury.

    : < Night 2
    < In room > Motion in open air 2
    < Rest > Pressure
    < Eating
    < Suppression
    < Noise
    < Sitting 2
    < Warm wraps
    < Left side

    : -Persons, most often women, who are hysterical; with a plethoric appearance; puffed face; bloated even dropsical puffed; venous purple, a very troublesome face suggesting cardiac disturbance and venous stasis.

    -Intolerably nervous and oversensitive 3.

    -Irritable, constantly complaining of her troubles, fickleness, cannot persevere in anything, wants a new thing and then another.

    -Magnifies her symptoms, craves sympathy.

    -Fainting during pain, faints almost without cause, clutches throat.

    -Dissatisfied with oneself.

    -Changing moods, fits of joy and the ill humour.

    -Irritable, apprehensive.

    -Hysterical restlessness and anxiety.

    -Hysteria after suppression of discharges 3.

    : -Sensitiveness and violent throbbing.

    -Pains-extend outwards, are associated with numbness, are > touch.

    -Pains pressive, sharp, stitching, aching, and boring in bones.

    -Head-Vertigo with vanishing of sight.

    -Single deep penetrating stitches in left frontal eminence.

    -Headache < evening, rest, sitting > moving in open air > touch.

    -Eyes-Ulcerations of the cornea.

    -Syphilitic iritis with burning, pressive pain, boring near the eyebrows.

    -Nose-Ozaena; discharge of very offensive greenish matter from nose. Scrofulous affections; syphilitic ozaena.

    -Ears-Discharge of thin; offensive pus.

    -G.I.T.-Hysterical flatulence with regurgitation of liquid and forcible eructation of gas.

    -Pulsations in the pit of the stomach.

    -Eructations; flatulence extremely foetid gurgling and rolling of wind; difficult loud expulsion.

    -Flatulence pushing upwards towards throat.

    -Globus hystericus rises from the stomach to throat, must keep swallowing.

    -Bursting feeling in abdomen as if everything was coming up to the mouth.

    -Reverse peristalsis, bowels feel knotted.

    -Foul, dark, watery diarrhoea with griping pain and flatulence.

    -Male genitalia-Needle-like stitches in penis with faintness, worse after emission.

    -Aching in testes < touch.

    -Female genitalia-Excessive sexual desire in the females with labour-like pains in the uterine region.

    -Leucorrhoea-profuse, greenish, thin, offensive.

    -Mammae turgid with milk when not pregnant.

    -Milk increased or diminished.

    -Extremities-Neuralgia of stump after operations.

    -Pathological fractures, caries of bones with swollen, enlarged, painful periosteum.

    -Ulcer affecting bones with this ichorous pus.

    -Skin-Ulcers painful on the edges.

    -Suppressed eruptions causing nervous disorders.

    -Varicose ulcers; discharge much foetid offensive.

    : -Flatulence troublesome, expelled with great difficulty; loud and explosive. As concomitant to most complaints.

    -Undulating twitching of single muscles where the patient first sees, rather than feels them.

    -Breasts turgid with milk when not pregnant.

    -Pains going outwards with numbness.

    -Pains disappear on touch, but appear elsewhere.

    : -Nervous, hysterical, flatulent females.

    -Bloated children craving sympathy; oversensitive.

    -Flatulence hysterical, with great difficulty in expulsion, loud, noisy and greatly offensive.

    -Much offensiveness of all discharges, destruction, syphilitic affections.

    -Pains associated with numbness, extending outwards.

    : -Hysterical flaturlency; pressing upwards.

    -Great offensiveness of all discharges and secretions.

    -Pains directed outwards with numbness.

    : -Bone caries, Corneal ulcers, Deficient milk, Flatulence, Globus hystericus, Hysteria, Periosteal pains, Regurgitation, Reverse peristalsis, Ulcers.

    : -Compare-Aurum, China, Moschus, Valer.

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