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    Insecurity. Anxiety. Restlessness. Weakness. Chilly. Midnight aggravation.

    Intense thirst for frequent sips. Burning pains > heat.

    Periodicity, alternation of symptoms.

    : White oxide of Arsenic.

    1) Mucous membrane - Destrutive inflammation.

    2) Serous membrane - Oedematous inflammation.

    - Copious effusion
    3) Kidney - Fatty degeneration, Albuminuria.

    4) Skin - Eczema, gangrene.

    5) Blood - Haemolysis
    - Haemorrhage
    6) Heart - Fatty degeneration.

    - Motor Paralysis
    7) Circulation- Vasomotor paralysis
    8) Liver - Fatty degeneration; disorganization.

    9) Lungs - Asthma.

    - Congestion.

    - Malignant Catarrh.

    10) CNS - Motor and Sensory paralysis.

    - Neuralgia.

    : -Cold fruits 3, watery fruits,-Sour beer -Bad sausage 3
    melons ice-cream, ice -Alcoholic drinks -Strong cheese
    -Chewing tobacco -Sea bathing -Dissecting wounds
    -Anthrax poison -Stings of venomous insects -Poor diet
    -Quinine -Travelling -Mountain climbing
    -Care 3 -Grief -Fright
    -Ptomaine poisoning -Vegetable diet.

    : < After midnight 3 < Exertion > Warm wraps.

    < Cold3, Cold drinks and food 3 < Sea Shore > Motion
    < Periodically, 14 days, yearly < Alcoholism > Walking
    < lying on affected side / with head low > Company
    < Watery fruits 2 > Sweating
    < Bad meat, food > Open air

    : -RESTLESS mentally but physically too weak to move, restlessness in affected part.

    Restlesness, cannot relax, anxious.

    -FEARS being alone, cancer, robbers, poverty, DEATH. Fear of death, comes at the later stage of disease, thinks it useless to take medicine, disease is incurable.

    -Worry things will go wrong, anxiety for others.

    -ANXIOUS. Highly sensitive. Anguish. Anxiety about health. Later despair of recovery. Anorexia nervosa (first remedy) (Nat-m, Sep, Nux-v, Ign, Verat, Abrot, Sulph).

    -Insecurity, feels vulnerable in an unsafe world.

    -FASTIDIOUS, obsessed with order and tidiness. Faultfinding.

    -Violence, self-torture, pulls her hair, bites her nails, suicidal impulses, mania, wants to be held. Suicidal. Impulse to kill, fear of killing.

    -Selfish. Seeking security.

    -Demanding help, company.

    -Delusion that she is being watched. Hears voices and sees animals, after taking alcohol.

    -Mixture of depression and irritation.

    -Immaculate outer appearance.

    -Avaricious, collecting.

    : -Extremely CHILLY, wants to be wrapped up warmly, hugs the fire. Chilly with rheumatic complaints warm blooded in headaches.

    -Great prostration, with rapid sinking of the vital forces, out of proportion to the rest of his illness.

    -BURNING pains, affected parts burn like fire, pains maddening, even felt during sleep, cause shortness of breath.

    Burning > Heat, hot drinks, hot applications.

    -Thirst - Burning 3, for cold water, but it lies like a stone in stomach, drinks often but little at a time, it can't assimilate, gurgling in oesophagus when drinking.

    Thirstlessness in chronic diseases.

    -Can't bear smell or slight or thought of food. (Colch, Sepia).

    -Discharges of mucous membrane - ACRID, thin, SCANTY - coryza, saliva, sweat. Putrid cadaveric odours of discharges.

    -Haemorrhages - black, offensive.

    -Tendency to ulcerations, phagedenic with intense burning. WEAKNESS and emaciation rapid.

    -Dryness, skin, dry, or rough like parchment, lips dry, dry gangrene. Scanty discharges.

    -Sleep- RESTLESS, anxious, disturbed, talk in sleep.

    Dreams of death, full of care, sorrow and fear.

    -Sweat- COLD or CLAMMY.

    -Periodicity mid day or midnight,- everyday, 3/4th day, every fortnight, every 6 weeks, every year.

    -Hydrogenoid - < water in any form eg. watery fruits, damp places etc.

    -Craving - sour, brandy, coffee, milk.

    Aversion - sweets, butter, fat, meat.

    -Dropsical states - anasarca, skin pale, waxy or earth coloured. Acts as a trocar.

    -Head-Headache congestive > cold temporarily.

    -Restless head, its in constant motion.

    -Scalp very sensitive.

    -Early graying and falling of hair.

    -Eye-Oedema around eyes.

    -Intense photophobia.

    -Burning with acrid lachrymation.

    -Everything appears green, sees as through a white gauze.

    -Face- pale, anxious, sunken, hippocratic, tearing needle like pains, covered with cold sweat.

    -Tongue- bluish white, taste bitter to water, after drinking or eating - sour, saltish, sweet in morning.

    -Vomiting and stools simultaneously < eating and drinking.

    Vomiting immediately after eating or drinking of (especially cold) water or mucus to bile, blood and coffee ground substances.

    -Rectum-Haemorrhoids with stitching pain < walking or sitting not at stool with burning pain < by heat.

    -Stools- Rice water, foul, small, acrid, involuntary, burning, black, mucus, lienteric, cadaveric 3. < cold drinks with prostration 3.

    -Nose-Thin, watery, excoriating nasal discharges, sneezing without relief.

    -Colds descend to chest.

    -Dyspnoea felt in nose.

    -Respiratory system-Cough dry <-> loose, dry at night < drinking > sitting up.

    -Asthmatic breathing < after 12 o'clock, unable to lie down for fear of suffocation.> sitting up / bent forward.

    -Darting pain through upper third of right lung.

    -Extremities-Sciatica > walking, > hot application.

    -Skin -Dry, scaly, cold, blue, wrinkled, like parchment, burning pain, black vesicles.

    -Psoriasis or gangrenous inflammations itching without eruption.

    -Fever -Low grade like typhoid.

    -Externally cold with internal burning.

    -Coldness in spots > open air.

    -Dyspnoea with chill, sweat with great thirst.

    : 1) Restlessness 3 mentally but physically too weak.

    2) Rapid prostration 3, out of proportion to disease.

    3) < after midnight 3.

    4) Burning thirst 3 for sips of cold water at short interval.

    5) Burning pains > heat.

    : -Old broken down constitutions, extremely prostrated, chilly who hug the fire all the time with evidence of destruction of tissues causing ulcerations, putridity, acridity or irritability.

    -Mentally anxious and restless with great anguish and fears especially of death. A mixture between depression and irritation.

    : - Restlessness.

    - Thirst.

    - < after midnight.

    - Burning > heat.

    - Anxiety and anguish.

    : -Lower potencies are used in malignant tissue and blood diseases.

    Higher potencies for nervous and mental ailments.
    Shouldn't be used in patients with low vitality even though characteristic symptoms are present, as it may produce rapid death without pain.

    1. Post partum retention of urine.- Dr. Chaudhary
    2. As a diuretic in all forms of dropsy. - Dr. Bahr.

    3. When peptic ulcer is at the pyloric end - Dr. Pope
    4. For the very severe form of multiple neuritis with paralysis, Ars. 30 will be called for. - Dr. Joseph. T. O. Conner.

    5. Ars. is proved specific to conteract effect of penicillin - Dr. M. B. Desai.

    6. For pellagra in low potency - Dr. Honder Shiles.

    7. Ars. for nail biting - Dr. Dixm.

    : - Fear of death - Aco, Calc, Cimic, Plat, Phos, Gels, Lac-c, Nit-ac.

    - Burning - Sulph, Phos.

    - Restless- Aco, Rhus-t.

    - Vomits as soon as drinks reach stomach- Bism, Phos, Sanic.

    - Complementary- Allium-s, Carb-v, Phos, Pyr.

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